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Memphis Beat-Troubled Water-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 28th July 2011

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Jason Lee plays Dwight, whose mother tells him to look into the arrest of a childhood friend. They started a band together but there is some bad blood under the bridge. Detective Moran meets with Dwight and Whitey. It was a three man job where a honeymoon wedding couple on the yacht was robbed by three men in wetsuits.

At the police station, the mother of Chief Leeks (Alfre Woodard) comes in angry as anything. Mom (Leslie Uggams) rolls through the 7th precinct to yell at her daughter. The chief hides in her office. The woman had her driver’s license revoked and the mother suspects the daughter is responsible.

The man in jail turns down any help. His partner says he’s been acting like wounded baby bird. he says they had a band and the partner says “Oh this was about a girl”. Whitey tells Sutton later this is a character issue. Wagner stole a guy’s girlfriend in high school.

Just then the girl walks up. Dwight greets Margo. She is his wife now and her being his alibi isn’t believed by the police. This is Dwight’s high school crush.

Sutton does research on the marina robbery. Whitey and Dwight interview the marina owner. they ntice he takes a silver watch out of his pocket. Dwight recognizes it as from the robbery. He says he let some fences know he wanted it back because it was an heirloom.

Winston Spadey owns an architectural salvage yard on the other side of town. Whitey says he been itchin’ for a gargoyle. Dwight and Whitey visit the architectural savage shop. The man says three guys came buy with a bunch of loot. He says three guys came by two his height and the third had a mustache.

Dwight reckons Jimmy s innocent because the three guys came by the shop while he was in custody. Dwight does not recognise any of the sketches from the boat shop Dwight gets his bail reduced and gets his bail reduced. Wagner says he needs to go home and take a shower before meeting Dwight at the boat shop.

Estelle calls Whitey to tell her daughter to pick her up from the beauty parlor. The Chief is upset because her mother does not need highlights.

Dwight realizes Wagner didn’t hear anything because of playing music. He says he was working late because business is bad. Margo is coming home late and so Wagner left the gate open.
Wagner finds a stabilizer fin in the dock water while they are talking. Wagner ropes Dwight into drinks and dinner.

At the station house, Chief Leeks brings Dwight into his office. The detective Moran wants to know why they are working opposite ends of the case. Moran tells Leeks Dwight got the bail reduced. The Chief says they will exchange information and tells Dwight not to leave hanging out to dry next time. She also says it is a waste of time trying to tell him to back off the case.

At RinkyDink’s Dwight Hendricks is caught between his mother and he drags Wagner up on stage as well. Dwight and his old friend sing an updated country style version of “Ring of Fire”.

Whitehead runs the suspects sketches and reports the results to Dwight. The next morning says he was spotted around town drinking with a suspect. Whitehead mentions he might have been on tour instead of doing police work.

Sutton gets no cooperation from a suspect boat maker. He won’t listen to Sutton until the junior officer tells the man he has 11 unpaid parking tickets. Then he gets him to look at the sketches. Later Whitehead goes through the station. Sutton holds some information abut Dwight’s friend. Whitehead counsels Sutton to not let fear of getting involved prevent him from doing his job. He says things have a way of working out.

The fiberglass jet ski the stabilizer came from might have been sold at Jimmy’s boat shop. Sutton says to Dwight the fin was never mounted on a jet ski. Dwight sighs and says he better go pick him up. Instead Dwight picks up Margo and questions her about the alibi. Jimmy is in a band now.

Dwight asks Margo for whatever information she has. Dwight does a cellphone search. Margo says he had band practice Monday nights. Dwight suspects the band practice was a ruse because his performance at Rinkydink’s was very rusty.

At the station, Sutton is ordered to pick up Estelle at the podiatrists’. Later Leeks gives her mother a new pair of eyeglasses. But she wont interfere and get her out of the community service for the car accident dnoe while driving without a license.

Meanwhile they track the address where many calls On Monday nights were made et Margo.
One of the men who fenced the watch comes out and sees the cops. he runs and gets on a motorcycle. Moran finds Jimmy’s cap. They roughed him up because they thought he was afraid to talk. Dwight suspects he might have been beaten up because they found out he was friends with a cop.

Hendricks gets a call from Jimmy he says he will be killed unless he backs off. Then the phone is cut off suddenly. The motorcycle is registered to a perpetrator with a long rap sheet. Hill’s known associates are searched. The recorded call is played back, and Dwight hears a horn from the drawbridge. They isolate the drawbridge with a list of Hill’s known associates.

Moran and the police close in on the warehouse. Armed robbery is the charge. Jimmy says they offered him money to sue his land. Jimmy thought it would get them out of the hole they were in. Jimmy apologizes to Dwight and Dwight says Margo expect an explanation.

Dwight feels bad he put his oldest friend in jail, and Whitehead says Dwight probably saved him from doing something worse. Dwight says that is a piss poor version of the cup being half full.

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