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Lots of Laughs in NTSF:SD:SUV

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Written by : published Saturday 30th July 2011

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     In the vein of Childrens' Hospital, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim presents NTSF:SD:SUV, a cop show parody. Takinbg every cliché and turning it on its ear for laughs, the brilliant teams behind NTSF:SD:SUV, or National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle, has created a show well worth your time. Starting as a commerical during an early Childrens' Hospital episode, a few changes were made, including how wears an eye patch, and the concept is now a weekly TV show. Continuity is not the point, but the actors and writers will do just about anything, as long as it is funny.

     In this week's episode, the series's second, "The Birthday Party That Was Neither," a former member of the team named Chip (John Cho, FlashForward, Star Trek) blackmails four of them for one million dollars each. He is bitter because they left him behind after ninjas cut off his thumbs. When his old friends show up with the money, each gotten in immoral, illegal ways, Chip plans on blowing them up, and somehow donating the money to the park service. That's because his bomb will take out an area of parkland. Though, as one character points out, how will the money survive the explosion? The situation is resolved happily, but then boss Kove (Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek: Voyager) shows up and takes out Chip, still ending happily for everyone else.

     The main characters have all proven their comedy chops long before NTSF:SD:SUV in other projects. Series creator Paul Scheer (The League) stars, and is joined by Brandon Johnson (Funny or Die Presents...), June Diane Raphael (Bride Wars), Martin Starr (Party Down), and Rebecca Romijin (Ugly Betty). A number of guest and  recurring characters are also big names in comedy, including Rob Riggle (The Daily Show), Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover) and Keri Kinney (Reno 9-1-1!). Mulgrew may be the most surprising member of the cast, as she is known for dramatic roles. However, in "The Birthday Party That Was Neither," she proves herself worthy, getting frustrated at the "birthday party" her employees are secretly being invited to without her. All the performers sell the parts with total commitment.

     The enthusiasm and gusto of the actors is really what makes NTSF:SD:SUV work so well. Like Childrens' Hospital, the stories are secondary, and watching the work of masters is the main draw. In this, they succeed with flying colors. This is one comedy show that you will not want to miss.

     Catch NTSF:SD:SUV Thursdays (technically Fridays) at 12:15 a.m. EST on Cartoon Network.

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