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Lie To Me - "The Canary's Song" (Review)

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Written by : published Wednesday 6th July 2011

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Mine, mine, mine.

We begin with an argument between a young miner and his supervisor -- whom the other miners refer to as “Big Brother” -- arguing over wages. Soon, Big Brother finds himself being trapped in a storage locker in the shafts below, while deadly-but-invisible methane gas creeps in. In a vain attempt (or should that be a vein attempt -- ha!) to break free, Big Brother accidentally ignites the gas, causing a huge explosion that not only kills him, but fatally injures six other workers.

Whodunit? Well, that’s the objective of The Lightman Group in “The Canary’s Song,” the fifth episode of Lie To Me‘s third and final season. This time ‘round, Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth) goes underground with people he suspects had conspired together in order to rid themselves of their former foreman. But, as always, there’s something further at play than one would normally think there is. I mean, it wouldn’t be worth your while to view it otherwise, right?

As an added bonus, this episode gives Loker (Brendan Hines) a chance to finally cut his teeth in the manning-up department, as he tries to keep an eye on Cal’s back and figure the investigation out on his own up on the surface of the world. In the meantime, Gillian (Kelli Williams) and Torres (Monica Raymund) are all-but-forced to cooperate with the FBI once again (Conor O’Farrell returns to reprise his role as Bernard Dillon) as they attempt to arrest a gangster with a penchant for gambling.

The now-removed character of Agent Reynolds is referred to in passing here, while Cal’s recurring romantic interest Det. Wallowski is nowhere to be seen (nor is Cal’s daughter, Emily). Strangely enough, Gillian herself is seen as a pseudo romantic interest for the good Dr. Lightman here! One gets the impression that “The Canary’s Song” was actually meant to be the Season Three opener, but it works just as well where it’s at: it’s a lot better than a couple of this season’s previous episodes, and succeeds in expanding a few characters in the process.

Guest stars for this episode include Noel Fisher, Michael McGrady, Jack McGee, Christopher Darga, Chad Coleman, Maury Sterling, Lindsey Kraft and Christopher Thornton.

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