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Luther- A belated season premier review by Andrew Bremner

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Written by : published Friday 8th July 2011

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Sometimes when you watch television the most entertaining, funny and clever pieces are these 30 second or so programmes. I mean there are lots of seemingly pointless ones about a selection of famous women talking about up to 100% grey coverage. They seem to be well written with wit, passion and the vigour of telling a story and inflaming the public’s imagination. Definitely not to keep them dumbed down and to buy pointless and pathetic products.

Occasionally though there are programmes that are made that are longer. Half an hour an hour you know the ones. Usually they have to break those sorts of programmes up with the little programmes just to make sure it keeps them fresh. Not with Luther (BBC1) though. The BBC does shows like this spectacularly. ITV has Midsummer Murders but that feels twee and lacks the punch of an actual drama. There is no sense of urgency more a sense of yes this crime will be solved and we will all get on with our lives. I know I've just watched a murderer being caught but for some reason it feels like it will all just happen again.

Luther manages to punch by showing the effects of being a policeman and having to deal with that. Its dark too, darker than dressing as a bat and living in a cave. The last series had me on the edge of my seat constantly and had a finale that made me re-watch the programme to prove I didn't imagine the excellent whirlwind of emotions and twists and that it was actually a beautifully written piece. It bloody was! So when I saw that Luther was returning to our screens I was there sat as close to the screen without burning out my retina.

I was gladly not disappointed. The cliff-hanger from the last series is thankfully not quite finished and new elements have been introduced. I did panic about 15 minutes in when I thought I had figured out who had done it and I felt an overwhelming urge to simply give up with a sickening sense of smug satisfaction and disappointment. I am so glad I didn't because the build up was tense and perfectly paced and just when I thought it was time to relax POW!

This is for my money one of the best crime dramas I have ever seen and unfortunately for the likes of ITV,  most of the others are also on the BBC. I would assume that it is something to do with budget but Luther isn't really an expensive looking creature. Maybe it’s the fact that with license payer’s money the BBC can afford the best writers and actors for the job but it’s so much better than that. BBC dramas feel sturdy and hardy. Perhaps it’s just me maybe I am a television snob and I feel that the dramas on anything other than the BBC are for a lower intellect people and that is partially true I am a television snob and I love programmes that make me think and sometimes that's just not what television is about. So I give you a few pieces of advice about watching Luther. If you do not want to think try to stay clear. If you want to feel superior and smug remember that this is the BBC and they can pretty much pull that off for you.

I do have one or two criticisms though so don't panic. Is it just me or is everyone so easily persuaded in these things. Luther has to go on a little mission to find some woman’s daughter because he arrested her husband! Is that how the police force works? I have friends who are training for the police force so to make sure I get a crime solved to I have to get another member of my family arrested. Yes I guess it’s showing that Luther will always be a slave to the job but quite frankly I understand that the man sweats liquid angst and pain I don't need another little pointer. It seems though that everyone is as easily persuaded as he is dropping whatever triple-murder case they just so happen to be working on a whim.

Listen the fact I'm talking about them as actual characters and not just actors in a programme should so this is immersive and gripping stuff give it a bash and if you don't like it I look forward to your hate mail.


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