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Friday Night Lights- The March -recap

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Written by : published Saturday 2nd July 2011

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Tim Riggins returns to the fold but is surprised to see Becky working at the landing Strip. Cafferty may not actually know. Tim says there is good money in stripping, knowing she will e tempted to strip eventually. Billy and Mindy feel guilty as a depressed Tim acknowledges his cake and enjoys the “party”. Tim is very different than he was before.

An overjoyed Coach Taylor sees the team win area finals. He tells the team to cross another goal off the chalkboard to get to state football finals. Next day at the high school, Levi holds an early staff meeting and announced more budget cuts and staff cuts.

Riggins watches Becky with Cafferty, knowing he was the one she had an abortion by. At the bar, Buddy watches Tim work. The patrons watch football and Tim watches his chance for greatness from afar. Smash Williams is an Aggie and Buddy comments on Smash’s career. Tim is depressed to be an ex-con with no football future in a town where football is worshipped.

Billy Riggins gripes about the coaches worrying about budgets. Jesse stuns coach with an assessment of Preston High School video. She says she wants a transitions to be a coach. She asks to shadow him. Taylor is about to say no when Crowley says there will never be a girl football coach. Next day Jesse gives Crowley a newspaper with a woman college football on it.

After East Dillon wins quarterfinals, Levi tells Taylor at the Buddy’s celebration about the budget cuts being serious business. Taylor asks levi is he has his back. Eric looks up the woman coach online later and can’t find her because he remembers the name wrong. He sees how few women in ratio to men are coaches, about 14,000 to one. He asks Jesse does she like those odds. She does not like them. Eric says she is a pest but she can shadow him after all.

Taylor listens to Tami talk about getting a recruiting call from a private college where they want her to interview as an Assistant Dean. The school is close to being in a Ivy League school in Philadelphia. Meanwhile the players from East Dillon come to the Taylor’s front yard chanting “state”. Tami and Eric are touched to see the team happy and motivated.

Braemor wants Tami to come interview for Assistant Dean. She has to leave Eric without cooked meals and Tami says Gracie can cook. Eric blusters on the ride to the airport. Tami points out how many times she has driven him to the airport. Poor Eric tries to make nice and loses the argument. Tami wants to see the opportunity. Next day he gives Jesse a chance.

Vince comes home to more trouble. Vince’s father makes a ruckus about having a beer after a day working in a slaughterhouse. He is very hard to manage. But Vince’s mom is a recovering addict and can’t have it in the house. Vince smooths the waters.

Tami is interviewed at Braemor and is flattered to be asked. At the college the tightly wound Admissions Dean talks down to her and asks about the reasons she is not Assistant Principal anymore. (This is the abortion counseling scandal). Tami knows she has lost the job but puts on a brave face. Tami doesn’t want to depend on test scores mostly. She says better students are getting cut off from admission using that measurement.

But after the meetings, Tami is at dinner when the President of the college stops by the table for wine. Then they offer Tami herself the Dean’s chair. They think she knows how to get the good students. They give her a hire package with an offer to think about.

Tim Riggins comes home from work to find Luke Cafferty and Becky necking on the sofa. He says don’t stop on account of him but adds “use protection this time”. This is a reference to the abortion Becky had of Luke’s baby the year before. Cafferty is embarrassed and leaves.

Back in East Dillon, after the next game, Vince’s father is gone. Then he arrives later to stir up more trouble. Vince is alarmed how out of hand his father is getting.

At the high school, budget problems have the teachers worried. At the Landing Strip, Billy Riggins complains to Billy about his baby being bottle fed at the strip club and having Becky work for rent money. He says Becky may as well be stripping. Tim picks on one of Becky’s best customers. Tim starts a fight and then yells about how Becky is a high school junior and she is seventeen. The man laughs at Tim, who gets kicked out. Becky loses her job.

Tim and Billy get into a fight on the street. Tim is angry because Billy was supposed to fix his life and he figures out that even after doing a stint in prison for him ,Billy has a stripper wife and the kid in the back and Beck working at the same strip club when he was supposed to be looking after her. Billy asks how long he has to do penance for letting Tim take the fall for him. Tim says as long as he feels it need to be. Billy screams from the gutter how sorry he is.

Vince smiles to see Jesse talk her way into the coach’s room at the football field. Vince is doing good in school and on the team. But after the next winning game he is having dinner at the rib shack with his mother when his father shows up drunk with stolen merchandise as “gifts” for Vince and his mom. Vince prevents his father from attacking his mother but there is a violent scene and his mother is shaken. Vince picks up drugs off the ground and Vince realizes his father is on drugs and/or being a bagman.

Vince’s mother says that she won’t be missing any more of his games due to work. She says she is getting the nights off work. Later Mr. Howard come to the door drunk and high, breaking down the door. Regina has had the locks changed. Vince watches as his father splinters down the door. He screams threats, saying to Vince “I made you". Vince tells him to leave and Regina calls the police. He leaves but Vince’s mother is shaking.

Billy Riggins is freaking out about the budget cuts. Tim realizes Billy is worried about money and supporting the household. Tim refuses to be let off work to go to the big game. He is bitter about his lost chances. (Even Buddy Junior is on the field in uniform on crutches.) Tim is a harder, darker person now.

Then the team comes chanting on Billy’s lawn and eventually  Tim smiles. They call Billy the God of defense and do his African war chant. Tim recognises Bily has an intact life but he needs to go his own road. The semi-finals is against Preston. Taylor leads the team to a winning game.

But Becky and Tim talk outside the Riggins home late at night. In his truck Becky tries to talk Tim out of moving out. She notices he has changed. While they talk Cafferty drives by and sees them both in the truck together in the dark. He drives away. But Tim says she can do better than the strip club and he has to go.

Levi calls Taylor at the middle of the night. he says there will only be one high school football team in Dillon next year. West Dillon and East Dillon are going to share a team net year. Taylor wants to know which school coaching crew will get the job. Levi says this is next week’s fight.

The team then heads for state semifinals for football. Before the game, reporters ask Taylor about the budget cuts and he says he is taking his team to State and he can’t believe the school district would cut a winning State football team program.

Before the football team gets on the bus Becky tries to apologise to Cafferty, saying she knows what it looked like, who walks off. Vince is told by is mother she will be going to a recovery meeting instead of the game. Vince is crestfallen but realizes she need to go. At the Riggins house, Tim leaves although Mindy pleases with him not to because Billy is so racked with guilt.

At the semifinals game, Taylor calls critical plays and works in milliseconds with Vince managing the plays and the tenor of the game. With minutes left, Taylor and Vince unify into a machine that executes the right plays and wins the game.Vince utilizes Cafferty and calls a Power Glide at the last second, faking the ball and scoring with two seconds left. On the bus back, Taylor exultantly tells the players they are at their goal” State.

At the railer, Tim wrenches the door open and tunes the radio to get the game. He hears that the team is headed for State finals.Dejected, Tim cracks open a beer and looks around the trailer. It is like the prison in more ways than one.

One the way back from the winning game, Taylor directs the bus to the city rally the citizens have got going for the players. Vince, Buddy Jr. Cafferty, Tinker, all the players are thrilled to see the fans cheering for them and screaming about going to the state Finals. Vince looks around, scared there is nobody to greet him. Then he sees his mother and his little brother by the bleachers and he runs to them. Vince runs to embrace his mother, this is a victory for both of them.

Taylor is triumphant, but looks around, not seeing his wife.

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