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Top Gear. The Boys are back.

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Written by : published Sunday 26th June 2011

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Watch Top Gear online here.


Anyone who knows me will understand how much I love Top Gear. I myself am a massive fan of anything to do with cars, and anything Clarkson. He is a sort of idol of mine. I love his outspoken way of doing things and I own every book and DVD he’s every sold. (I promise I’m not obsessed … I swear.) But Clarkson isn’t the only one in the show there’s also Hammond and May. I also own all their books and DVD’s as well. But putting my obsessive collecting aside who else would you want to spend an hour of your Sunday with? 


The show is in its 16th series, and it kicked off in style with a homage to the Jaguar E-Type, which celebrated its 50th birthday earlier on in the year. This was both very grand and very Clarkson. Loud, brash and dramatic. I really enjoyed it. Spitfires, white cliffs, brass bands and hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of E type jags in the shape of an E. Now that’s entertainment!


Top gear is by far away one of the BBC’s biggest exports, being viewed in over 90 countries with an estimated 350 million viewers. That’s a heck of a lot for what Clarkson calls “Just a pokey motoring show.” Mega stars now become the stars in the reasonably priced car. Cameron Diaz, Alice Cooper to name just a few. This popularity means that the BBC has been able to sell the format to many Countries, so now there is Top Gear America, Germany etc. But there will be only 1 true Top Gear … the UK one.


I cannot put into words how much I enjoy the show. I know most of it’s scripted banter but I don’t care. It’s entertainment on a massive scale. Forget anything Simon Cowell can churn out, I don’t care who has the X Talent Factor. Clarkson, May and Hammond are just 3 blokes expressing views and generally being a bit cheeky while doing things their mother would inevitably disapprove of.


Long may it continue to be controversial quality British entertainment. My only niggle is the series have got a lot shorter. Instead of the usual 8 there is now just 6. I understand that the budget is obviously tight but the BBC needs to realize that they have a world leading show on their hands and release more money. A 6 week fix is just not enough.


Watch Top Gear Online here.

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