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Hell's Kitchen-15 chefs compete-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 28th July 2011

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The Blue team (men and Natalie) has won all the challenges. The red team (girls) wants to get out of the house. This season of the Hell’s Kitchen uses the F-word a lot. Elise and the group are still astounded that blunderer Carrie is still in the game. Elise is very vocal.

The teams get covered in overalls and must chase live chickens and coop them for ingredients garb. Lots of scurrying as the country boy wins over the city slickers. The blue team gets eleven ingredients and and red team nine. the teams seem confident of their recipes but cooking the chicken goes badly wrong. They get one chicken per team to split for four dishes.

Then they compete to make chicken four ways, roasted, fried, sauteed and boiled. Chino makes a good coconut milk curry soup and the country boy from Tennessee hits a homer with the grits and gravy. The judges are editors from Entertainment Tonight and People magazine. The winners get a photo spread in people magazine.

Before the judging Elsie announces to Ramsay that their chicken is raw. Elise and Elizabeth win the chicken challenge with extra marks for visuals. The score is close. Some of the blue team chicken fell on the floor. Judges balance taste versus presentation.

The red team girls win the chicken challenge. Carrie serves raw chicken despite the girs telling her to fry and roast it properly. they get to go go-karting. The playoffs for the go-kart are between Carrie Elise and Elizabeth.

Chino the bald Asian gets a lot of guff from the others. Chino puts the brakes on his team’s dinner rehearsal. The blue team has to make a eighty quart chicken stock from the chickens. they cut and boil onions and chicken bones all day. The blue team has a lead on the kitchen prep by studying the menu.

Gold medal service at the chef’s table. Olympic winners Misty May Trainor and another athlete, and are guests at the blue team. Mark Spitz and Janet Evans are chef’s table guests for the red team.

Krupa hosts the chef’s table for the Red team the Olympian girls. Elise is loving the dinner service because Carrie is not on meats. Ramsay coaches Elise to golden brown the scallops before serving for color. Elise works the scallops the second time to perfection earning vocal praise from Ramsay. But Elise is not consistent.

First ticket for the Blue team. Spitz says he is a big fan of Ramsay. But Spitz says the salad is dripping with dressing.  Jonathan on dessert.He calls for another Caesar salad with less dressing. Ramsay yells in embarrassment for another salad, putting a choke hold on the guilty party.

Carrie is coordinating the times for her appetizers. But Elise does not answer to her command. Carrie barks for reburn. Meanwhile the blue team delivers the entrees.

Monterey delivers the first entrees, sea bass falling apart. It’s the fish’s fault again. Chef Scott gets in his face about it. Monterey gets uppity that Scott is swearing at him but Scott is right, holding the fish on the spatula control breakage when plating the hot sea bass. Monterey swears at Chef Scott. Then he tries to get John the floater to hustle for him.

Monterey then starts yelling at John while Olympic gold medalist swimmers watch them argue.
The red team finally has delivered all their appetizers. Ramsay stops a New York strip. It has been sliced well before walking to the pass. Gina says she wants to be in a  bubble bath somewhere else.

Monterey finally gets the sea bass going. the lamb and the Wellington for the chef’s table  but Chino boggles the time. He first says one minute then three minutes. Scott and Ramsay scream about the Wellington and bring the entire team to see how raw it is. Chino refires the meats.

Elise comes to the pass with the sea bass. But Ramsay says it is too dry and the other is too dry. Gordon starts screaming RAW RAW RAW.  The diners cower and scrutinize the cooks.

Chino’s second refire brings the kitchen to a halt. It is chewed up looking with white fat showing. Ramsay tells Chino to get lost. Ramsay is infuriated they have blown such an opportunity. The blue team has sent terrible food. Johnathan and Will are frustrated.

Now the red team is sending both chef tables. Gina sends raw lamb and overcooked and raw bass. Ramsay says he is the volleyball getting pounded. he sends the red team running and blowing an opportunity to win the challenge. Both kitchens are fired and Scott and Andy makes the food for the chef’s tables. (The poor athletes get very little to eat).

 Ramsay screams that they are pathetic and nobody wins. Both teams have to think of two individuals who need to exit. Natalie starts crying when Chino gets up in her face. Natalie says in the interview that she was trying to help Chino and is shocked he would turn on her. The men tell Natalie not to cry.

Krupa starts to deliberate with tally marks. Elise takes an aggressive mode and tries to call on Carrie. But Elise tries to point out previous strong services while Carrie wants to use Elise’s poor service that night to get her voted out. Elise has become a problem.

Natalie nominates Chino for bad meats. Blue team second nomination is Monterey and his awful job on the fish. Red team says they have decided. Jennifer says Carrie has to go. Carrie is the bottom player. Ramsay is not so sure about that. Elise is arguing with Carrie and is named the second to go. Ramsay thinks about this.

Ramsay asks Monterey why he shut down. Monterey defends himself. He argues with Ramsay and says he did not shut down. Ramsay corrects him and Monterey again denies it. Ramsay questions Chino. Chino comes clean and says he won’t give up and wants redemption. Ramsay questions the blue team men. Monterey gets uppity in Ramsay’s face.

Carrie talks about how Elise keeps bringing the team down. Elsie tells Ramsay that if he questions her team who do they think should go it will not be her. Ramsay questions each red team member who say Elise every one. Ramsay throws this back on Elise.

Elise tells Ramsay that this is not her time to go, it is her first time on the carpet and Monterey’s and Carrie’s second time and Chino’s third. Chino goes because three strikes. Ramsay says he couldn’t cook.

Preview of next time: Gina and another red team member blow up in kitchen fireworks.

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