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CHAOS - Proof of Life - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 17th July 2011

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Martinez is cleared for his first solo mission in Bangkok  by Higgins. The ODS predict he will fail. Rick must turn his asset. Rick feels patronized. Even Ferrare feels this is amusing. Rick gets sex advice because Thailand is a zone of adult recreation. Rick is embarrassed.

On the mission the man meets Rick but gives him a disk. Rick traps the $10,000 with currency dye. After seeing the disk contents on his laptop the ODS ride in and bust it up. Rick gets hit after giving him the combination and gets angry that he was wrecked. Dorsey says the data is five years old. Rick threw away the money according to Dorsey and Higgins is acid-tongued disappointed.

On the disk is found by Fay a photograph of a man Sims they thought was dead. Billy, Dorsey and Casey exchange glances. This hostage is Carson Sims, a member of the ODS whose desk Rick now sits at. This is why there was an empty desk when Rick came on board at CIA. He was lost in n ODS mission is North Africa against a money counterfeiter when the local authorities did not show up to back up the mission.

They plan a rescue. Blank si enthusiastic Sims is alive and tels Rick he will make room for Rick on a team of his won  Sims is being held by Ernesto Salazar, a high end counterfeit money trafficker who is wanted by the Treasury Dept. The ODS ask Treasury to help but they won’t share intel on where Salazar is. They don’t care about his tenure of Sim being an agent or length of his inmprisonment.

The Treasury chief Harris says that The ODS data is a cartoon and Sims might be dead. Dorsey plants a toy robot with a bug in it on the Treasury chief’s desk. Dorsey knows he likes robots. But the man won’t help them because they are too invested in getting Salazar themselves. They say the ODS blew it last time in North Africa. Harris says when they bust Salazar they’ll get around to Sims.

The bug transmitter captures tons of Treasury stuff. Natalie examines the data. The haul of intel from the Treasury computer show Salazar is now in Panama. This is a Free Trade Zone. The counterfeit activity at the high end is in play. The Secret Service is in charge. They show the Service the photograph as proof of life. Carson Sims is alive. But only the ODS care.

Natalie from the counterfeit money department will go and tempt Salazar with ink that cannot be traced.  She says that she is pleased to see Rick still around, since word is out about Sims and the ODS is a four man operation. Natalie knows the workings of the counterfeit world. She requires a ticket to Panama and a traveling companion, blinking her eyes at Rick.

The Treasury Chief forces his way into Higgin’s office, with the robot, breathing fire. He says that the ODS went over the line planting the robot on his desk and sniffing. They promise White House retribution. They have the President’s ear and he says they will have Higgin’s head unless the ODS gets axed and imprisoned. Higgins is now having to choose to axe the ODS on mission or save his own career.

As the group leave on a plane to Panama, Higgins arrives at the airstrip. He says going on the plane will put them in violation of the law. Higgins say there is a good chance they won’t be coming home. Higgins says he won’t let them drag the Agency down. Dorsey says thanks and they all get on the plane anyway. A few weeks pass as they set up their covers.

In Panama, Natalie sets up the meet with Salazar. Her cover is as Marguerite, who knows the Treasury is onto him. She says she has clean ink and his source is tainted. She gives Salazar a sample. Rick poses as her “Companion". Salazar is amused. They demonstrate on one of Salazar’s new fake bills finding the radioactive ink. He is not pleased and notices the Treasury van taking pictures with a long distance lens.

Billy gets some local kids to bring them some spray paint and he and Dorsey paint “U.S. Spies” on the back of the Treasury van. As Salazar moves off, the van is stopped by Panamanian police. Fay calls Dorsey that night to say that chatter on the intel circuit is about a blown Treasury op and Higgins is getting heat. The White House is involved. She tells him where the bug in the ink went.

In Langley, Ferrare approaches Higgins about helping but is shut down. She is shocked he will turn in the ODS to save his own neck. Higgins coaches Ferrare on what to do in the position of Director. He says what would she do in his place? He says after he sacrifices himself for the ODS, everything or everyone they have have touched will be tainted.  He says all his recruits and case will be burnt, other people’s lives ruined.

In Panama, they follow Salazar to his compound. Meanwhile Natalie fills Rick in on her Grecian adventure. She says Rick should think about coming down to the counterfeit department of CIA. She asks if he likes powerful women. The ODS tracks the Salazar goons to a likely warehouse where they throw out uneaten food.

They rescue Sims, played by C. Thomas Howell. Michael calls him “brother". Casey says “came over’ and Sims says he never doubted it for a minute. (Sims has been imprisoned for three years). Rick is introduced to Sims and he is amused that the ODS finally rescued him. Dorsey calls Fay to arrange a chopper. Fay is pleased about the rescue. But his head will roll if he steps foot on the helicopter.

Treasury has gotten Higgins to sell them out and charges have been brought against the ODS and they are wanted for things like tampering with a federal investigation, obstruction and theft of classified documents. Sims says he didn’t get a memo kicking him off the ODS. Sims won’t turn himself over and Dorsey suggest they grab Salazar and use him to barter their way back to the CIA. Dorsey says if they gave Treasury the win they might do a deal and release the charges.

They torch half a billion in counterfeit money. The ink and gas to run the press serve as incinerator. Sims gleefully lights it up and Billy says he has missed him. Casey says it burns like real money. Sims has been prisoner for three years and knows Salazars operations. He says Salazar keeps the plates with him, and Rick says if they put Salazar on the run he’ll be forced to take the plates with him.

The ODS set up the sting at the airport. Rick intercepts Ernesto Salazar, saying he is trying to get out of the country too. Rick tells Salazar if he goes outside he will be arrested and the mayhem will stop him from catching a plane out as well. He tells Salazar he knows a private airstrip and if he saves him they can go into business together.

As’Rick exits with Salazar, Sims handcuffs Rick to Ernesto Salazar and runs off with the plates, calling them back pay for the three years he spent chained up. He says Rick will be great in the ODS he has what it takes. Martinez is stunned and Salazar disbelieving.

At the hotel, they are on the run. Billy says they have been stabbed in the back. Natalie says Sims cracked. She fixes Rick a strawberry dacquiri. She makes another move on Martinez. She tells Rick when Deputy Director Ferrar breaks his heart she will be waiting.

Dorsey and Billy moan about Sims double crossing them. But Natalie says boo-hoo. She says Sims was the bargaining chip. Now they have Salazar they can use him as their bargaining chip to break the charges. He is the key to the criminal case. Salazar is tied in a knot on the floor as they drink cocktails with parasols in them. They spend weeks hiding out all over the world.

But Rick says if they turn Salazar into the Treasury department they can get reduced sentences. Natalie says the buyers for the counterfeit plates are in a rarefied atmosphere. Sims has never met Natalie and she puts out word on her network the plates are wanted. Sims has been in prison so long that he can’t wait to sell them, like the smart move would be. Sims gets to the meet with Natalie to say she is hard to get hold of and turns to find the ODS behind him.

Rick then arrives in the CIA parking garage in Langley to give the plates to Ferrar to give them to Higgins. He says it all will be cleared up in the morning. (They have been apart two months). Nervously she says he is still wanted. But then she tells him to get in the car and they kiss.

Treasury then stands in Higgin’s office, demanding the ODS behind bars as Higgins stands him down. Higgins calmly wants to talk a deal. Treasury cheif Harris says they can’t because they have no evidence and no suspect. Then the men say theoretically there is a satelite surveillance black site in Europe where Salazar is being humanely held in custody. Higgins suggests he can give them Salazar and the counterfeiting plates, the case on a silver platter, and the men are cleared.

Blank is thrilled to see them all back. (Sims is retired forcibly). Blank says that Rick has written his own legend in the sky. Michael prods Blank about a matter and Blank says he took care of it They got Blank to get him his own desk, not Sim’s old desk. But the desk is gone and the new one will take 6-8 weeks. Rick wryly sits with no desk and the other men sit at their ODS desk and look back and forth at him.

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