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Rescue Me -- Press -Recap

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Written by : published Friday 29th July 2011

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After refusing to do the press interview, Gavin shows up at the bookstore after reviewing the window for“The Fallen”. One face he knows stares back at him from the art display behind the glass. It’s Jimmy, his screw up cousin who dies and became a hero. Nonplussed and stirred by the commercial yet poignant displays, he is pulled back into emotional feelings.

Heroic pictures of Giuliani and Bush are featured and Gavin rides his truck through the front window. Tommy then pours beer on the wrecked display and lights it on fire.

Flash forward to the present- Gavin is standing in front of the bookstore looking at the books. He didn’t drive his truck through it but wanted to. Lighting a cigarette he moves on.

The men humiliate Lou at the station house eating a donut. (The same ones who took his medical check up for him). Franco is ordered to pick up the donut Lou Shea crumbles on the floor on purpose. Gavin and the Lieutenant say it’s chain of command. Lou then walks off saying he’ll go get more donuts. Franco is disgusted. Rivera can’t believe he doesn’t get backup from the men.

Gavin calls home but isn’t wanted because his wife is exhausted. Sid keeps wandering around. He refuses to address the situations with Lou. Gavin gets cautioned about how to talk about Jimmy with the Press and how he was a cousin and a hero. With free time on his hands, Gavin is nervous. His Lieutenant tells him not to do anything stupid. The Lieutenant has his hands full with Feinberg. He makes some Jewish jokes.

Kelly (Maura Tierney) the cancer victim calls from Jewish Korea in Tribeca. She needs someone to talk to right away. Gavin says he will come.

Black Sean struggles to harness the wedding. Mike brings up “Bride Wars” the movie. Then Colleen then calls with the perfect dress. It’s a bias cut Irish satin concoction.  He says if she likes it to get it. It’s $4500. Then he says on second thought he’s coming down to check it out. Holster the Mastercard until he gets there.

The fey fireman Mike want to come check out the dress while the mannish one (sean) pauses with a magazine, and excuses himself to go spend more quality time in the restroom within its pages. Black Sean and Mike exchange a glance.

Gavin gets to the restaurant where his cancer friend is waiting. Gavin meets a guy she is having dinner with, Tom. Then she tells Tom he has to go. She says she has a thing that night later to do with Tommy she wouldn’t be able to get out of. (Clearly a setup to leave the date). This is the doctor she had been dying to go out with.

Gavin tells the doctor that Kelly is the kind of girl who when Kelly makes up her mind it is “go” time. The doctor keeps blathering about intimacy and playing the field and rejection being unfamiliar. He says that Gavin is the baseball player. Gavin says no. Gavin says he isn’t replacing him in the middle of the date. Gavin clarifies he is a pinch sitter. As he leaves she calls out that they are still on for her white blood cell count tomorrow.

Kelly says that she talked to Derek Jeter for hours. He had a shiny ring on and she asked him to stop talking to her. Gavin is impressed and disgusted at the same time. Kelly mocks Tommy Gavin’s recovery special. She is drinking Van Gogh vodka, and he makes her laugh. He says isn’t that his job. It’s really water. They toast to Jeter. The doctor wanted her to try meditation and tranquillity. He says her anger is impacting her immune system.

Gavin says she has a right to be angry because she has cancer. (and her daughter died). Tommy starts to elucidate about the wrath and anger and how peace and tranquillity suck and how he is an expert in such matters. (Its like they are on a  date). Tommy says when he drinks he actually starts inventing sins.

At the bridal salon, Black Sean and the men show up. Black Sean says how he keeps expecting a mugger to jump out with a butcher knife. Colleen wears a white dress with her Uncle teddy nearby. He says she looks expensive. Teddy says “if it isn’t my two favorite whores! " He says to the shocked women who turn around, “Not you”.

She wants to know which spa did he pick for the gift bags. She names Heaven and the Mandarin.
Black Sean is completely foiled and blurts out the Heavens. And did he  check out the photographer she wants? (This is exactly like Bride Wars). Back Sean says he is righteous. Then she turns into Bridezilla, saying there is no spa called heaven and the photographer is an old queen. Black Sean is embarrassed. He says he didn’t do the stuff because he has nuts. “Not for long” her uncle Teddy says.

The other man Sean tries to fade into the background. Colleen calls Black Sean on the carpet for not doing any of the wedding stuff on his list. Meanwhile Mike and Sean debate the cute salesgirl. Sean says she looks just like the girl in the bridal magazine. The gay one, Mike, says that she works in a bridal shop. She is probably like anyone else and happy and sensitive and creative.

Sean fails in getting her attention acting like himself then he pretends to be gay and marrying Mike. Sean, an active homophobe, says he is happy and sensitive and creative and loves dress shops. They will be getting married not in Vermont or Connecticut but right in New York. Then he falls into a dress rack.

Meanwhile Natalie is furious. She tells Black Sean if he doesn’t want to participate they can just wing it. In the back of the dress shop, Natalie’s Uncle Teddy  draws Sean aside and tells him to step up. He says that all this focus on the wedding takes Natalie’s taste for the booze away. Uncle Teddy  says if she stops thinking about the wedding she’ll be back on the booze quicker than he can say interracial annulment. “Now get it together!”

But then Michael jumps up with a spaghetti strap dress that is knocked down in price and the last one in the shop. Mike excitedly presents her with a double tier veil and some white satin pumps. Colleen is delighted. He is like a wedding savant! Black Sean says “Like a gay rain man”.

Colleen’s father verbalizes what Michael counts instead of cards. Colleen is very pleased while Sean returns with the phone number of the salesgirl. She think’s he’s gay and Colleen’s father says she isn’t the only one. Michael agrees to be a wedding planner. He suggests they design her dress themselves.

Colleen is happy and asks Uncle Teddy to walk her down the aisle. Teddy asks won’t her father be disappointed and she says doesn’t he think her father will blow it?

At Kelly’s apartment Gavin and Kelly get home. It is evident that Kelly has inveigled a sort of date out of Tommy Gavin. He says how she kept saying how much fun she was having. But Gavin notices she is not her usual self. Kelly ignores the question and gets Tommy some water. Kelly says that she is finished with her treatment. She is waiting for the results of her second set of scans.

If the new scans are not good she has to start the chemo all over again. But she’ll get to select a new set of breasts for mastectomy surgery. Drunk, Kelly says that she stares at everyone’s rack all day because of her thinking about her new surgery. People notice.

Kely talks about a woman in the plastic surgery office showing her the breat because the doctor makes a nice product. Tommy glazes over.
Tommy is then nonplussed when Kelly segues into a question about God.

Gavin declines to say he does believe and says he is still thinking about the woman she just described showing her her breasts in the plastic surgeon’s office. He says he doesn’t know how to answer that question. Kelly says it is a yes or no question. She wants to believe in something bigger than her. She says she even has started going back to church. Then she imagines her daughter going to first communion. (Her daughter has died). Kelly says she will take the doctor's recommendation because he does good breast work.

Tommy is flabbergasted and does not know what to say. Kelly beneath the humor is wrestling with tough tough issues. The priest said it was a mystery why her daughter was taken. Kelly challenges Tommy to think about what would happen to his kids if he died. Tommy gets really uncomfortable. She wants to know what he thinks of Death. He says no not really. He says you can’t really think about that. You run in and run our, then run back in.

Tommy says if you really think about God and death...Kelly says maybe it all just fades to black. Tommy says he does believe in something. His son and his cousin Jimmy and guys he knew on 9/11. He says he has kind of heard from these guys. She asks how. He says it is hard to explain. (he clears his throat). He describes a sort of haunting by lost fire fighters in a manner that he knows they were definitely here. Some of this happened while he was drinking.

Tommy says he liked the idea that they were in a limbo. Kelly says they canceled Limbo and Purgatory and sex with little boys. All the fun stuff.  Kelly abruptly changes the mood by saying she has to smoke some weed and hit the hay. Tommy is a little perplexed by the change of topic. He rises to leave. The share a short kiss and he says nobody is dying, OK.

At the station Lou looks for hidden donut inside his spaghetti pot. Just then Givens comes in with the plate of donuts. Tommy says chocolate on the handle and sprinkles gave it away. Lou still wants the donuts and grabs for them.

Tommy questions how Lou could do that after it took five guys to get his past his physical. He says he eats under stress. Lou is very defensive and says he has a problem with food. Lou says he heard what Franco had to say. He feels like he is letting the crew down and he feels responsible. Being out of shape is what Lou cops to.

Givens say this isn’t about fault. He says he is the one who talked Jimmy back into being a firefighter. Tommy is holding the plate of donuts and Lou reaches for them. Tommy asks is he kidding. Lou says no. They sit down to talk but Lou keeps looking at the food. Givens runs out of words. Then Tommy says him versus Lou who is more screwed up. Givens says the bet is on Lou. But Lou says Tommy is a maniac and more likely to die. Lou says Tommy rushes into fires for the sheer rush of it.

Tommy says he wants Lou to be the godfather to the new kid. All the other kids are spoken for. Tommy wants to make sure if he doesn’t come home from work one night they have a backup dad. If Lou won’t go on a diet for for Him do it for the kid. Lou asks for one last cupcake. Tommy asks do they have a deal. Lou stands and he says he demands a cupcake be on the table or he doesn’t have a partner. Givens says really, the Godfather?

Later, the men watch the Press interview for Jimmy. Everyone has good things to say. Lou says he was a good athlete. Franco and the Lieutenant have a moment. They then primp Tommy for his interview. They make him nervous with their description of their own interview anxiety. The interviewer asks a bunch of obvious questions about Tommy’s cousin Jimmy Keith. She asks him what would he go back in history and change to make it a happy ending.

Tommy says there’are no happy endings.

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