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30 Rock s05e13: ¡Qué Sorpresa!

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Written by : published Friday 4th February 2011

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Reminder: This is the one where they think Liz is pregnant.

Quick Recap:

Avery is very close to her dream job but won't get it if they find out she's pregnant, and since she's already eight months, they're real close to not having to fake it anymore. But someone else is trying to get the same job, and she's ruthless, so when she catches Liz and Avery in a baby store together, Liz claims that it's because she's the one who's pregnant. Then, since everything is connected, the news gets out at the studio and she has to keep pretending to be preggers to keep the truth from getting out, and most of her part of this episode is about how far she'll go to keep up the charade. 

Meanwhile, Jack is still trying to prove that he's worth the job, even though the new boss is all sorts of touchy-feely and egalitarian and totally against the very foundation of what Jack is. The boss wants him to have open pitch sessions where anyone in the company can pitch any idea, and Jack hates most of them, but when his own idea fails, he pitches Kenneth's and then feels bad about it because Kenneth won't play along with his own right to blackmail. When he confesses, it only makes the boss like Jack more.


I hate to sound like a broken record here, but this really is a consistently funny show. Jenna and Tracy fighting over a sweatshirt showed just how weird both of their characters are, and most of it didn't even have anything to do with the main plotline, but all of it was great. Kenneth dropped another hint that he's more than he seems and once again everyone ignored it-- which makes it sort of a game for the fans, so we'll all just watch and wait for the next weird detail. Liz proved herself, once again, to be entirely shameless, and willing to go to any number of extremes to keep Jack's behind out of the fire. And it all builds together into one fantastically great show. Not as perfect as last episode, but still well above the average for TV sitcoms, and perfectly in line with how this season is unfolding.

Bottom Line: The ep wasn't as tight or as drop-dead hilarious as last episode, but it was nevertheless a solidly funny half hour, and it's still amazing every week.

Watch this episode here on TV King!

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