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Written by : published Monday 7th February 2011

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This is my first review so please bear with me.

I'm going to set it up in segments.


The episode opens with a pair of dog walkers finding a body. the body is a Marine. Dinozzo and McGee are bickering. McGee has a mysterious package. it turns out to be a blow up doll. Ducky and Palmer examine the body of the marine. Abandoned food and blood stains are found in the house. The Marines wife and kid are missing.

(O.K. so everything in this first segment is typical NCIS stuff but it is acted so well by the whole cast.)


The Marines wife is also a Marine and her career is much better than his. Dinozzo and Ziva question a bar owner about the Marine.
They discover that the Marine has a girlfriend. McGee questions the girlfriend. Ducky informs Gibbs of the many injuries sustained by the Marine. The wife and son are found and she insists on seeing the husbands body. Gibbs obliges.

(David McCallum, Ducky, is the stand out performer in this segment in my opinion. He plays surprise and mild dismay so well.)


The wife, Gunnery SGT in the Marines, is questioned by Gibbs. Gibbs says she looks pretty steady considering the circumstances. She replies, "I'm a United States Marine Agent Gibbs, steady is how I'm built." McGee has ten thousand dollars in charges on his credit card. Abbey runs down her weapon impact test results. Gibbs suspects bruises seen in training footage of GSGT Wooten are caused by domestic abuse.

(I like how the wife is the stand-out Marine and the husband was average.)


Ziva tries to get the wife to open up about the abuse she has suffered. phone logs reveal that the wife knew the bar owner. The bar owner, Feeney, tells them that he did know about the abuse and that the girlfriend of the Marine was very confrontational. The girlfriend is shown to have a chequered criminal past. The marks on the back of the Marines neck are from a rare watch and the wife happens to posses one of them.

(A lot of blame is flying back and forth here.)


The wife finally breaks down and admits to abuse when Gibbs shows her photos of her injuries taken at hospitals around the area. "I am not a victim!" she says. "No you're not. You're a survivor." Gibbs says. McGee is worried about his identity theft situation. Dinozzo jokes that his identity was stolen by a 14 year old. The murder weapon is revealed to be a pool cue. Gibbs and Dinozzo confront Feeney the bar owner and he confesses to murdering the Marine when he sees the face of the wife. The person who stole McGee's identity turns out to be the young smart mouthed son of his landlady.

(This episode is powerful to me because it shows that even strong confident people can be overpowered and controlled by abusive spouses. )

That's it folks. what do you think?

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