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SugarTown. It's far from Sweet. (Pardon the Pun)

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Written by : published Saturday 30th July 2011

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Watch SugarTown here.

I can’t really comprehend to you how disappointed I am by the new 3-part BBC ‘comedy drama’ which aired on Sunday. Well that’s a lie because I can and will very shortly but first I must recall why Sugartown got me interested in the first place. I remember first hearing about it on my local news programme Look North. They boasted about how the filming was all done in Yorkshire seaside towns such as Scarborough and Filey. They reveled in the fact that some big names in TV comedy were starring in it. Sue Johnson of The Royle Family fame and Tom Ellis from the hugely successful Miranda to name just a few. 

Great I thought a must watch programme for a dreary Sunday evening. I like The Royle Family and Miranda has me laughing like a Banker after receiving a sizeable bonus. But sadly the excitement and boasting was futile. I forgot that it was on for a start, luckily technology saved me and reminded me of its airing. Great I thought I quickly made a brew (Ultimate Yorkshire Beverage) and sat down. Although moments later I wished that the technology had failed as miserably as me. I got so bored after the first 5 minutes that I even comprehended that chucking the tea over myself would be more entertaining.

For a start no self-respecting Yorkshire town would be called ‘SugarTown’. It sounds more befitting to a children’s programme like Balamory or Bob the Builder. The second thing that bugged me was the uncanny similarities to Candy Cabs, which I reviewed earlier in the year. They are both set in Northern seaside towns and are both dubbed ‘Comedy Dramas’. Funnily enough both seemed to miss out the comedy part all together going more for the ‘relationships’ angle.

They started out by introducing the characters and I can’t remember any of their names or what they did. All I can remember is the basic plot. Some man runs a sweet factory which is in danger of closing down (Yawn) The owners brother wants to turn the town into a glorified shopping centre with the crowning glory being a casino/club/pub with dancing girls in (Again Yawn). As you can imagine all doesn’t run smoothly, marriage proposals and young love ensue in what was all-together some of the most forgettable TV I have ever had the misfortune of watching.

We all know that TV broadcasters are stretched for cash and spare revenue in these times of financial turbulence. But surely it would be far more economically sensible and reputable to produce quality programmes which will leave audiences wanting more, because after all that’s one of the main purposes of a programme; to gain viewers.

I’ve ranted a lot about the BBC when it comes to comedies and comedy dramas in my reviews. Sadly none of them have listened to me (not really surprised.) They seem to be producing futile ideas and plots which are just dull. I don’t miss ‘In With the Flynns’ or ‘The life of Riley’ or ‘After You’ve Gone.’ That’s because they have no lasting quality. There doesn’t seem to be any passion or soul in the foundations of the plots or characters. That plus poor execution and acting is a recipe for disaster.

The BBC can do so much better than this. Some new and exciting talent needs to be brought into the creativity department. They need to get off their BBC London middle classes rule mind set. Comedy needs to appeal to the working man and woman. That’s why Only Fools and horses was such a runaway success. No pretentious bollocks such as living in huge Victorian mansion terraces. Just a council flat and a few market traders, that connects to an audience young, old, working, middle and upper class.  The BBC need to steer away from dull humour and safe comedy which is gently consumed by the middle classes like a Pimms after a hard day yelling at some horses.

I mean if the BBC can’t even get a Yorkshire seaside comedy drama to connect to everyone then they have a serious problem.

Watch SugarTown here.

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