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Supernatural - Mommy Dearest - Recap

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Written by : published Friday 24th June 2011

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The biblical Eve comes back. A girl in a nightgown wanders up to some men in a bar and spreads a deadly contagion. This is Eve, the “mother of them all”. Everyone she touches goes crazy or turns weird.

The warnings about Eve continue. Dean loads ashes into rifle shells. Dean is very upset the phoenix ash doesn’t harm him. How deadly can it be? They summon Castiel who says Eve is hidden from all angels.

Sam says they need claws and sympathy. They summon a woman from their past, a friendly beast.  Lenore, the fallen one,  says Eve is in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. But she says she is feeding on humans now. Eve’s voice taunts her to evil. Lenore says she drank from a sixteen year old girl.   Castiel kills her, telling a shocked Dean and Sam they needed to move things along.

Castiel morphs them to Grant’s Pass, a suburban paradise, Dean is counting on Castiel’s smiting might, but in the diner he finds his powers blocked and strangely nullified. Sam observes Dean hurts Castiel’s feeling comparing him to a meat puppet without his angelic powers. “A baby in a trenchcoat”.

Bobby sees online the town doctor reported a case to the CDC the night before. They find zombie clones sick and dead in the doctor’s house. Castiel says he has no experience with firearms and Dean again compares him to a baby. The clones are different people, dead all over,  turned into the first zombie. They find one dying, who says they met a girl at the bar.

Bobby and Sam notice the clones are more sick than scary. Bobby says that the shifters aren’t normal. The local sherriff finds them at the house. They act like FBI agents and Bobby talks them out of it.

The men go to the bar and find dead bodies everywhere. Bobby can’t believe the sherriff missed the pileup. Dean and Bobby are shocked to find the wraith vampires they see are like nothing ever seen before, with spikes and fangs. Dean names the new hybrid “Jefferson Starships”. They are horrible and hard to kill.

But the sherriff shows up and arrests all of them, but Dean hides out. When they get to the police station, Sam sees in the mirror the reflection of the cops are that they are zombies. He blurts out “Jefferson Starships” and they all go kamikaze on them. Even Castiel gets a little knife work in. Dean jumps in and fights too.

They kill every one except the sherriff who they question. The doctor’s kids are locked in the jail as food for the “starships”. They tell Dean the zombie cops didn’t believe them.  Sam and Dean drive the kids to relatives. The younger one doesn’t talk since the attack. Hearing the boys talk reminds Sam and Dean of themselves. Castiel probes Dean’s wisdom on this when millions of lives are at stake. Castiel and Bobby discuss the Winchester’s trip critically.

At the station, Bobby can’t get any information on Eve. But the zombie sherriff calls them stupid cattle. An angry Castiel asks Bobby for five minutes alone with the zombie and gets the address where Eve is at. Dean and Sam meet them at the diner, where Castiel’s powers first vanished.

Dean and Sam tell Bobby and Castiel to wait outside. Inside the diner, every other being is a “Starship”. The waitress herself is Eve. She takes their guns and tells them it is Crawley she wants. They are stunned to learn he is alive. She says it is Crawley she wants, and the transformative zombies are a test group of the army she’ll make to get him. She liked the natural order. The kidnappings of Crawley to find purgatory have angered her.

Eve turns into the Winchester’s mother. She says Crawley is torturing her offspring to find purgatory. Eve says the souls of purgatory are fuel. She is building the perfect beast. But the she says they were the final test, little Ryan from the jail was a killer beast, flashback scenes show the one child dead and the smaller one from the jail killing the uncle. Getting the beast past the hunters like the Winchesters was the final test. She says she'll spare them and Castiel and Bobby if they bring Crawley to her. She is older than Castiel that's why his angel magic doesn't work.

Dean turns down the deal, and Eve moves in to chomp on Dean’s neck. She gasps, because Dean has been drinking whiskey mixed with the phoenix ash, which kills her. With Eve dead, Castiel steps in and in a blinding flash. They take down the zombies, Castiel heals Dean’s neck.  When they leave Castiel surveys the damage. Crawley appears, saying he is always cleaning up Castiel’s messes. They then find that the little boy and his uncle were killed by Crawley's demons, in order to prevent the spread of the master beast.

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