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Law & Order Los Angeles- Appian Way- recap

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Written by : published Friday 1st July 2011

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Two porn actresses attend a birthday party, but their Asian friend Jackie has to leave early. The evening turns grim when two men break in and kill everyone. Winters and TJ arrive to survey the grisly scene. A pink sweatshirt is laid over the couch. But nobody else needed one, the home belongs to straight arrow suburbanites. Cocaine is found in a closet.

The victims were squares, the drug angle doesn't wash. TJ sees a picture in the apartment of the victim with another girl in the pink jacket. They track her trail to the dead roommate’s apartment which has also been tossed. They find a video DVD there from Velour Pictures with the missing girl on the cover. They suspect the girl is a fleeing witness.

Erin Grayden is her real name and she has been paying her parents’ mortgage. Her ATM card was used that morning on the way to Bakersfield. They to find Erin at her parents’ house. The parents think she is a successful jewelry designer. Winters and TJ fiind out Brennan, the owner of Velour Pictures, has been calling her. They get Erin to call Jackie from an easily recognizeable landline, and burglars attack that night speaking in Russian. Winters and TJ face them down.

Armenian Power is the gang the burglars are from and they get $1 million bail. Mike Sarkisian is the gang kingpin who wants  to deal with the bigwigs to get off scot free. The press follows the story. Erin is upset the murders almost included her. In protective custody, TJ and Erin get close. Erin designs jewelry. She says Jackie arranged their appearance at the party. Winters tracks Jackie, who left a video desperately asking if she was alive or not. Winters finds out Jackie as a record. Erin is an atttractive young woman who appeals to TJ.

Winters and TJ share a glance hearing that Jackie left the party early. Larry Hauser, Jackie’s older boyfriend, lives in Palm Springs. He last saw Jackie a few weeks before, and followed him running an errand on the GPS with his car. Winters and TJ find the GPS spot is a ritzy house in Palm Desert being repaired from a break-in. The Gold’s house is owned by Sarkisian and Winters realizes Jackie stole the cocaine from Sarkisian. Jackie was bailed out by Brennan, the owner of Velour Pictures.

 Brennan confesses to letting Jackie crash on one of the porn movie sets. They find Jackie there, dead. The bullets match the gun from the Gold house. The police arrest Mike Sarkisian. The D.A. Jerry (Peter Coyote) makes a big announcement that Armenian Power will go down for the Appian Way killings. Sarkisian says the gun was stolen. (Drugs were obviously stolen). But then the detectives suspect Brennan is the real culprit. Jerry insists they leverage Brennan to deliver a Sarkisian charge.

Morales (Albert Molina) is enraged Adam Brennan (Bob Saget) will get a deal. Dekker (Terrence Howard) bitterly offers the deal. Brennan wants full immunity for the 5 Appian Way murders and Jackie’s murder, and Four Seasons Hotel protective custody. Dekker plays ball. Winters (Skeet Ulrich) is uncomfortable that TJ is sweet on Erin. He cautions his partner he is getting in too deep and not to taint the case.

Erin relates she has a drug using ex-boyfriend. Winters and TJ visit his apartment and find HIV medicine. TJ realizes Erin has gotten AIDS but Joe didn’t tell her. Joe’s phone records show a call to Velour Pictures three days before she got fired. The police posit that Brennan arranged the murder hit at the party to avoid mandated drug testing and throw a red herring across the motive and obscure her death. Brennan did this because his company was in financial trouble and he couldn’t afford a HIV positive actress and a shutdown.

TJ presents that the fluids from her props enabled Brennan to test her for HIV without her consent. Tests confirm that Erin Grayden has HIV. The police realize that Brennan used Jackie to organize the drug theft and throw blame on the Appian Way people, and thus get Sarkisian’s thugs to kill everyone while Erin was there. It was supposed to be death as collateral damage for a burned drug deal. Brennan testifies and Sarkisian gets five counts of murder sentences.

Brennan is smug about the verdict but stunned to be arrested on twelve felony counts for letting an HIV actress perform sex for 72 hours on a film set. This is criminal transmission  of the HIV virus. His Appian Way immunity does not cover these charges. Morales sets forth the burden of proof after Erin testifies. She stands up to pressure of Brennan’s attorney inferring that as a drug user’s girlfriend and porn actress HIV was no less than her due and part of the job.

Brennan is charged and Erin’s parents announce they are taking her to Bakersfield for a while. TJ says an emotional goodbye to Erin, as Winters scowls at TJ.

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