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Burn Notice- Bloodines- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 9th July 2011

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Michael starts his new job with the CIA by getting assigned by his handler (Grant Show)

to babysit a British scientist at a conference. Since the man is hitting on all the women, the babysitter has to make sure he doesn't get lucky and spill research secrets. Michael pretends to be drunk and blurt out that he's married.

Meanwhile Fiona looks for a condo but Michael is distracted. They are notified about a big smuggling ring of kidnapped Asian women whose

bosses work in Miami. Michael isn't sure he can do both jobs at once.

Fi, the CIA contact and Michael grab the Yakusa henchman just as he get alerted to their scrutiny. He is injured in a chase and they bundle him into the car. They get him to a beach house. Michael then goes to the hotel bar and ruins the British scientists's chances for picking up any girls by talking about his wife.

Michael does the babysitting while his mother (Sharon Gless) pretend to be a nurse for their new patient. In a safe house, Michael pretends to be the higher up in a rival echelon. Michael backhands his mother and shoves her around in front of the Yakuza man to convince him how brutal Michael is.

Meanwhile Michael begs Fi to double as his scientists babysitter because the Yakusa man isn't talking. They want the latest shipment of kidnapped women before they are sold off, dealt into prostitution/slavery or killed.

The Brit falls for Fi like a ton of bricks but she drives him down the Miami Expressway at 130 miles an hour. Then  Fi calls his wife to tell her her that husband has found her soul mate. The man flips out.

Back at the hotel, Fi goads him about how boring his wfe is. The man gets a reality check and says his wife is an angel and calls her to make peace.

Meanwhile, Michael is traumatized to act brutally to his mother because this echoes the behavior of his drunken father to his mother long ago. Fi and the CIA operative are shocked at how mean Michael acts out to his mother.

His mother gets the Yakuza man to confess the whereabouts of his compatriots after a car chase where she pretends she has escaped and knocked the men out. After his belated confession, she lets him out of the car.

The Yakuza man tries to decoy the pursuers, who have been listening on a bug she carries. Michael realizes his mother is trying to get the man to admit where the other kidnappers are. She lights up a  cigarette and waits for Michael and Fi to drive up. They then liberate the kidnaped women using the password the Yakuza man gave them.

Michael gets a hard time for using Fi, a former IRA member, for the op with the scientist. Michael asks Fi to move in with him after showing her the shelf he made for her snow globes.

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