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CHAOS- defending Sophia -Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 30th June 2011

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Rick Martinez is staging a war with the coffee machine. The ODS is made aware by Fay of a bombing of a foreign President elect on the eve of her election by opposing government forces. Fay speaks of how she has idealized “Sophia” after having met her at an Embassy reception years ago. The bombing was very public. The men are stunned but not sure what their mission is.

Higgins tells the ODS to go into the country to retrieve a device they planted on of the dead woman’s crew. The communications coordinator was working for the CIA and he died with an encrypted phone. They can’t have the CIA implicated. Their cover is that they are international representatives of democracy there to monitor the elections. Sophia Bukla of Zagravia is supposedly dead. but President Koslovich must hold free elections anyway.

Michael, Billy, Casey, and Rick travel to the country, where they are trained by a hung-ho new age liberal how to observe elections. They are issued a radio. The idealist says the polling place is a cathedral of liberty, a church of democracy.he wants to rock the vote. meanwhile Michael briefs the team on how they must get the personal effects of the dead people. Rick is upset that he not judged “smooth” enough to front the ODS move yet.

They make their way to where the corpses of the dead woman is being kept to get the cellphone. They get access to the bodies by pretending incriminating pictures of Billy are on the missing cellphone. The clerk wants $500 U.S. Supposedly Billy’s wife shouldn’t see the pictures. Billy is grumpy because he thinks he could have done better.

But as they try to rummage through the personal effects, a crew of toughs come through and remove a body. Casey (who is not supposed to be there) meets the eyes of the clerk before he is shot. The morgue gets creepy fast. Casey warns them and they hunker down. The innocent clerk is killed. Michael suspects that the woman killed wasn’t Sophia because the Koslovich toughs want to make sure as well.

In Langley, the team of Fay and Deputy Director Ferrar agree that the dead woman was a body double. Sophia was known to use decoys because the country was so dangerous. Higgins doesn’t buy it until a profiling expert foes the rundown on Sophia’s lipstick and handbag not matcive pause. hing the personal effects. Higgins sends a list of names of Sophia’s contacts to investigate.

Ladybug Red and Ruby Slipper are lipstick colors. The contact solutions is wrong and the gum is what Sophia never uses. Higgins snarls this is not enough to bring to the D. C. I. for action, and then she hands him a personal file on the big cheese with his personal feminine brand of deodorant ‘Lady Sport Stick”. She says he can twist the man’s arm with this information. A pleased Higgins takes the file.

In Zagrevia, Michael contacts a known associate of Sophia’s. Ketzmann is packing his car and his two children to flee. They admit to being CIA and insist she is alive. They say they can get her out of the country. Ketzmann takes a fatalistic view of what will happen to Sophia. Michael argues the man into telling them where Sophia is.

At the safe house, a rough group of men play dice and checkers with loaded weapons at the ready. Michael coaches the team while Casey brings each of them a bouquet of flowers to make the psychological impact go easier. the men rush the room and get shot at. then they yell they are there to help Sophia escape. Then Sophia’s voice calls them out.

Michael estimates that in one hour the opposition will detect the ruse of the double. Michael says that the Embassy is a tough travel because the place is on lockdown. Higgins say even dead Sophia will win the election in a landslide.But Sophia says that the CIA is a fair weathered friend. Casey pretends he is jealous of the backwater country and its human rights abuses, and Sophia calls Casey on his cultural arrogance and corporate imperialism. Michael points out the opposition have tanks and people will die unless she gets away.

But on the way to the Embassy they see too many troops and a tank. All cellphone contact is broken. Michael calls the election supervisor who is annoyed the entire team is missing. Then Sophia says that she must vote in the election in her home district or she can’t be elected president. Sophia tells her loyal gang that she is going with the ODS because their incompetence will get them killed unless she goes with them.

Michael tells Warren they will stop by and finish up the polling van. Warren tells the to get there butts in gear and that the whole world is watching what they do there today. Michael gets an idea to take a video of Sophia and stream it worldwide. Michael tells Higgins all eyes will be directed to Rachovia. Michael says it will be harder for the government to kill Sophia or deny her winning the election if she is shown to b alive. Michael takes a Youtube and broadcast it via his phone to Higgins who streams it live.

Her zeal is touching but Michael realizes that now the opposition knows where to hurt them. The encrypted phone then dies out. Higgins wants the team to head with Sophia to the border. Sophia chats about history and Boston. She went to the Kennedy School. But then they have to get her to the polling station. They find one but opposition tough guys are their. Posing as monitoring official also, they chase Rick and Billy. Then Billy grabs a fire extinguisher and knocks them senseless.

Running from the city they cast about for ideas. They find Warren. He is angry with the ODS team for shirking their voting responsibilities but then is dumfounded to see Sophia alive. Warren says that the ODS can;t have contact with the candidate. They then reveal they are CIA. Ferra calls Dorsey with his extraction instructions. Higgins s enraged at the detour. They have to stay on the move.

They get followed by opposition tough guys and then have to go on the run in an elections van. Sophia insist she votes according to the constitution or she can’t be president. Michael doesn’t want to do it but then Higgins concurs. Then Sophia grabs the cellphone and sweet talks Higgins. At a roadside patrol, they hide Sophia inside a ski cap but a little girl sees her. Sophia shakes her head but the girl in a car sees her and yells her name.

The men with machine guns start chasing them but they escape in the polling van. Warren is aghast when the ODS pushes the safe with the polling ballots out into the road to stop the pursuing henchmen. Eventually they get Sophia to the outskirts of her district and Warren oversees her legal vote. The ODS enjoy being the good guys and tell Warren he has the right stuff. he turns down a shot at the ODS to pursue world freedom and democracy.

Back in Langley, Fay watches as Sophia becomes President of Zagravia.

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