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CHAOS - Mincemeat - recap

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Written by : published Monday 11th July 2011

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In Europe, Dorsey poses an an orderly pushing Billy in a wheelchair through a VIP billionaire’s hospital. Casey poses as a room service orderly delivering mung bean porridge. Rick disables the electrical system. Casey pretends to deliver food. The guards pat him down. Wheeling the porridge into the hospital room, Casey pulls a wicked knife on the dictator in the hospital bed and demands he mictorate into a cup. Eying the knife, the patient in the bed cooperates.

In Langley, Rick Martinez proudly places the cup of urine on Adele Ferrar’s desk. She directs him to the lab, where it is tested. The analysis shows he is dying of liver cancer. Ferrar tells the ODS that the dictator will die leaving his sadistic son in power. The dying man has another son, a London playboy who gets checks from the old man but eschews any part of the country’s involvement. The butcher of Mirestan has only weeks to live. The sadistic Sadeg cannot get control.

The other son, Sadeg, will take power uness something changes. Four American hikers have been arrested for suspected espionage. The country is a police state. The mission is to get the hostages out and replace the violent heir apparent with Rostan Merrick. Previously he wanted nothing to with the politics and the goal is to change his mind. Dorsey outlines the mission to get the frivolous playboy back in control of the state. Casey suggests operation mincement.This is an operation from Sicily in 1943 where a faked plane crash left a body with fake orders that mislead the Germans.

They prepare the dead body of a deputy chief from the file department, a man who always wanted to get into the field. Casey and Rick will prepare the body and dump it for discovery. The back story ad legend are complete. Meanwhile Dorsey and Billy will pose as Doctor and Nurse to treat Merrick with a fake poison, a snake venom which is really steroids. The man will feel better in the short term enough to trust Dorsey and Collins. Sadig, tsychopath son of Merrick, must be framed by the phony documents to make the dying dictator to give control of the country to his son Rostan.

To sway Rostan to give up the party life they need someone female to help persuade him. Martinez bribes Ferrar with a new Armani dress to make Rostan get serious and outgrow the playboy life. Scheduled to attend a charity party, Adele Ferrar agrees to comes on the mission to get him away from the society round. She knew him in London briefly, which makes Martinez uncomfortable. In London, Ferrar throws a drink in Rostan’s face and gets his attention. Casey admires Ferrar’s tradecraft in getting Rostan to the hotel room, where Casey briefs Rostan on the mission.

Rostan wants nothing to do with it. Martinez outlines the assumption of power by Rostan in Merakstan aided by the CIA. Adele stops Rostan from leaving by saying his father has incurable cancer and has only weeks to live.

In Merakstan, Dorsey and Billy arrive to treat the dictator with the fake cure. They have the venom of the blue devil octopus. The dictator points out the last doctors are imprisoned. They administer the poison and the man immediately feels the effects of the steroids. Merrick feels good and does not understand why the cure has not been brought to him before. Dorsey hints that whomever has been in charge of his care did not want the best care.

The sadistic son intrudes and separates Dorsey and Billy, claiming to know who they are. Sadig almost puts a fork through Michael’s hand. He says they are quacks and when his father deteriorates he will snatch them and throw them in prison. Sadig says they are charlatans. But when Rostan arrives, he is distracted.

Rostan arrives and is met with suspicion and scorn by his brother Sadig. Rostan says he heard that Merrick was in poor health. The father is overjoyed and claims that he is in good health. But the bickering continues and Michael says that this is not good for the patient.

After witnessing how Rostan is treated by his brother Dorsey and Billy approach Rostan in his hotel room. Dorsey and Billy get Rostan to bring them to where the hikers are being imprisoned. A shocked Rostan insists the frozen scared hikers get three meals a day and humanitarian treatment. Then Rostan is upset to find his former tutor jailed also. Approaching the man, Rostan gets told off by the scared and angry man.

Meanwhile Casey and Rick fix the body of the decoy with perfect attributes, documents and details. Casey is impressed. The body does not float and sinks. The men are stunned. Casey reports this to Ferrar and they have to get another body. Blank is in charge of the second set of documents. Ferrar notices he does not write anything down.

At the jail, the old man Mr. Sajati tells Rostan everything. Rostan is forced to confront the truth about his father’s regime. The playboy is angry that the man who taught him everything is trapped in a prison. On their way downstairs Sadig’s men intercept them and arrest Dorsey and Collins. Sadig meanly taunts Rostan. He clearly wants the country for his own evil ends.

In Langley, word of the mincemeat debacle is getting out. The Vice President wants updates on the hour. This signals a total lack of confidence and Fay tells Ferrar they have to get Operation Mincemeat work or it’s on them. Casey and Martinez plant the second body with improvised documents from Operative Blank. Casey dives underwater and plants the body on the coast. Martinez says a burial at sea prayer for the dead man.

After they are freed, Rostan asks questions. Dorsey and Billy outline the help Rostan could expect if he decides to take power. Rostan wants a bloodless revolution. Michael tells Rostan he can change things but the playboy is dubious. Billy starts talking about JFK, Churchill, and Abe Lincoln were playboys who succeeded in politics. Billy says wine and women are optional.

But when the body is discovered, the dying dictator finds documents that implicate Rostan, not Sadig as planned. Sadig is quick to point the finger at Rostan for the five million dollars deposit from the CIA to be President for life in Merakistan. Rostan confirms they are who they say they are, but the dictator says they will be killed if the treatment fails. Then Rostan and the CIA men are arrested and taken away.

But the dictator finds Rostan later, and says the papers were so filled with errors it was obviously a CIA ploy to fool him. He then shoots the guards and says all the palace guard are loyal to his awful son. Dorsey and Collins calmly remove the weapons from the dead guards. Dorsey calls Martinez, who is waiting in the gardens.

Merreck knows he will die, and he charges Rostan with running the country. Rostan assures his father he never betrayed him. Billy and Dorsey get Rostan safely outside to the bridge where Martinez is awaiting them, but Sadig comes with mens and guns. Then Casey wades in, his fists making the world safe for democracy again. The dictator dies that evening and power is handed to Rostan. The hikers are flown back to the United States.

In Langley, the VP is coming to the CIA to commendate the men who made the mission possible. Blank is very excited. The ODS thank the services man for his brilliant move to obfuscate the names in the corpse documents. He denies it and they all stop in their tracks, realizing how close they came to danger, in the hallway on the way to the ceremony. Blank is panicked and apologetic. Dorsey realizes that it was Blank’s error that made the mission a success.They agree not to share this detail.

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