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The Closer- Under Control- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 3rd August 2011

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A woman runs screaming through the streets for a child named Eric. (His bike is in the background). He is missing from day camp. The father wants to know why it takes him being picked up to find out he is missing. The counselor tells the father that it is a voluntary day camp, no attendance is taken, one of the day camp counselors is the son of a police officer.  The father says he bought him the bike but she couldn’t supervise him for two blocks? Then they find the bike.

Inside her office, the Chief is being questioned about the death of a suspect that was released. Terrell Baylor was let go and then killed. The Closer mouths off about how maybe justice was done because the suspect only confessed to the mass murder after being assured his testimony could not be held against him. They watch a video of the confession. Raydor tells her that her attitude and remarks will be the motive a jury needs.

The detectives are called to the scene. Lt. Mike Tao is the father of Kevin the camp counselor. A helicopter search is conducted and a press notification given out. They find the body of the boy in a  pool. Commander Taylor wants instructions what to tell the press. Provenza sits in on the interviews.

She can’t go because of the importance of the meeting. Captain Raydor says she has questioned every member of the squad and feels they are equal to it. Later the Assistant Chief asks her about the progress of the interview and she protests she has a missing by case to solve.

The staff discuss the search results. During the meeting Lt. Tao tells his son repeatedly to go to the kitchen and work on his math and SAT scores until his mother picks him up. Mrs. Lynch says she was having her car detailed at the time of Eric’s death. The Lt. orders Mr. Lynch’s credit cards dragged and to check if he went to work as he stated.  Supposedly the boyfriend Marcus lives with Mrs. Lynch. They had  abitter divorce. Glenn wanted his son out of an amoral environment.

Chief is being interviewed by Captain Raydor for an audit about the incident where the suspect was taken home and murdered by his Crip gang members. She says she does not need a lawyer. She is told not to record the dicussion as it is informal. She puts her cellphone in her purse. Then she gets called to the interview rooms of the missing child investigation. The husband is angry and says he should never have given his wife custody. She then informs him of the dead body found in the pool.

The coroner says that the boy did not die from drowning. There is no foam in the lungs. The suspects drugs in the stomach from a purple fluid. Vicodin and Soma, a muscle relaxer and a antipsychotic. Marcus Winslow the yoga instructor is an ex-cop from  Las Vegas police department. He quit after a decade for personal reasons. Winslow had two domestic abuse investigations. Winslow saw a psychologist for anger management.

While Chief Johnson is with the mother of the dead son, the staff notice the father is missing from his interview room. Kevin notices he went to find the wife in her interview room. The father Mr Lynch starts screaming at the boyfriend in the hallway punching him out. Then Lt. Tao wrestles the man violently to the ground. His son kevin watches in stupefied amazement in the hallway. He tells Kevin to go back to his homework.

Chief Johnson gets the warrants and in a room with Marcus the boyfriend slaps the medications on the table. He had a yoga accident. In the interview they tell Winslow that the ex-wife was threatening to sue so he quit the force. Winslow says Mr. Lynch attacked him because he thought he had issues with her having a kid. (the kid comes into the screening room watching the interview). He says he recognized the problem and took care of it.

When Marcus first started going out with Mrs. Lynch he said he wasn’t wild about kids. He thought she was after marriage. But the Chief asks if she did back off on the marriage question. Marcus says he did ask Tina to marry him but she said no.

Kevin’s mother finds him watching the suspect interview. She is very angry. She says to the father “This is really better than letting him get his driver’s license?”. The Chief comes up to the desk but the family are having it out. Kevin says he can’t hold onto him for the rest of his life. He hugs his son and says yes he can. “I will hold onto you for the rest of your life.”

As the Chief waits for search warrants to be served Captain Raydor lurks and waits to ask her more questions. Captain Raydor double checks everything the Chief is doing. Raydor wants the Chief to hire an attorney. Raydor says that her position boils down to the fact that Baylor was not her responsibility

The staff reveal that the financial wrangle was what the ex-wife was after. the father filed lawsuits and then the wife would sue him. The wife got the house and the car and the kid as well. She got the condo in Mammoth and will get 2/3 of everything he owns. They confront her with the settlements in the interview room.

Glenn Lynch, watching from the electronics room, says he knows why not. Tina Lynch says she hopes she gets every cent Glen Lynch has. Mrs. Lynch says that writing the check is what kills Glenn. Lynch says that she was always after the money.

The Chief points out that the father bought the son a bike. The wife says look how that turned out. The Chief goes into the electronics room where Glenn Lynch watches. He says she is trying to weasel out of by crying. But then the Chief orders the tape queued up. they all watch as Lynch pays for his gas with a credit card and buys something at the mini-mart for cash.

The father of the dead boy, Glenn Lynch, is seen on camera a chocolate bar and a purple sports drink with cash. The Chief asks if the house he was found in has a mortgage being handled by the bank where he works. It looks like premeditated murder. Brenda cites that it was once his house, he would have no problem getting the meds when they were gone. And giving the kid the bike created an opportunity for homicide.

Lynch freaks out because his wife got everything. Glenn says the boy wasn’t his son anymore, he was her son. Why should he pay to support a kid who hates him? He says now ot a day will go by without her knowing losing her son like he did. He starts screaming about how his wife is ruined. She can have two thirds of what he makes in prison.

Chief Johnson points out that the father bought the sports drink for the boy and knew he would take care of the bike in front of him. They know someone he knew picked him up because the bike was found parked on the sidewalk with the kickstand up. Glenn starts telling them everything and is arrested and taken away. The detectives are sickened by the man’s hate.

Captain Raydor drives Chief Johnson to Terrell Baylor’s house. They go behind the locked gates. The Chief sees a black youth, a gangbanger, ride around them and nod to her. Raider walks her across the crime scene with the bloodstains. She describes how bad it would look to have civilians look at the case with this evidence. The Chief has a flashback to the victim asking her to protect him.

Raydor keeps talking. The Warren rule frees her from criminal proceedings but in a civil suit the jury might see things differently. Rader says that a civil suit is dangerous for her with this type of evidence and that if the City attorney gets scared he will settle and she will be left to take the blame on her own. She asks what to do and Raydor says to get her own attorney.

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