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Question Time. Better than the News?

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Written by : published Thursday 21st July 2011

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Watch BBC Question Time here.

Now bear with me on this review please readers. It’s not a comedy or a drama or even a soap opera that I’m reviewing. No, It’s a News style-debating programme. 

Still bearing with? Good, right well recently I’ve been completely engulfed and consumed by the revelations about the News Of The World and indeed the whole of Rupert Murdoch’s empire. Now I’m not preaching that you should all be interested in this, some of you may be wondering why I’m choosing to fill my review with news stories? But for the people that are interested, read on.

I’ve been watching the News on BBC one and ITV and News programmes such as Newsnight on BBC one and two for a few weeks.  But my favourite of these programmes has to be Question Time on BBC One on Thursday evenings.

I like to think that BBC Question Time is better than the news for in depth analysis and opinions. It’s basically a debate with a live studio audience who can also ask questions. The presenter David Dimbleby hosts a panel of usually 4 or 5 guests. These guests are usually MP’s or TV personalities. (All from different political parties of course, this is the BBC.) The panel and audience debate about the week’s news and go into detail and debate about each subject. Believe me it can be gripping viewing (weird to say it’s a news programme but shouting at the TV usually occurs … only polite words of course.)

A reviewer can’t really say much in terms of reviewing the programme, sure I can deconstruct the camera angles and review the choice of lighting, camera techniques and choice of guests but I understand that isn’t what people want to hear. It isn’t really a programme, which can be reviewed because of its ever-changing subjects and panelists.

All I can really tell you is if you want to hear a wealth of different opinions from all kinds of people from different political parties/ employment paths plus live audiences on a weekly basis from different locations, then watch Question Time.

I’m aware I’ve written this review at the wrong time because Question Time is currently off air until September. Minor mistake. But remember bear with! When it returns in September I hope there will be a few new viewers, give it a go. Even if you’re not massively into watching the news or current affairs it is a great place to learn more about what’s happening all around us.

You never know you might enjoy it.

Read right to the end? Well done for bearing with.

Watch BBC Question Time here.

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George Worth

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