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Warehouse13- Queen for a Day- Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 3rd August 2011

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Warehouse 13

Steve doesn’t get any of the Top Gun jokes. His partner says they are looking at a flash within a Civil War enactment. Steve wants Arty’s help. Arty has a bad cold. Arty says he is waiting for an Egyptian piece from Dubai. But Steve must get Ulysses S. Grant’s flask back.

They wait for Claudia. Before she comes back from Egypt, Pete gets a doorbell call from his ex-wife. His ex-wife Amanda Lattimer (Jeri Ryan) meets him when Micah Bering comes back with the Egyptian artifact. Pete walks in when they are just meeting. he tries to get them out of the room without explaining the relationship.

Amanda has come to announce she is getting married again. She gives Pete back the first comic book edition of “Legend Makers". He is ecstatic. Then he asks why she is really there. Arty bumbles in to get a look at her. Meanwhile the artifact bumbles and inside a tiny bee buzzes around. Later inside her purse it stings her finger.

Major Lattimer comes to the point. She wants her grandfather’s ring. He goes upstairs to get it. Major Lattimer says Unaville is a punishment from Washington DC. The wedding is the next day in a castle in the Poconos. She had to go through governmental hoops to get to him. But the bee hops in her purse when she examines the artifact. Pete does a “amends” 12-step with Amanda and apologizes for ruining their marriage.

At the warehouse Pete gets peppered with questions about why his ex-wife was buzzing around. Arty sneezes in the background. Pete says they got married too young. Arty the discovers that the bee inside the artifact is gone. Lena figures out that it was placed near Amanda’s purse. They realize it got into her handbag before she left. Pete freaks out because his ex-wife is on her way to her fairy tale wedding with a catastrophe in her purse.

At the rented castle in the Poconos, Amanda Lattimer greets her fiancee Michael. The bees stings her finger and when she interacts with her bridal party and the best men who are her former Marines under her command. When she embraces them the sting contact comes over them. Their mood and behavior changes. She orders them to head off the groom’s parents and they take her orders literally.

Then Micah and Pete come into the wedding castle room and Amanda sense a problem. In a private room they are followed by the entire wedding party. They find the bee in her pruse and then zap it into the baggie. The zap makes Amanda wonder if it is a weapon. She realizes Pete’s reassignment to Unaville is really a promotion. Pete says the truth is need-to-know.

The bridal party make off with the bridegroom’s parents. When Michael the bridegroom tells his wife he will own her at 1500 hours they respond in a defensive fury to their “queen”. Micah and Pete run from an attack of the marines while Pete taunts Micah for making them leave their Teslas behind.

At the Civil War enactment the flask is still missing. They look through the battle scenes and try to screen out the enactors from the zombies. They hoist a musket and enter the fray. A wounded man says Private Johnson went crazy during the battle. Steve asks if he was drinking from a flask. His partner is shot dead and grumpily walks off.

Steve can’t find the flask. He wants to flash the badges and frisk everyone. But she says they use stealth just really really fast stealth. She sees some re-enactment costumes and put them on. They join the fray as Southern soldiers.

Arty has been doing some digging. The beehive belonged to a Pharoah. Arty says the Queen  Queen who used the pheromones of a bee to empower as Queen Bee. But the stinger is missing.

At the Civil War enactment they look for the actor with a little some extra crazy going on. At the war re-enactment, the man with the flask threatens Steve and his partner appears with a mini-Tesla. Claudia pretends to be a Southern Belle and then pulls the gun.

Steve is nonplussed because in a dark wig and period dress she looks like someone he used to know, his sister. When the put the flask in the magic baggie an observer says “Damn  Trekkies always pretending they have time travel”.

 Amanda is worried about her wedding and her groom. She tries to make the soldiers stop but they ignore her. Arty says the Egyptian Queen came to a bad end because her slaves went overboard. Then Micah and Pete find the bridal party tearing up the wedding gifts looking for weapons. Pete gets the men to stop advancing by calling them to martial attention.

Outside the castle the guests arrive but cannot get in. Pete and Micah barricade them inside Amanda says when it comes to the “booggity booggity" he outranks her. Micah asks Arty why the slaves want Michael dead. he says that as a male the Pharoah would outrank the queen so the slaves want to kill him too. Amanda ends up fighting and slugging her own bridemaids.

They find the mummified bridegroom and get him free from his bonds. They use the bee as a magnet and get the stinger out of Amanda just in time. The wedding party zap back to normal. Her new husband Michael and she get married. The bridesmaid have bruise marks and dirt on their dresses and the best men have black eyes and arms in slings.

Pete says to Amanda “you know I would have just sent you the ring”.

Steve finds his partner Claudia looking at a website about his dead sister. He says she died when she was 20 and that was why he joined the ATF, because of his dead sister. He starts talking about her, clearly in catharsis. He tells funny stories about when he was little and she saved him. They call each other Laverne and Shirley. He said she was a hero to him.

Pete later apologizes to Micah about not telling her about the marriage. He said he was a drunk and a loser and she and the rest of Warehouse 13 will never meet that guy.

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