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Grey's recap-Don't Deceive Me

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Written by : published Saturday 5th February 2011

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     Meredith's voice over is about deception. Derek starts the new clinical trial with Karev instead of Meredith, sneaking out of bed and angering and confusing her. Derek is deceiving himself Meredith can't do the trial. Cristina is back in the hospital and competing with Avery for surgery. The Chief Resident position is up for grabs. Miranda Bailey is using Twitter for her surgery, to the Chief's annoyance. He says it is lawyer bait and to stop it. (Kevin McKidd, who plays Major Ethan Hunt, directed this episode).

     Callie is pregnant, Sloan is thrilled, and Arizona is mad but eager at the chance to get back with Callie. Sloan is not happy to tell Lexie, and Derek mocks him for his fertility gifts. Callie pages both Sloan and Arizona all day, freaking out about the baby until they see a sonogram. Arizona later moves back in, citing her feelings about "her" baby.

     Karev has a hard time with the clinical trial situation, especially with the recurring placebo application to patients who think they are getting cures. There is deception because the doctors must tell the patients they are getting the drug in every case. One woman begs and pleads with Karev to give him the drug anyway, sobbing and crying she wants her husband back. Karev's baggage makes this hard and he says he prefers pediatrics. Meredith helps Karev deal with patients and play the game, relating how experiences with her mother's Alzheimers make her patient with the patients. In the end Karev tells Derek only Meredith is twisted enough to do the trial.

     Bailey decides to Tweet anyway, at April's and Lexie's encouragement,  because the Chief won't know because he doesn't know how to do it. Bailey deceives the Chief. Lexie uses Twitter to communicate the surgery Bailey is in, and Hunt shows the Chief how to get to Bailey's Tweets. The Chief charges into the surgery as the patient goes critical, and the Chief says they don't have the necessary equipment. A twittering Lexie gets the technology machine to do the next step via her device from various Tweets, including Tacoma Methodist. While Bailey helicopters there to get transplant cells, Lexie reads the Chief various questions from other teaching hospitals. Included is a message from a former resident, which amazes him and cracks open the Chief's Twitter block.

     Cristina uses her indignation over Avery pointing out how out of the game she has been to give him a guilt trip. The Cardio chief  is not happy with this either, asking if Avery is so insecure that he had to "go there".  Meredith is summoned to the break room, where a sobbing Cristina screams for Owen. Avery goes running to find him at Meredith's command. When Avery is gone Cristina jumps up, bites an apple and smiles, working the situation. She has deceived Avery about her instability. Hunt is at the dentist, she says, he'll be hard to find. Meredith tells Cristina she is evil and smiles, glad to see the old Cristina back in the game. Later a disgusted Avery arrives out of breath to see Cristina mastering the heart procedure.

     Meanwhile Bailey and the Chief complete surgery. The Chief has a huge reservoir of knowledge and shares like crazy. He then researches in Meredith's mothers' journals about procedures. Bailey is stunned by his about-face. Later a happy Lexie fixes dinner while a thrilled Mark  Sloan spills the baby news. Lexie loses her temper, asking Sloane "How did you get me in this position twice?" and walks out. Lexie feels she has been deceived. Derek leaves the hospital after letting Meredith know she is expected in the clinical trial procedure the next day. Meredith comments on how deception is most often practiced as self-deception.

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