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Law & Order Los Angeles- Westwood- recap

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Written by : published Friday 15th July 2011

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In the barrio, a brother and sister play soccer but she has to go. he teases her about being a big star but she laughs. they say “I love you” and part. Later that day, a soccer team practice at UCLA goes bad when one player starts screaming, there is a body under the bleachers.

Winters and TJ identify the corpse as Javi, a young man whose sister attends UCLA on a soccer scholarship. Blunt force trauma is all over him. Malea Gomez and her white boyfriend from Brentwood are athletes, and Malea’s brother Javi is the dead man. She can’t explain what he was doing on campus.

Javier worked day labor jobs but had one arrest when he was seventeen years old. A high school dropout, he did odd jobs. He has old “La Raza” gang tattoos. Malea and her boyfriend Eric say that during the time of death they were getting pizza in Westwood with his father, who owns a coat hanger factory. Even though Eric is from Brentwood, he accepts Malea’s Hispanic heritage.

White ash splinters were found in the dead body of Javi. The coroner says about ten blows killed him. Javi was especially close to his sister, and worked to keep her in school. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez live in a poor neighborhood and are crushed by their son’s death. They say Malea is the star of her soccer team.

At the dorm room at UCLA, Malea gives other details to Winters and TJ. They gloss over incidents of graffitti and abuse, including a broken window. The dorm resident says a website "Big Sluts on campus” put her picture on there.

Javier’s car does not have much in it. The parking receipt is for a building in Santa Monica. The RA says Malea was having her picture put online. The website is for punishing Malea for signing a petition for Title 9. If UCLA was not in compliance with Title 9 one of the mens team would be cut in funding.

The baseball team player denies knowledge of the murder. He says another man questioned him as well. A black men was questioning the boy also and Winters suspects it was a private investigator. Davies denies having anything to do with Javi Gomez and doesn’t know Malea, Davies  says he only does corporate work.

Winters and BJ question the only black private eye in the building where Javi was parked. The Davies ID is recognized by the kid at the baseball team. Without a warrant the PI does not cooperate. But BJ shows the picture of Javi to the building security. On the night of his death he was trying to get up to the PI’s office but they said not to let him up.

The soccer coach was also questioned by Davies. Winter and TJ speak with Malea’s soccer coach. She tells Winters and TJ that Davies posed as a man from UCLA trying to give Malea an award. but then he tried to get dirt on her. Malea was in a gang her first year but Javi got her out of it. The Latino community center was where Javi got her the job.

Winter suspects a drug job. The church coordinator claims it was a tutoring job. he confesses she played soccer for a Mexican league. this was a professional league.Winters say the NCAA rules would remove Malea’s scholarship. The church man says Carl Davies says he worked for the union.

The union man says Davies was hired by management to get dirt. he was A hired gun for manufacturers, and Winter guesses manufacturers like coat hangers. The union man says Kentner came to a strike and he pulled a baseball bat and walked right through the picket line. Tough guy.

Winters questions Malea and Eric Kentner. The boy says his father has been different since his mother's death. They deny Mr. Kentner had a problem. Winters and TJ question Kentner. He denies meeting Javi, ever. He says he has used Carl Davies in the past but didn’t hire him to spy on Malea.  Kentner’s bail is set at $5 million.

TJ spots the UCLA class ring on Mr. Kentner. They find out he is a booster for the alumni. Bob Kentner was on campus Friday night for the meeting which means he had on campus access with his car. An UCLA attendant finds teeth near where Mr. Kentner parked his car near where the body was dumped. Kentner is arrested.

Malea says that Javi cleared her playing in Mexico. But he didn’t and found out that Kentner was trying to get Malea kicked out of school. Javi was trying to keep Malea in her scharship star soccer world.

The detectives try to get Eric and Malea to talk. Malea denies Kentner was involved and says the father was with them in Westwood. Morales says they know Mr. Kentner killed Javi and it was not self defense. Malea breaks down and says she knew Javi had a temper. She was told he aproached Kentner with a chip on his shoulder and that the man killed him thinking he was lethal.

Eric finally confesses that Mr. Kentner protected himself in the garage because Javi had a gun, but he realized after killing him he did not. He put the body in the trunk and he dumped him. Eric said he had to believe his father.

Kentner’s attorney says that Kentner acted in self defense. Kentner says that Eric is his only child, justifying his actions. Kentner's attonrey says they will be lucky to close the case. She also says that the testimony will get thrown out because the detectives failed to let Eric leave because no officer apprised him of his rights. But Morales points out that Eric himself was never a suspect and so not arrested.

After this questioning, Eric’s testimony is thrown out. His invoked rights were not served. Morales argues but the judge lets it go. Mr. Gomez is furious Kentner is released because his son's testimony is suppressed. Eric tries to talk to Malea as he leaves the jail. Malea says she can’t talk to him. Mr. Gomez is panicked and furious that the case is weak without the confession.

Morales gets a phone call later, Mr. Kentner has been shot dead at his home. two shots to the chest. Eric saw tail lights driving away. The police bring a man fleeing the scene running a red light. it is Mr. Gomez. He looks guilty. Eric describes hearing a man yelling "no" and then hearing the shots with his father yelling.

At the station, Gomez claims he came to the house thinking of killing Kentner. Gomez pulled the gun but couldn't pull the trigger. But then Kentner charged him with the baseball bat. Gomez ran, and then Kentner picked up a shovel and hit Gomez. Running, Gomez fell and crawled to his car. Kentner threatened death. Gomez was so furious this was the bat that killed his son he shot in self defense.

Eric Kentner heard his father yelling. Then heard Mr. Gomez shout “no, no”. Eric says he says he did not recognize him at first. But ballistics residence does not match the Gomez account. Morales wants to put it to a jury, with sympathy weighing in for Gomez. The father claims again and again it was for Javi. Mr. Gomez turns down the deal Morales offers, fifteen to life. Gomez denies the plea offer.

Morales talks to Mrs. Gomez. They learn that Mr. Gomez was taking Malea back to school. Malea says he didn’t indicate what he was going to do. Morales says he grew up five blocks away and had the same Madonna on the mantel. Morales confides later that he understands that the machismo of Mr. Gomez is making him take the fall. Two gang members try to hit on price when Morales and the lady prosecutor walk to the car. Morales stand in the gangster;s face and says something in Spanish. (Morales is form the neighborhood and tough as nails). Surprised to get macho attitude from a gringo in a suit, the gangsters back off.

In court, Morales must show that Gomez had intent. But Eric Kentner gives slanted testimony that sympathizes with the self defense plea Gomez files. Eric brings up new details he claims to have suddenly remembered. But at the scene Morales Winters and BJ see that Gomez couldn’t have seen Kentner shoot him while running for his car. Gomez claims to have shot over his shoulder while fleeing. They think Malea told him about the man hitting the tree with the shovel, and she told Eric. Then Eric claimed this in court to be the truth.

Morales says that gunshot residue wasn’t found on his shirt consistent with his story, and Morales says that someone else saw him hit the tree and that puts someone else at the scene who could have told Eric.

Mr. Gomez panics and says he wants the deal of fifteen to life. He knows Morales wants to call Malea. At home, Morales taunts Mrs. Gomez about what her life would feel like without her husband. Morales points out that Gomez is trying to be the man of the house. Then Malea breaks down when her mother blames Mr. Gomez for bringing the gun into the matter.

Eric is shocked to see that Malea was the one that shot his father. Malea confesses in court that she killed Mr. Kentner with the gun her father had in the car. She refused to leave the car. She says that he couldn’t pull the trigger on Mr. Kentner. Then Mr. Kentner called Mr. Gomez a “spic” and said Malea didn’t deserve his son. She attests to not wanting to let Kentner get away with the death of her brother. Malea Gomez gets eleven years in a  correctional facility.

Morales turns down the after work drink to go home and have dinner with his father.

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