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Lie To Me - "Beyond Belief" (Review)

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Written by : published Wednesday 6th July 2011

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After the conventional help-the-FBI-solve-cases formula was tossed out the window after the finale of the show’s second season, the writers of Lie To Me started taking chances. While they occasionally -- not to mention blatantly -- ripped-off other (more successful) shows (such as the episode “Double Blind”), they also stretched their imaginations a bit in order to do what David E. Kelley did for several years on Boston Legal: take a stand on certain real-life issues.

In an entirely fictional-so-they-can’t-get-their-arses-sued-off manner, of course. We’re talking about a show from my native America, after all -- where we get butt-hurt over the silliest of things...and prosecute accordingly.

Take, for example, “Beyond Belief” from Lie To Me’s third and final season. In this episode, Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) decides to take down the leader of a powerful “scientific religious” cult when the daughter of one its brainwashed members asks for help. The L. Ron Hubbard-type feller in question, one John Stafford (David Sutcliffe), is the brains behind the Scientific Re-Programming group -- who offer to reboot the minds of wayward people from all walks of life. It’s all bollocks, of course: Stafford is about as crooked as the u-bend on your toilet, and it’s up to Cal and crew to try to figure out how they (well, Cal, mainly) can discredit the phony before all of his followers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Not just because I like to see the heads of faux faiths fall (I’m partial to seeing the people behind “real” religions tumble on down, too), but because the episode simply works. The villain isn’t of the typical easy-to-read variety; in fact, Cal has a hard time figuring out what he’s concealing on account of the fraud’s mysterious past.

The “kids” of The Lightman Group -- Loker and Torres (Brendan Hines and Monica Raymund, respectively) take a backseat to Cal and Gillian (Kelli Williams) once again here, while the show’s other kid (aside from Dr. Lightman, that is), Cal’s daughter Emily (Hayley McFarland), finally makes an appearance (with no explanation as to where she had been in many of the previous episodes) -- just so the evil Stafford can threaten her. Emily also brings a boyfriend home in this episode (played by up-and-comer Brandon Jones), just so Cal can threaten him.

A fun one. If the beginning of Season Three wasn’t doing it for you, maybe this one will.

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