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Sirens. Any Good?

Sirens (2011) poster

Written by : published Monday 27th June 2011

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Watch Sirens Here.


Sirens on Channel 4. Well fingers crossed I like this, I wasn’t what you would call a fan of their other creation Friday Night Dinner. The garbage with the loser from the Inbetweeners in. Remember it? Well I doubt it. It wasn’t a ground-breaking programme. Stale comedy, as I like to call it. Thankfully Channel 4 doesn’t use canned laughter in their comedies unlike the BBC with their drivel such as the Life Of Riley etc.

Well think of Sirens as a sort of twisted comedy Northern version of Casualty.  It’s basically a show about 3 paramedics from Leeds looking at what happens in their lives, both personally and professionally. The name of the first episode “Up, horny, down” relates to what the crew feels after dealing with a road collision. But to say it’s a comedy it didn’t grab me in the first 10 minutes … Or 20 minutes … Or 30 minutes. Ok I’ll admit it I didn’t find it funny at all.  

They haven’t really trawled through the award winning actors or comedians in this. The acting’s what you could call wooly … or shit if you’re more to the point, which I am. So there it’s shit. Or is it? Confused? So am I. I didn’t like it but I think lots of people will. It’s a more relaxed look at paramedics; it’s more about them than their job, which is a refreshing change. It’s like other channel 4 programmes in the feel of it; it’s similar to The IT Crowd, young, fresh and funky.

I don’t think I will watch it again unless there is nothing else on, but I think it will do well as one of those sky+ it programmes, just to watch when you have a spare hour.

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Watch Sirens Here.

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