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CHAOS - Deep Cover Band - recap

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Written by : published Monday 4th July 2011

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Martinez is approached by Blank in the CIA tearoom in Langley, showering him with obsequious praise and bribing him with exotic coffee and massage skills. Martinez challenges Blank that he is using him to get to his girlfriend, Deputy Director Ferrar. Blank wants Rick to give Adele the mission reports that will qualify Blank for assignments. Rock denies the honor.

The team assemble in Deputy Director Ferrar’s office, where she is filling in for a vacationing Higgins. Casey suggests she show up Higgins and take his job. She declines but shows the team a video of a undercover European CIA operative. He is diving into a car during an illegal act and the team assumes he has gone native, turned into his cover for real. They are assigned to go to Hamburg and pull him out. They also must close the cover operation, a beer hall, and end any ties to CIA in doing so. The Duke, the CIA front mastermind, is not pleased.

The operatives are cynical about Gallo’s motives after viewing a last transmission where the CIA man disclaims any further mission duties. In the video a panicked Gallo disavows further CIA involvement on any terms. In Europe, the team descend on the operative Gallo in the CIA cover bar. He is unprepared to face the fact he is implicated in criminal activity himself.

Gallo thinks at first they are customers and is stunned to see they are CIA. He claims he can’t leave because he can’t go back to the normal life. He is too invested in the role. Dorsey says he understands better than anybody ( a nod to his failed marriage to Fay) but must come with them and abort the mission. Dorsey says he’s been scrubbed.

Gallo says he must show them something and goes to the back room. He fakes out Martinez and Dorsey and bails out, jumps on a moped to flee. Billy and Casey follow, with Billy giving Constantine Gallo a sporting chance. Casey asks if he is waiting for peace in the Middle East before catching up to Gallo.

The moped runs off the road in the chase and ends up in the drink. No buble shows on the surface and no body surfaces. Casey is irritated. Dorsey reviews the take on Voight from Gallo’s hard drive. That night the ODS drink a toast to a fallen comrade. Rick feels guilty and Casey tells him to channel it into an effective and useful rage against the criminals. Casey says Gallo took a long walk off a short pier.

Rick, the softie, empathizes with the revenge theory against Gallo’s real killer, the drug runner Voight. He gets the idea to get a sting on the German heroin smuggler anyway, a mastermind European super criminal named Gunther Voight. This man has been channeling Afghan drugs through the Taliban networks. Gallo said Voight was clever, had a sixth sense when it came to legal traps.

Martinez is led into organizing ten kilos of heroin to be sent from Langley. Rick is chagrined that the ODS crew let him slowly find his way to their idea of keeping the mission alive via another heroin source for Voight. The Duke can hand them Valhalla Enterprises to pose as a drug fence.

One sticky problem: how to get the heroin to the ODS. The men tap Rick to sweet talk Ferrar to get it. Adele Ferrar is reluctant but as Martinez points out, how much better this op will look for her to pull off while Higgins is off shooting with Donald Rumsfeld. The team prod Rick to leverage his dating connection with Deputy Director Ferrar to extend their mission. Martinez tells Adele the mission has shifted.

Ferrar is flummoxed to realize that Martinez has weighed her ambition correctly. Pulling off the arrest of Voight while Higgins is out would be a career coup. Martinez feels guilty for pulling heartstrings over the dead Gallo to get her to do it.

Blank is set up to smuggle the ten kilos to Germany. Adele Ferrar meets with hallway monitor Blank and says he is the perfect man for the job. Blank admits to Ferrar he knows he is expendable but relieved the smuggling with not involve internal orifices per his past experience and is clear of bodily searches. This is not an MVP task.

Thus, the drug brick is on the way. This is bait for Billy to pretend to be a drug smuggler distributor, the chief of Valhalla Records. Valhalla is another CIA cover op, kept alive for convenience.  Billy is now the organizer of a tour for an industrial folk-rock group. Billy poses at the bar which was Gallo’s CIA cover, and meets a stunning blonde. Dorsey sees her first and tells Billy not to lose his head. She tells Billy she is not the woman for him when Billy almost has a stroke upon seeing her. But he is interrupted while hitting on her when Voight’s people arrive.

Billy smoothly covers for his faux pas when told the blonde is “taken”: She is Voight’s girlfriend. But Dorsey panics because the handler wants to take Billy to meet Voight immediately. Rick must plant a microphone on on of the head goon’s jackets while Billy keeps them talking. Martinez must match the button and re-attach it much faster now.  Billy grasps at straws.

Dorsey alerts Billy the mike is planted and reminds him to dump the earwig on his way out. Dorsey snaps it up while Casey follows him out.

On the ride over, Billy makes small talk but the men don’t join in. They arrive with the girlfriend but first Billy must undergo a security protocol. This is a tense meeting. Billy cheerfully admits to be sellign drugs but gets a backhand. He gets roughed up and told not to deal in specifics when alluding to the drugs. Billy says they are a bit heavy handed with the message.

Billy finally gets brought into the room with Voight. Then he comes face to face with a (living) Gallo. Voight is a cool customer, taking Billy for a single malt Scotch man. Gallo fixes Billy a Scotch and  points out that Valhalla has a thready reputation. Billy punts and Billy points out they can distribute “music” product anywhere in Europe without unwanted political or law enforcement connections. Billy contains his shock at seeing Gallo alive.

Billy can’t break his cover or Gallo’s but Voight says he can be trusted. the ODS realizes that Gallo has become a trusted member of Voight’s staff. Voight wavers on whether to do a deal, saying Billy isn’t in town long enough to establish trust. Meanwhile Dorsey is informed by Ferrar that Blank is the patsy for the heroin

The ODS have shadowed Billy to the meet with Voight, but stop from bombing the study wall open to get him out, when they hear Gallo’s voice. Deputy Director Ferrar is not pleased at this revelation and questions Gallo’s sanity. She also tasks Rick with using their relationship to advance his own career. Billy cautions Martinez that Gallo is right, women and a picket fence aren’t for operatives. Billy advises Rick that using up his relationship currency with Ferrar for the mission isn;t worth it.

Behind the scenes, Dorsey, Billy and Casey draw out Gallo on why he faked his own death. They demand he come back with them. He says he is in love with Greta, Voight’s girlfriend and that she is pregnant with his baby. He can’t leave. They point out the faked death was unnecessary. Gallo says he thought they would simply return to the USA. Gallo says Voight is ungettable, but he can’t leave his girlfriend pregnant and in Voight’s hands. He says he knew the CIA handlers wouldn’t understand. Rick is quick to sympathize.

At the airport, Blank tries to ham-hand the heroin brick in an unmentionable place before boarding his flight. Out of sheer nervous ineptness, Blank overpacks his suitcase, acts weird, and attracts attention.  On arrival in Germany he foolishly mocks the Customs man’s accent and gets caught immediately with the ten kilos of premium grade heroin stuff. Dorsey is upset to hear of this, because Voight has taken the bait and wants the drug deal to go down.the ten kilos was the sample.

Dorsey had thought to wait for Voight’s interest in Valhalla to mature, but Greta says her pregnancy will soon show and she can’t get away from Voight alone. He must be behind bars. Billy and the group therefore decide to advance Voight’s timetable for a new source by requesting Adele to order a drone strike on  a Pakistani drug run.  Ferrar works the diplomatic channels to get both the operative Blank and the heroin brick clear for the deal.

Billy waits at the CIA cover establishment bar for instructions. Then the girlfriend, Greta, comes and tells them she knows they were involved because a shipment just got stopped incoming to Voight. The goon with the planted microphone comes in. Billy doesn’t have the heroin yet and must stall. Billy advises him they are now business partners and must have a drink. But the man then detects the button bug and moves to inform Voight, who will be spooked into backing off.

They hide the dead goon, who gets knocked flat. Casey says they have to hide him for six hours and hopes Voight will think he just vanished on a bender.

Ferrar tells a disappointed Dorsey that now German police must be involved in the bust because they want a piece of Voight. Gallo repeats that Voight is too smart to get caught with his pants down and it’s never happened yet. (Blank still is in Customs).

But then Voight himself comes to the bar, and the forceful henchman sweeps Billy off in a limousine and Billy can’t say no because this is the deal he has presumably been working for. Billy pretends to be pleased. But Voight outsmarts the ODS and spirits Greta and Billy to a third destination to wait for the successful outcome of the drug deal exchange.

At the checkpoint, Dorsey is constrained in action and limited by German police command, who apprehend the drug bust too soon and get only Voight’s face men with no connection to Voight himself. The ODS is stumped and the police angry with no trophy criminal for the trouble. Gallo had said that the man was too smart to be tricked into making a mistake.

At the safe house, Voight is informed of the bust and immediately suspects Billy while observing his goon is missing. Dorsey and Gallo pop in to save Billy and Greta, but Voight smirks nothing can be pinned on him. Then Voight is told Gallo is undercover CIA, has been privy to his details for two years, and that his girlfriend his having a baby that is not his, but Gallo’s. The ODS throw this in his face and then smugly run out of the building.

The mastermind is stunned. In a fury, a vengeful Voight grabs a gun off one of his dead operatives lying on the floor and pursues Gallo into the street. He aims to shoot the gun at Gallo just as police cars drive up and the headlights have him in view.  This is the gun going off on his clean rap sheet that even a smoothie like Voight can’t unring. German police arrest Voight and move him off.

Back at Langley, the Duke briefs the group on a new cover operation. The German beer hall made money under Gallo’s management, and the Duke wants to return some value to the American people. He shows them slides of an eastern school campus. Duke is upset the beer hall has to close. He runs the worldwide network of CIA cover businesses.

Gallo is fitted with a new cover as a dining hall manager at an exclusive prep school for rich kids. Billionaires from all over the world send their children to this elite place. His job is to report any intimate chatter about upstart regimes and banana republic revolutions he might hear in the mess hall. Duke points out tuition is free, and Gallo and Greta are gleeful their (and their child’s) future is taking shape.

Martinez and Ferrar walk the halls at CIA, newly leery of each other. They have an awkward moment, because she says that if he is really as ambitious as she is, they are too much alike to continue in a relationship. But Martinez counters that he has a good heart, proved by his sympathy with Gallo, which means they can’t really be all that alike and thus can keep dating.

Blank, still in custody, undergoes an armed cavity search at the airport and his fate is uncertain.

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