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Suits- Tricks of the Trade- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 29th July 2011

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Harvey is asked to join the Department of Justice to defend a inside trading dealer. He gets a nice deal with no perp walk. The DoJ wants the trader in jail but Harvey is attorney for Morello and Associates the trading firm. Harvey gets a friend at DoJ to get him eleven months for the ten million dollar trade in exchange for the trader taking the fall an exonerating Morello & Co.

 Harvey gets guff from his boss, who surprises him with her “top gun” quotes. The Morello and company lawyers arrive, and Mike gets to sit in on the meeting. Harveys sees him fade when Rachel walks in with the woman he took for the LSATS for. Harvey says she would never admit to that. He says it could happen.

Morello, his lawyer, Harvey and Mike meet in the conference room. Stone purchased Lenardi Pharmaceuticals and turned ten millions dollars into a fortune. Instead of seven years she will do eleven months. But she says the trade was a suggested one on her tip sheet she did not insider information.

Harvey says she will go to bed in  prison thanking lucky stars that Spector negotiated on her behalf. Morello thanks Harvey for coming through. Burt the attorney for Morello also thanks Harvey for smoothing it over with the DoJ.

Mike is supposed to watched Miss Stone until she signs the agreement. She is crying and says she was trying to make money to be  teacher.

But he sees Rachel go to the water cooler. He leaves Stone to go question her about what the woman Theresa was doing at the law firm. Rachel says she is a former paralegal she used to work with. She got into Harvard law School and now may be a summer associate and her boss. But Stone leaves. Harvey is furious.

Harvey advise the DoJ that the deal is unsigned. After Miss Stone gets away Becky tells Harvey she went out on a limb for this and she won’t forget for a long time. The deal is off the table if she isn’t found.

Harvey learns from his junior associate Mike that Stone might be innocent. Since the distraught woman left her cellphone behind, he gets a message from someone saying he will be at the courts. Mike then goes there and inpersonates a Department of Justice executive to strangle details out of the man Bradley Rieger. Bradley says he was following up on her because he felt sorry for her. he referred her to a lawyer. Bradley says she was just there and borrowed the key card to Morello Assets and he gave it to her.  

Harvey balls him out for impersonating a DoJ executive but acts on the tip. Mike and Harvey go to Morello and apprehend Miss Stone, who is looking through the trash for the tip sheet she says the tip was on. She could prove her innocence. Mike asks Harvey if this is what guilty people do. Harvey turns Miss Stone in.

Meanwhile Rachel is coached by Mike to take the LSAT again. He coaches her on the best way to thread through the questions. At dinner, Theresa tells Rachel she has someone take the test for her. Rachel is shocked. Theresa said she is not proud of it but when they were paralegals she was just as smart as the lawyers are.

Mike and Harvey go over to Morello and check out Miss Stone’s desk. Harvey comes to almost blows with the trading desk manager. he won’t turn over the trading sheets and calls Harvey bad names.Mike memorizes the name of the traders nearby Stone’s desk. Harvey wants the deals that cam fro the tips sheets the trades from the last year. The floor manager refuses to give them. He tries to intimidate Harvey, who returns the favor with change.

Back at the law firm, Mike fears Harvey will get a slap on the wrist for his tactics. At his desk, Mike is slagged by some of the other junior associates for losing Becky. When Fields catches them giving Mike  hard time, he pulls one into his office to bawl him out.

But one of  the the Morello partners is there, not angry but apologetic offering the paperwork Harvey wanted. Harvey looks suspicious after he leaves, saying that the guy was devious and the data is worth nothing. Mike goes later to a bar where he impersonates an old drinking buddy and starts bragging about his best deals.

The men drink copiously and start shouting their most lucrative deals. Mike shows up drunk at Harvey’s pad to give him the list of the deals. Harvey shows it to Stone who is back in custody behind bars. She says none of those trades are on the regular tip sheets she got and that that are all for just under ten million dollars. The men suspect someone was feeding the traders inside deals. And that the ten million dollar ceiling was a common knowledge trick.

Harvey hears Fields thanks their boss for the Shakespeare play tickets. Harvey enjoys that she is embarrassed and hints that they two went to a baseball game and went for steak afterwards, forcing his boss to give Fields her entire evening of her company.

Harvey confronts the lawyer for Miss Stone at his office. Harvey noticed he made the deal too quick for an innocent woman. After some digging he realizes the man did a civil case for the pharmaceuticals company years ago and had access to the insider data. This was the stock Stone shorted. Next day the FDA approval came through the news. He forces the lawyer to say that Burt, Morello chief counsel,  brokered his doing the legal work for Stone. Bradley knew to turn to Marshall so he was in on th scam too.

Mike understands that Rachel is looking for someone to takes the LSAT for her. First he denies taking the meeting then sets it up meeting her and telling her to take the SAT’s and good luck. Next day he asks again and she guesses he is the LSAT test taker. She says when he was at Harvard he did it by cheating other people past the LSAT’s. She is livid and bursts out of the office. He says after she leaves that isn’t quite the full story.

After the Shakespeare play, Fields asks his boss about why she can’t praise him to Harvey at the firm. She says right now Harvey is more valuable to the firm. But she says Harvey doesn’t listen and that gets him into trouble ad  that will be why Fields is more valuable going forward.

Harvey finds out that Burt Kimball, the lawyer for the Morello and Company originated the tip sheets that found their way onto the trading desks. He get Kimball to name who was giving him the order to release the news. Stone was fed the tip sheet. She was gambling on a teacher’s education payday and didn’t know about the ten million dollar ceiling.

Harvey confronts Morello with this while his attorney Marshall stands by and denies it. Kimball tried a civil case for the pharmaceuticals company years ago. Harvey tells Morello that Kimball has been using his trading desk as a pinball machine for insider trading feeding random tips to the brokers for his account to generate revenue. Morello fires Kimball. Morello, an older man assures Harvey he didn’t know this was going on. Harvey angrily tells Morello he ought to have known.

Harvey gets two tickets to the baseball game with Fields, his nemesis and his boss insists he goes. When he protests he says “Son, your ego is writing checks your ego can’t cash”. Harvey is floored by another "Top Gun" reference.

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