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Community s02e14: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

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Written by : published Friday 4th February 2011

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Reminder: This is the one where they play Dungeons and Dragons.

Quick Recap:

Driven to the depths of dispair by his terrible nickname of "Fat Neil", Fat Neil decides to do something drastic and gives all this D&D books to Jeff. Jeff and Annie know what something like that means, and decide to save him by playing a rousing game to prove his worth. They don't invite Pierce because he's "Pierce the Unsensitive" and "Pierce the Dickish", but that doesn't stop him from finding out about the game, demanding to be let in and taking over, placing himself as the villain that has to be stopped. His horribleness makes Neil's fragile emotional state worse, and all is almost lost until they manage to win back the game and Neil saves the day, restoring his faith and crushing Pierce without him learning anything.


This ep is another of those strange ones the show has been so fond of. It's all narrated as if even the real world is part of the game, and the characters are all sort of... well, sort of reduced to character classes like in the game, and that means they get to poke fun at the characters while still drawing on their strengths for the purpose of the plot. This also means that Pierce is down right horrible, and it's a good thing that this is a sitcom, because if it was a drama, they'd never talk to him again. Usually he's sort of awful, but not vicious and not hateful like he was here, cast as the villain.

It was a weird and pretty wonderful take on a "Very Special Episode"-- it's like a high school-based show; there's this kid on the fringes of the main group who feels suicidal and they have to stop him from doing something drastic and prove to him that things are okay, but instead of doing it the way that makes sense for something like that and would be hackneyed and boring, they do it like this. Like an allegory that's seen through poor Neil's eyes, where everyone takes on a sort of heroic feel and they save him. It's lovely, and weird as ever, and even though it's a pretty dark subject, which they never really shy from, it's also funny and sweet. Not as flat-out-hilarious as some episodes, but solid and entertaining. 

Bottom line: They save a dude's life and it's charming.

Watch this episode here on TheTVKing.com!

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