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Friday Night Lights- Texas Whatever -recap

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Written by : published Saturday 9th July 2011

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Tami gets home from her trip to find Taylor sleeping and asks about her trip. He turns Tami around to see a surprise, Julie is there. Julie says she was done with her exams early. Tami is thrilled to see her. Next day at the school Taylor sees that Levi is frustrated with the field works for the big State game.

Tami drops the bomb on Coach Taylor about the job offer of Dean of Admissions. Taylor states that Braemor is in Philadelphia. Tami says this an opportunity to think about the way they make decisions for the family.She reminds him of all the times they moved for his job. Tami says she would like to do it.

Eric points out his job, their family and friends are in Texas. Tami says with the timing about the Dillon school budget the timing might be right. Taylor says he can’t talk about it right now.

The East Dillon football students try to rally the community to showing up at a meeting for the school board. Luke Cafferty tells Vince all the mothers could come to the meeting if they got a babysitter. Vince says Jess can do it. Jess sarcastically tells them they can do it, learn to hold a baby. But Luke can’t come to the meeting because Coach Taylor set up a meeting with a D-3 school. Vince supports and encourages Luke about the school. Warrenfield State is Cafferty's future now.

The doctor tells Mindy and Billy Riggins that the new baby is twins from the sonogram. Billy and Tim are still not getting along. Tim throws a lot of junk out of the trailer he is living in. At Buddy’s bar, Billy pleads for Tim to talk to him. Tim tells his brother he is going to Alaska when his parole is up. A job recruiter at the prison got talking to Tim about it. Tim says he will work the pipeline. Billy does not like this news.

Buddy Garrity himself gets a visit from the Dillon high booster chief at home. The man reminds Buddy that he can expect Buddy’s support if the two high school consolidate.  Buddy can be at the head of the table fo the panther where he deep down always wanted to be again. (Implied is his son's football career too).

Jess talks to Vince about how disappointed she is that Taylor will lose his sway as coach just as her dream of becoming a training coach is happening. Eric Taylor is teaching her to be a coach and the situation with the school board is ending that.

Cafferty takes the meeting with Warrenfield College, and the men describe the town as just getting a Costco. Cafferty is well mannered but obviously underwhelmed. They brag about the eighteen foot boat they’ll take him fishing in. Cafferty relays this lack of enthusiasm to Coach Taylor next day. Cafferty tactfully words his response to Taylor and thanks him for the meeting. Compared to his other college recruiting excitement, it palls. Taylor looks on thoughtfully.

Tyra tries to square with Tim what is going on with his life.Tyra puts it to Tim what is he doing with his life? Then Tyra learns about the chop chop rap Tim took for Billy. Tim says he had the opportunity to give Stevie something he and Billy never had, a real father.

In the field durign football practice, a reporter grills Taylor about Vince Howard. Taylor says he doesn’t have to worry about Vince because he’s a leader. He says Vince is doing what he wants him to do. Then she asks about whether Taylor himself is at sea.

At the bar, a customer taunts Riggins about not giving him a beer and calls him a  jailbird. Tyra shows up and says she has been waiting for her drink too. Tim sees her and calms down and smiles. Tyra walks up to the ugly customer at the bar, and snarls ‘Move!”.

Tami is disappointed that Taylor is putting the Lions first. She says she has been a coach’s wife for eighteen years. Tami points out that the income from Braemor could make the family secure. Tami has to beg to make Eric consider having a conversation about how the East Dillon high school closure puts their finances at risk. (Both of them work at the school).

At night, Mindy freaks out about having twins. She can’t strip and earn money with twins and Billy’s job is in flux.Billy tries to calm her down. She fears she will be living in a tent with the babies and that Stevie will grow up not knowing her.

On his break, Riggins talks to Tyra. She let slip that Mindy is expecting twins. Riggins is stunned because Billy didn’t tell him. Tim thanks Tyra for the letters she wrote him while he was in prison. Tyra check to see if Billy visited and wrote and Tim assures him that he, maybe too much.

At Billy’s Becky and Tyral and her mom all have dinner with Mindy and Billy. Becky holds Stevie. Tyra is stunned to learn Tim is going to Alaska. Becky goes to Cafferty’s farm in Billy’s truck to talk to him. She confesses she put Tim on a pedestal but that Billy and Cindy made a home for her and she feels strongly about being there for Tim. But she says she knows her feelings about Tim weren’t real. Cafferty makes a flip remark and Becky storms off. (Cafferty is disappointed with his future).

Billy requests assurances from Eric Taylor about his financial well being at the office. Taylor says the football landscape is blurry. He says he doesn’t know what the future holds and can’t be more definitive. Tim says he has twins on the way. Taylor says he knows that but can’t tell him what he doesn’t know.

At Buddy’s, Cafferty comes in and orders a burger from Tim. Then Riggins asks him if he is love with Becky. Tim sets him straight. Cafferty asks about Warrenfield and Riggins sits down. Cafferty isn’t getting that magic  feeling from Warrenfield. Nothing is going to compare to the excitement of playing State. He says that he needs to play for State like it is the last time he will lace up. And then let it go.

At the meeting, pandemonium reigns. East Dillon parents accuse the school board of favoring the Panthers survival because the Boosters support it. Superintendent Carville announces the budget cuts will be drastic. Class and economic divides play a prominent role. Carville shuts down the meeting because tempers and shouting run too hot.

‘Jess and Vince consult with Mr. Carvill. They want to share their thoughts. Vince says that playing for East Dillon saved his life and kept him from juvenile hall. He says football is the team’s life. Carvill says this is the best part of his day.

Julie finds her mother alone in the house, very tearful and sad. She says that Eric went to the meeting alone. Tami says that she hopes Julie knows that Tami and Eric love each other very much. She wishes Dillon would have a football team and she could be Dean of Admissions at Braemor.

Carvill comes out to the waiting crowd to announce there will be one football program for Dillon next year and it will be Dillon panthers. Eric is stunned. The Panthers crowd goes wild with glee. in town, Tyra and Julie discuss the men in their lives. Julie says she doesn’t know what she and Matt are. Tyra says life is harder when you love someone.

After the announcement Taylor tells  a anxious Vince that he is going to be the star quarterback of the Dillon panthers next year, and he is going to shine. As Taylor leaves, Buddy gets in the truck. Taylor asks what he is doing and Buddy says they have to talk. The East Dillon core players fool around on the field and remember the good times as all the Dillon people drive around sounding their car horns. Cafferty tells Vince his mind is on State and Vince agrees.

At the field, Taylor and Buddy drink beer and look at the empty stadium. Buddy tells Eric he can have the Dillon panther facilities and the best of both teams. Buddy offers Eric an ideal of returning to the high school that cast him out and reclaiming his lost pride as a champion Panthers coach. Taylor becomes less upset and tells Buddy he is a son of a bitch.

Tyra visits Tim at the bar. She says that Tim must have loved Buddy a whole lot to go to prison for him. They talked about what he did and Tyra doesn’t see Alaska for him either. Tyra tells Tim that since Billy is the only family he has, he better be sure to break from him forever. She reminds him that Billy was the only one who stood up for him, a lot. Tim runs after Tyra and kisses her in the parking lot. They spend the night together.

When Taylor gets home, an unhappy Tami sits and waits for him to speak. Coach Taylor is unhappy about the East Dillon High School football squad getting shut down. He doesn’t mention her job as a counselor at East Dillon nor do they discuss it. Taylor speaks ironically that he’ll have the facilities of Dillon High, the Panthers Boosters club, the best of everything. He doesn’t look happy.

He says he will be coach of the best of both teams, the Buddy Garrity shaped superteam. Tami can’t get Eric to discuss the Braemor job anymore. She tells Eric she will say to him what he doesn’t have the grace to say to her ‘Congratulations” and walks out of the room.

Later there is a knock on the door, and Tami opens it to see Buddy and the Dillon panthers organizer there. They ask to speak to Tim. She turns to see Eric lurking behind her.

Tami is gracious but says to herself ‘18 years”. She cheerfully offers Buddy and the man from the Dillon booster organization something to drink, depressingly obedient to the status quo.

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