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Royal Pains- a man Called Grandpas-Recap

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Written by : published Friday 29th July 2011

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In Florida, lots of things happen. Evan and Hank go to visit Ed(Ted). Their father’s parole involves curfew. He lives with a new sponsor, Edward, their grandfather. He is a very wealthy man. he and his son do not get along very well.

The boys adjust to the new grandfather in their life (Ed Asner). Their father Eddie (Henry Winkler) is being harbored in Palm Beach. The boys find out that their grandfather made a deal to house him in exchange for meeting with his grandsons. The man says he isn’t a long lost grandfather because of him.

The escaped convict Shaw is found by the boys walking through the surf. Shaw calls for his baby daughter. Evan and Hank comes upon Shaw unconscious in the water. Hank diagnoses heat stroke and lead poisoning. He orders chelation treatment. It traps the lead and expels the compound. The ambulance takes Shaw to the Florida hospital.

Mr. Boris(Campbell Scott) adjusts to life with a small baby son. He is somewhat amicable with Marisa. Divia watches over the medical checkups. The hereditary medical condition is touch and go.

At Hamptons Heritage Hospital, Jill continues to recover from the car accident. Her future abroad is going up in smoke. Jill’s radiology results are very serious. Her family forms a huge crowd that stresses her out. Divya gets rid  of them.

In Florida, Evan and his father  watch the fluoroscopy on Shaw as they take out the lead fragments of his body. They discuss Shaw trying to get to Texas to see his daughter.

In Florida they go to the races. Hank wants to come back to the Hamptons for Jill. But Evan and his grandfather bond over a horse race. Evan picks a ng called a man called Horse and his grandfather hands him a huge wad of bills to bet on the horse to win. Evan talks about how in love he is with Paige.

Evan picks the horse because is father took him to see the movie the Empire Strikes Back. The director of that film also made a film called “A Man Called Horse”. When the Horse wins, they have their picture taken because Edward owns the horse. He was the one who told their father about the Man Called Horse movie. Hank later admires the picture.

In the Hamptons Jill is restless. When Divia is talking to Jill she pulls out her intubation tube. She starts to choke and throw up. Diviatells her about the hit and run in the SUV. The bleeding brain blush on her tests is a tough reason to fear for her health. Jill does not want to tell Hank.

Ted lives in high style in Palm Bbeach and the race horse pictures look stylish. Hank is begged by his father to help Shaw who has escaped from the hospital. but his father won’t hear of it and says if he breaks curfew he won’t show up at his parole hearing.

His father threatens to not appear at his parole hearing. Then Ted says they broke up because Evan and Hank’s mother was after his money. Edward says she was after his money and Eddie gets fed up and leaves the table. Hank and Evan are shocked to hear their mother spoken of in this way. Hank rushes after Eddie.

Even tells off his grandfather. Hank pursues his father. The boys beg their father not to leave and break curfew. They say his freedom is too precious to lose. Evan says he must buy eggs for some therapeutic vandalism.

Back in the Hamptons, Divia brings the huge flowers Hank sent to Jill. She begs for a short field trip to see Boris’s baby girl. Boris and Marisa are in the NIC ward. Jill apologises about the core blood again. Boris discusses the accident with Jill and says his driver is usually much more careful. Jill says she remembers flashlights and cigarettes smoke.

Shaw wants to leave before the treatment is done. This will break his parole. Eddie and Shaw argue because Eddie says he blew it with his own children and sees Shaw making the same mistakes. Eddie reveals he left his dying wife and assumed his children would never forgive him. He says it has been too long getting them back and all those wasted years.

Talking to Shaw, Hank sees the man cough and fail and have visions. He calls 911 and pushes dipenhydramine because Shaw is having an allergic attack to the chelation therapy. The agony passes and Shaw comes out of it. Hank says visions and unreasonableness are symptoms of the therapy.

In the Hamptons, Jill waits to be scanned. She bursts with irony, as hospital administrator she just upgraded the MRI. Divia gets her to open her eyes. There is no inter cerebral artifact. The blush was a red herring. Divia invites her to the  Hankmed  facility for post operative care.

In Florida, Eddie called to tell Evan he’ll meet him at the parole hearing. Hank and Evan discuss how they feel about their father possibly going back to jail.

Meanwhile, Shaw comes out of the blur to see Eddie bring Gina and his wife near. Jenny comes into his hospital room. Eddie has flown them in. Eddie brushes off his words of thanks.

At the hearing the men are disappointed to see Edward has not shown up. They get Eddie to go inside anyway. The parole hearing lawyer says she will have to tap dance a little. Inside the hearing they see him. Edward sits waiting to sponsor Ted on his new life outside.

In the Hamptons, Divia comes running when she hears Jill cry out in her sleep. Jill dreams about the moment her car was shot, men spoke in Russian. (It was clearly a hit on Boris and they stopped when they saw it was Jill in the car and not Boris). She does not tell Divia.

At the estate, Boris looks over the wrecked car and finds burnt cigarettes. He picks one up and looks one over with a strange look on his face. At that very moment a fleet of black SUV cars and sedans come down the lane and  rush into the forecourt and swarm the place.

Ted is freed on parole. They toast Eddie’s freedom at the estate. Edward gives the Roth family photo album to the boys. They see one antecedent was a businessman and one was a doctor. The horse race picture with Edward and Evan in in there too. These are the first family pictures of the Roths the boys have ever seen. Ted agrees to stay with Eddy for a while.

On the drive back Hank and Evan discuss the Paige question. Hank says he will get their mother’s ring out of the jewelry box and give it to him. Evan asks about a car hug and Hank says they can hug when they get back. Evan wants to talk about a bachelor party and Hank says he hasn’t even gotten a “yes” yet.

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