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Weeds-Object Impermanence-recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 3rd August 2011

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Nancy arrives at Halia James’ porch greeted with shotgun blasts. Halia is angry at the blowback from her legal problems. They dive under the car. She tells Silas her son to peek out. He says for Nancy to. She says for him to be the man. He says for her to be the mom. They are amazed to hear Dean speaking to Halia and stop her shooting. He runs out on the porch with his pants coming off.

The goofy electric bike the Copenhagen wheel is Andy’s first electronic success. Andy demands $80K from Shane who repeatedly says no. Doug says the VC people might invest in the bike. Shae will not invest despite Lars shouting at him and swearing.

Halia says no to them buying pot and shows her the pot fields. They are looking for Conrad. The pot plants are booby trapped. Silas grabs the shotgun. Halia says this is Humboldt County and she can defend her land to the extent of the law. On a walk she tells her that she has object impermanence and Halia probably didn’t cross her mind twice the whole time. Nancy lies and says she is obsessed with Halia.

Silas and Dean stay behind. At the house they share a bong. Silas says the pot seems so familiar. Dean says he does legal work for Halia in exchange for housing. Silas asks about crop rotation and irrigation. Dean says Halia keeps him out of the fields. Dean swats fungus gnats because they are attracted by the pot.

Dean normally can’t even come inside Halia’s house. Silas tells him to be a man because he is getting the short end of the deal. Dean swats Silas’ head, saying there was a fly. Silas swats Dean’s face with the fly swatter, saying he did it just because of Dean’s face. Then Dean gets up (high) and announces he is going to explore.

In the fields, Halia says the new weed is like Sam Cooke on vinyl. She confronts her with the fact that Conrad is gone. Halia won’t sell to her. Halia says her kitchen table was full before her problems came along. She says she was out of prison one day and her entire family came running to Halia’s porch.

The hydro version of the  weed was so flawless there is something dead about it. She says Halia has changed. Halia says she learned, nobody changes. She references Dean changing. Halia says being lonely is just something invented by people without enough work to do.

She begs Halia to sell to her. Halia says Conrad won’t be in on it and she calls her on the lie says he told Silas 6 months ago he was gone. She says he taught her everything she needs to know. Halia and her old daughter in law have it out and tell each other to get lost. She says it isn’t so easy to walk away. Then Halia walks away, saying “It is easy just watch”. Then when she is gone she realizes she can’t get out without a guide.

In Applied Criminal Justice class, they wait for a no-show guest speaker. The guest drags in a cuffed individual.  Shane spots the “perp” is holding a gun in an ankle holster and points this out to the class.Shane asks detailed questions about a case where foot traffic for a legitimate business shielded a prostitution ring.

The detective calls Shane Encyclopedia Brown and gives his partner a break to smoke. Later he gives him his card and tells Shane to come by the police station for a tour. He says the Police Academy isn’t exactly getting the brain trust of his generation.

Lars presents his Copenhagen video to the investors. Fun Bike Andy stars Kevin Nealon who says the toughest part of living in Copenhagen is the Muslims. They ask how much is he looking for. He says 80-90 and they say million? He only wants under $100k. The investors laugh. The investors say to come back when he has a market capitalization. After they leave Lars looks very unhappy.

Back at the cabin Halia tells Silas why Conrad left her. He went to sell weed to the clubs and met a Chinese economics major who said he wasn’t getting enough of a cut.  (Nancy gets the same treatment from Halia, who taunts him about working for mommy). Halia told him to forget it.

Silas accuses Halia of copying his MILF strain. She says Conrad invented it back in the day. Halia taunts him about his lost parentage. Halia tells him to put back the stolen seed he took. Then Halia craftily taunts him about being his mother’s invisible partner while Nancy takes all the profits. Silas says they are partners. Halia tells him that Conrad made MILF when his mother was getting dime bags from Conrad. But Silas says he and Conrad invented MILF 2.0 together and she doesn’t get it just because he left her.

Silas finds Nancy in the marijuana field. Silas says the weed is MILF. She says she thought MILF was lost. He says nothing is ever lost. Silas is high and insist they talk right then. He wants to know what has supposed father said the night he was born. Judah was a real father and does not mean any less to him but Silas says she does. (mean less). Silas realizes Nancy never told Judah. Silas says he got the dumb genes, look at Lars.

Nancy says Silas gave her stretch marks so they are even. He says his father is dead so now they are not even. Silas says his father is dead and something come too late. They hear Dean stumbling around, high, with the booby traps. Nancy turns and narrowly avoids getting shot by a rifle rigged on a wire. Dean gets caught in a painful trap. In the next scene, Halia is nursing Dean at the cabin waiting for the doctor. Clearly she will need help harvesting the weed.

Nancy asks Halia to get a deal. Nancy says the New York customers loveMILF and have no other supplier, and will buy it like crazy. Halia says yes on one condition. She asks for Silas, and Nancy says no way, but then OK after asking if he is sure. Nancy says she is only doing this for one reason. For her kid, and then Silas says Mom, then Nancy says Stevie.

Lars showsShane the premise of his bicycle shop and Shane calls it his first gay bar. Shane checks out the back room and the alley access. he tells Lars he will fund his startup but only because Mom needs him to show how useful he can be. He plans to vend the weed through the back room and use the bike shop as the foot traffic excuse. Lars is not happy.

Nancy’s lawyer (Martin Short) mumbles on the plane about never being let loose in San Francisco again. But Nancy says she always knows where all the kids are Stevie, Silas, Lars, and Shane. She calls them her people.

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