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Friday Night Lights- Don't Go -recap

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Written by : published Sunday 26th June 2011

Taylor starts to consider the Shane State offer in Florida. Taylor pays a visit and hears he would have control a Division 1 program and control everything including recruiting scheduling personnel. They value Coach Taylor and his story. They have a house and a pool which Tami admires. Taylor realizes both he and Tami want the Florida offer. The radio and newspapers talk about the job offer they know nothing about.

Buddy shows Principal Levi the crate of oranges Florida sent Taylor. 


He works to get the athletic banquet about Taylor. He tells the players to make speeches. Buddy is worried about Taylor bugging out of Dillon. Tami can’t find out any news about Epic.The Northfield game is coming up. This is the next step toward the playoffs.

In the middle of a pickup game of basketball Vince and his father get a call from Oklahoma tech, they went with another player. Mr. Howard freaks out and Vince realize things have gotten out of control. Mr. Taylor breaks his phone in anger. Vince senses things have got out of hand.

Buddy ribs Taylor about the crate of oranges. Buddy says the cast and surgery for buddy Junior is a bummer since he can never play for Taylor because he’s moving off to greener pastures. Billy Riggins interrupts this to tell Taylor about the parole hearing. Buddy says he will go because Lila dated Riggins and he knows what loyalty means.

Tim Riggins is having a bail hearing and his brother is nervous. 


Good behavior has made Tim early eligibility for parole. The coordinator wants Billy to make a speech and more character witnesses. Later Vince comes in and speaks to Taylor about the whole egotistical brouhaha. Taylor knows Oklahoma went with someone else. Taylor says Vince has to start again, they do not play to get him offers. Vince says he will earn it back and take the team to State.

Luke has a meeting with Tami about what to do for college without depending on football. Cafferty was depending on football to take care of everything. Luke shows Tinker and Becky how to show a pig off at the state fair. On the farm, Luke and Becky play football. Luke confesses he thought football was going to be his meal ticket off the farm. But he asks Becky if she could ever see a life on a farm and she says yes.

Billy is worried sick about giving the speech for Tim’s parole. At the preparation hearings Tim says he doesn’t want Billy to speak because in the past things go wrong when Billy acts. Tim is very much sapped of his original sparkle and looks sort of done for. Taylor says that he has seen more of Tim’s growth and potential than most people.

Coach Taylor and Billy speak and then Buddy Garrity says he wants to speak. 


One of the panelists for the parole panel bought a car from buddy a few years ago. Buddy considers Riggins like family and then guarantees Riggins will have a fulltime job and promises Riggins will never make a mistake this serious again.

Tim Riggins speaks to Coach Taylor and asks about the letters he sent which Coach received. Taylor apologizes for not coming to visit. Tim is hauled away in handcuffs.

The team openly discusses Taylor leaving for Florida. Tinker yells at Coach Taylor in front of all the players and Jess. Taylor says he plans to go home. The pressure is building on Taylor to let the East Dillon students know his plans. They all wait to know if Riggins gets out on parole.

At home, Vince talks to his father about re-involving Taylor in the football recruiting drive. 


Mr. Howard says Taylor is on his way and he knows he has an offer from Shane State. Vince tries to stand up for himself.

Vince’s father violently resists the idea of letting Taylor have the ball again.


But Vince shows up at the diner and finds two more scouts being fast talked by Mr. Howard. Vince runs out when his father tries to intimidate him into another unauthorized scout meeting.

Vince’s mother intervenes at home when Mr. Howard starts saying he wants to play TMU against another college. Vince is worried about getting his spot back on the team and not sit on the bench. Later Mr. Howard pursues a deal with Alabama. Vince says that Luke asked Taylor was she going to leave and he said no.

At the school. Tami gives updates about the homework club. Tami’s POV is not the small town teacher view. 


The principal gives Tami a spot at a local progressive teacher’s conference. He says she has to take a personal day to do it.

But at the conference Tami sees an old friend froma Pennsylvania college there and on a panel she speaks up for the needs of students over test scores, which many other teachers applaud. Tami states a responsibility to address the students needs.

Mr. Howard begins to spin new deals for Vince’s football career. Vince’s mother jumps up and makes sure he stops the aggressive coaching. She says that Mr. Howard’s been smothering Vince and he needs a father not an agent.

Billy Riggins is a mess worried about Tim. Mindy and Billy get into a fight on the way to the athletic banquet. 


Becky watches them patch it up. Riggins doesn’t know what will happen with Tim. Buddy gives Graciebelle a t-shirt with the East Dillon football motto on it. Tinker’s pig got second place.

Luke and Becky get closer, become a couple. 


After mentioning the other teams the football team gets the Lions share of the glory. 


Buddy and the players speak and give Taylor a warm fuzzy feeling. Even Vince says Coach Taylor is the best. 


Tami says at home that while the players meant what they said the intended effect was achieved.

Riggins is released and stumbles around the house, dismayed by the screaming baby, Billy’s new sense of self, the changed dynamics and the difference in Becky. (When Tim went into prison Becky was hooked on him). Riggins heads off the for the game, and Becky also leaves. They leave for the game, leaving Tim drinking with the probation officer alone at the house.

Tami and Eric discuss the offer, ignoring the awesome emotional ties to Dillon. 


Taylor confesses to his wife he wants the East Dillon kids to go to State more than anything even fresh squeezes orange juice by the pool.

On his way out the door to the Northfied game, Eric sees Vince show up on Taylor’s front porch. 


He is wearing the game clothes. Vince begs Taylor to stay and get the team working for another year, his senior year. Vince says he might be in jail without Taylor's influence.


Irritated, Taylor orders Vince into the car. Did he mention Vince was starting?

A reporter asks Taylor at the game what his plans are and he boldly announces that he will be staying in East Dillon for good, because of the character of his players, to which cheers are heard. Tami laughs it off, she knew all along.

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