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South Park season 15 episode "Royal Pudding" review

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Written by : published Wednesday 27th July 2011

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South Park Royal Pudding Probably the funniest episode yet to feature in the new season of South Park. Royal Pudding is the third episode of south Park’s fifteenth season. It is a parody of the 2011 British royal wedding in the scenario that it’s a Canadian royal wedding.

Kyle’s brother Ike is called up for his national duty when the Canadian princess is kidnapped from the royal wedding. He teams up with fellow Canadians, Ugly Bob and Scott the D*ck, in the attempt to save the princess from the monster Tooth Decay.

Meanwhile Mr Mackey deals with his own traumas of Tooth Decay by forcing Kyle to play the part of Tooth decay in a school production.

The episode can’t help but have a stab at the British Stereotype of bad teeth with the princess announcing “I should have always brushed and flossed and avoided sweets”. However, they did try and soften the blow by referring to the princess as Canadian, which is quite common in South Park, making fun of Canadians.

The commentary of the royal wedding was the definitely the icing on the cake though. The mono tone narration of the wedding was a perfect match to the BBC’s coverage of William and Kate’s. Throwing in the random events that took place during the ceremony was just a bonus to make the parody that bit more hilarious.

If you watched the William and Kate Royal Wedding or are from Britain this is a must watch episode, especially if your not necessarily a fan of the royal family.

To watch the trailer or find out more visit: http://www.southparkstudios.co.uk/guide/episodes/season/15/

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