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Fairly Legal- My Best Friend's Prenup- recap

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Written by : published Friday 8th July 2011

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Kate gets a visits from her ex-husband Justin Patrick at the boat while looking over her father's old bank records. Teddy  lost the evidence that proved someone has embezzled the money.

She is a crack attorney who loses her phone and doesn’t know it until to gets returned the next day. He says that he called her phone to make sure it was hers and found out that the ring tone for him is “The Tin man” from the Wizard of Oz.

She discovers later that the bank records show embezzlement for six month preceding when her father started Reed & reed law firm. She states he started the company with $100,000 cash.

Kate greets her childhood friend Julie at her firm with her fiancee Eric. They are there to meet to discuss the pre nuptial agreement and drop off the bridesmaid dress. Meanwhile Julie’s dad is meeting with Lauren, Kate’s stepmother about the really exacting terms of the pre-nuptial. The man drops heavy hints about giving Lauren additional deals for his firm to work on if things go his way.

Eric wants a pre-nuptial agreement to protect his thriving Tai Kwan Do empire from a suspicious son-in-law. Kate is assigned as a mediator. Julie’s father says although Kate is COO of the martial arts business but didn’t learn how to marry well. Joseph Chang wants to protect his interests. Kate mediates between the parties.

Leo is upset because two figurines from his desk are missing. Kate continues to track the mystery of why the evidence against the embezzler was lost. David Smith embezzled the money January through May in 1980. This coincides with the funding of Reed & Reed. Kate says to shred the evidence and tells him to keep it quiet. She attempts to get Justin to talk about their continued attraction to each other. He leaves to avoid the conversation.

Justin gives out jerseys to his law firm basketball team and one of them is miffed. 9Echoes of the Tin Woodman). Leo is mocked because his dolls are collectible and valuable but the loss is laughed at by the lawyers. Leo asks Lauren to review the security tape. Lauren is surprised to discover the figurines qualify as grand theft because they are worth over $400. Leo is disappointed that his law firm bosses brush off his missing dolls. He plays with a figurine on Lauren’s desk to prove they all have valuable things on their desk.

The terms of the pre-nuptial agreement are harsh. Joseph Chang stipulates that Eric will never have anything to do with the business or influence it in any way. His daughter Julie rips up the pre-nuptial agreements and says that speaks for both of them. Julie confides to Kate later that her father is going to ruin everything. She has a recurring dream about her wedding where her father runs a perfect wedding by roughing up Eric. Kate promises to see what she can do.

At the martial arts house, Change practices his moves. Joseph Chang tells Kate he doesn’t trust any son in law who doesn’t want a piece of the family pie. He points out tat her father started Reed & reed was about family trust. His poor childhood in Korea taught him to distrust people. He stole Spam from the G.I.’s to feed his family. Kate promises to prove him wrong. She tasks Leo with finding out Eric’s background.

Leo resents Kate with the abstract and mixed media art projects Eric has done over the years. He is an art teacher who parents died when he was small. But Eric has found online a portrait of his mother done by Eric. The portrait matches a woman of the same name who did her own self portrait from  a nursing home. The pictures match, which is a departure of Eric’s normal style. Anna Molloy painted her own self portrait in 2010. In Walnut Creek she lives in a nursing home.

Eric is shocked Kate ran a background check on her. Kate needles him about lying to Julie about his mother being dead. Eric confesses that even though he loves his mother taking care of her took a lot of him. Kate calls him a liar. Kate jumps all over Eric.He says the alcoholism and dementia were too much to take and finally felt free from worrying about his mother. With Julie he told her she died it was because he wanted to close that chapter of his life and knew Julie wouldn’t  approve.

Kate speculates on where he got $100,000 in cash to start the law firm to Justin. He says he would dig deeper but she says she knows enough. She says he started the firm by lying and stealing. Justin encourages her to take a new perspective and says that his marriage to Lauren proves the father did lots of things wrong. Kate notices the team player left the jersey in the office because he doesn’t want it.

Kate and Eric approach Julie in the lobby of the martial arts business. Leo blurts out that his mother isn’t dead and Julie gets angry. Kate moves away to intercept Joseph coming over to see Julie and Eric fight. Julie starts screaming at Eric immediately and Mr. Chang also screams at him to get out. Kate is angry that Leo is leaving. When Mr. Chang orders Leo to leave and Kate stands up for him and gives the man a karate chop. Chang has a bloody nose.

Justin tells the friend at the basketball court his nickname is a complement.The own the truth about their flaws and move on. Lauren gets Leo a copy of the security tape. He scrutinizes the video. He is threatening the messenger company with a lawsuit when the girl who sells muffins, Kim,  comes in with the figurines in her basket. Evidently the artist was in town. He forgot they talked about it and she got the figurines autographed, making them more valuable. Then he blurts out to the whole office she stole the figures.

Mr Chang approaches Lauren at the law office of Reed & Reed and insists she can’t get a handle on Kate. He says she needs to keep Kate in line. He cites his injury. He also implies she isn’t jumping high enough to keep his business and tells her he is moving his legal work elsewhere. He tells Lauren he is fired. Lauren finds the news bridesmaid during her fitting and then tells Kate to clean up the mess she made. Kate falls over in a the dress.

Later Kate sees Julie leaving her law office taking files for the new law firm to look at. Kate tells Julie to admit if she loves Molloy he’s worth working things out with. Kate shows Mr. Chang the new website Eric made for the company. Julie was supposed to take care of it with a student. Mr. Chang is impressed. He assumed Eric was just an art teacher with no potential. He decides to give Eric another chance.

Julie and Eric end up getting married. At the wedding Justin and Kate walk down memory lane. They start to dance and almost kiss then Justin pulls away and says it is a bad idea. Kate turns and see the bride and groom dance and watches Julie enviously.

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