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Episode 1-The Life of Muhammad: The Seeker

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Written by : published Monday 25th July 2011

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Episode one-The Seeker

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born 1,400 years ago. In little more than twenty years, he changed the course of the world forever. The first episode of this three part documentary focuses on the early years of Muhammad's (PBUH) life.

The episode is a fascinating watch for people of all faiths and religions. It provides a very detailed account of Muhammad's early life. It is an educational programme for all those who wish to learn more about the fastest growing religion in the world.

A wide range of opinions are also featured in the opening episodes. Views from authors and historians alike provide extra information about the inspiring Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The early years of Muhammad's life are descrived in great detail. The Prophet was born 1,400 years ago and for the first few years of his life he lived a very nomadic lifestyle. At the time of his birth, the people of Arabia worshipped many different God's which was ultimately a form of paganism.

At the age of six, Muhammad became an orphan after the unfortunate death of his mother. Further emotional pain was to follow after the death of his grandfather two years later. By the age of 21, Muhammad was known by many as the 'Honest and Truthful One'.

Muhammad's first wife Khadiya proposed to him. At this time it was highly unusual for a wealthy older woman to propose to a younger man. However Muhammad loved Khadiya very deeply and they married. The marriage lasted 24 years and he never married while she was still alive.

From the ages of 25-40, we learn in the programme that Muhammad was very troubled and unhappy. He had reached a moment of personal crisis in which he questioned the society in which he lived. Therefore he made a number of spiritual retreats, in which he would spend days in intense meditation.

The following part of the episode makes for spine tingling viewing as the narrator of the programme, Rageh Omar, describes how Muhammad was first given the Divine Message. The programme continues to explain how Muhammad became deeply troubled after he questioned the events which had occured. His wife reassured him and after several months, the Revelations began again. Muhammad had a Message and he wanted to share it with others. Viewers learn that Muhammad was unable to read or write and therefore this meant that he was pure and free of any instances.

The last part of the episode details how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his small group of followers faced persecution from those who felt threatened by him. Muhammad was offered money and power but he would not change his stance. He had a Message and he believed it his duty to spread the message of Allah.

The first part of the documentary makes for educational viewing. For those who do not follow Islam, it provides a detailed and factual account of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This show should also be viewed by people of all religions. It is truly remarkabe to watch a programme that details the life of a Prophet who changed the course of the world forever, only 1,400 years ago.

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