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Harry's Law - Last Dance- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 23rd July 2011

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The gang over drinks discuss the trade association dance for the trials lawyers. they must go to keep up the necessary contacts. Harry gets a call saying Puck (Paul McCrane) has broken into a woman’s house. Josh forgot to take his meds and wandered into his dream house in a  daze. The house was just he dreamed it would be. Pretending the house was his, the woman inside woke up to find him there and freaked out.

Peyton (Puck) continues his downward spiral and is represented by Harry (Kathy Bates). In court he takes his clothes after a tirade which makes the judge call for security. At the office, Adam takes the death penalty case because the mother of the condemned man says he didn’t do it.They lost the appeal but the attorney had left the previous firm. The ruling was lost in the mail. The appeal was denied but the mail room sent it back.

Adam Branch combs the law for process hints on the Jones case. It’s too big of a deal. He goes to the ex-girlfriend for support. Adam says a shoe store law firm cannot carry an appeal. She claims it is a pretext to talk to her. But Adam explains the appeal notice got lost and the case will end in execution.

Ashley and Malcolm have relationship problems. Malcolm knows that Harry disapproves of the relationship and resists Ashley’s PDA gestures. She then demands he get kissed by him in front of Harry. Malcolm resists and she walks out.

Adam goes to the trial conference for the death case. He learns his ex girlfriend is engaged to another man. Kim asks if she and Thomas are making babies. Adam blows his top. She says she wanted to tell him. Meanwhile Kim is sympathetic but says they will take it to court. They visit the man in jail. Most of the evidence came from an eighteen hour confession. The mother says the confession was coerced.

Kim Mendolsen herself is the opposing counsel for a new case, a death penalty execution that Puck himself argued and won. Kim visits Puck (Josh) in jail and asks about the conviction. Puck says he would never argue a case he didn’t believe in and that the evidence and the criminal history were solid. She then attacks the idea of another appeal in court when Adam argues the case. (Nora Dunn guests stars as the judge).

Adam visits the jailed young man Jones. He seems slow and quiet, an unlikely murderous felon.He explains the case progress. The case fell through the cracks. the big firm the second appeal was with was a large firm and the attorney moved to Arizona. The convicted man says after 18 hours he couldn’t think straight the police lied about witnesses.

Then they get a call, the time to file is lapsed. Adam faces a mortal crisis with his client. the mailroom clerk has made the issue a death. They go to federal court. Harry asks for clemency for Puck’s weird behavior due to his service to the community.

Ashley tells Malcolm they are fighting and stalks off. Harry gets asked to the trial lawyers gala by Bobby Jay because he can’t bring his usual hookers. She grudgingly accepts. Ashley prepares a rack of dresses for Harry to select from. Harry meets with the woman whose house Puck broke into. She explains that Puck was more nut case than felonious rapist.

Harry looks for a quick dismissal. Peyton, the former District Attorney, has had a mini-breakdown. Harry argues with the opposing counsel, who once had Puck as a mentor. He strips down in front of the judge saying he lost his hair and “busted his nuts" for nothing. Puck is thrown in the slammer.

Puck is burnt out. He lays down the law against Harry because he lost cases to her and got burnt out. he says at fifty he is over. Harry says that she started over in her sixties and it gets better. Puck says all he wanted to do was sing. Harry nods and gets out of there. if the homeowner doesn;t press charges they cam come to an agreement.

Josh gets his negotiation mojo back and the counselor mitigates the sentence. While Puck rambles, Harry accepts a plea. The women nod as he rambles. He pleads to misdemeanor trespassing. On the way out of the courthouse, he asks Harry to to the trial lawyer’s gala. Puck laughs when he learns Bobby Jay is her date.

At the trial lawyers gala, Danny Jay taunts Kim. Adam does not show up.Thomas shows up and Kim realizes why Adam is not there. Harry realizes she was the way Bobby Jay could attend to get in, not the other way around.  

Puck appears onstage and Harry is alarmed. He pulls out a guitar and everybody groans. Bobby Jay asks if he’ll take off his clothes. Puck sings very well, singing “Can I Call You Mine”. The trial lawyers are impressed.

Adam sits looking at picture of himself with his former girlfriend, heartbroken. He sits back in the office stewing over work and his broken relationship.He gets the call with the Jones ruling, and hangs his head. He thinks about his old girlfriend.

She comes to the office, in a gala dress, saying she just got the call. They will fight it. Saying she was wrong to ask the other man because she was afraid what being in love over her head would mean. They kiss. Harry walks in on them and asks if they are still together. She leave and Adam says he doesn’t know.

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