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Hot In Cleveland- The Emmy Show-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 28th July 2011

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The two brunettes Joy and Melanie are charmed by a I-Spy Cleveland ad which describes either one of them. They decide one of them has a secret admirer. They write back, gently insisting each is the desired party. Victoria says Emmy got fired from her telenovela, “Too Poor to Dream”.

They find out the ad placer is a small boy looking for a date for his father. A blonde also answers the ad.

Elka says TMZ is showing that Victoria’s daughter is writing a book. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the daughter of Victoria coming for a visit. Emmy has written a tell-all book about her mother, “Every Day is Mother’s Day, How I Survived Being the Child of Daytime’s Evil Queen”. Victoria named her children Emmy Oscar and Tony because she wanted to bring “one of them” home somehow.

Victoria bakes fake cookies and tells Melanie and Joy how she will soak Emmy in sweetness to make her feel guilt about the book. But Emmy arrives and realized this. She slams the door after saying she will publish the book no matter what. But Joy and Melanie say that the person who brought Emmy up is the one to speak to her, and Victoria says this is a brilliant idea.

Nanny Bridget is played by Elka, the Betty White character. Victoria brings her into the room where Emmy is sulking. Supposedly she has had lots of surgery. Elka convinces Emmy not to publish the book because it would create sympathy for Victoria and let her have all the attention. But Victoria overhears that Emmy’s visit was to convince Victoria to play herself in the movie of the book, in a role with Emmy playing her daughter.

Melanie and Joy appear in a local restaurant to meet the secret admirer. It is a small boy in a  tuxedo with two red roses. Austen is the son of the man they would date. They feel ridiculous, especially when another woman shows up. Austen says his father has his own company and it very fit and went to Harvard. They see a picture of the man and agree to follow the ruse.

Hearing that there is a role in the offing, Victoria bursts into the meeting with Emmy, claiming Nanny Bridget is an imposter who should be gone at once. (This is Elka’s house they are in). Victoria gives Elka two field seats to the Cleveland baseball game to get rid of her. Victoria and her daughter agree to terms of peace to get the movie made.

Victoria and her daughter discuss the past. Mom announces Emmy was never really allergic to pizza. She says Emmy is a very talented actress. They agree to pretend to forgive each other for the movie deal. Emmy says her favorite times were when the father was away. Victoria says he had a wandering eye. She says her dad did the same thing and she did know. She says it is good to be an actress in real life too. She says she did the very best she could.

The women go on play dates with the boy. Joy, Melanie and Aileen then stand in consideration for the two roses. The boy makes a choice. He says Aileen is guarded and has a wall in front of her heart. But he wants his father to see behind that wall. Aileen the blonde gets a rose. Joy then gets the same treatment. But before the winner can be announced the man walks in and say “Austen are you doing this again?”. We’are not leaving your stepmother!”.

As he gets dragged off, Melanie asks the child which one he would have picked. Austen says to them, “ The one that has the sparkle in her eye and the sadness in her heart.”

Emmy and Victoria discuss the casting for the movie. Joy (Valerie Bertinelli ) is described as a Sandra Bullock part. Melanie says she looks like Kate Beckinsale.  Joy says only Melanie says that. Then Emmy gets a text from her agent.

She is offered the role in a new Brazilian telenovela “Chica Blanca Loca”.  She has to be in Ecuador tomorrow for a camera test. Before they leave, Joy and Melanie demand of Emmy to know which one of them has the sparkle in her eye and the sadness in her heart”. Emmy says her mother.

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