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Supernatural - Frontierland - Recap

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Written by : published Friday 24th June 2011

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Sam and Dean find out that only the Phoenix ash can kill Eve, the mother of all mankind even the angels can’t fight. They find the hidden library with Sam Colt’s journal. Colt built a huge encircling Devil’s Pentacle in Sunrise, Wyoming in the 1800‘s. The journal from the Campbell library tells of how the Colt gun kills the Phoenix.

Dean says they will “StarTrek V this bitch". Castiel sends them back through time.

Castiel has a woman angel, Rachel,  as an assistant who appears to answer Dean’s call. She delays their issue. She tells them they only call Castiel when they need something and that he is busy fighting a holy war. But Castiel pops in before Dean can go a few rounds. Castiel says he can send them back in time to get the Phoenix ashes mentioned in the Colt journal.

The boys must dress in costume for history. Dean goes shopping for duds. Bobby and Sam are chagrined because Dean has a Clint Eastwood fetish and comes out wearing a serape. Castiel says they have limited time because he has to be able to get them back. Bobby sets the timer and the boys go back in time.

Sam and Dean walk into town during a hanging during which the guilty man says they will all burn. Finch is hung dead. They check out the town which is not as picturesque as Dean hoped.


Dean introduces them as Clint Eastwood and Sam as Marshal Texas ranger. The men smirk at Dean's serape and their clean clothes. Sam drinks sarsaparilla juice at the saloon, where the judge hires a prostitute. The judge is found dead when they hear a scream. The saloon girl saw the dead man and the next day the sherriff is found burned to ashes by the “dead” man that was hanged.

Dean now gets to be Sherriff. Sam has to ride to find Colt and get the gun.

But in present time, the angel assistant summons Castiel to the boys’ home to face a confrontation about rumors. She has found out what he is doing. They battle and Castiel kills her in a blinding flash of light. But he is wounded by her dagger and stumbles to the floor where Bobby find him. Castiel draws  a warding off spell on the refrigerator in his own blood and passes out.

In the old West, two demons draw on Colt, who says he is old and retired and barely kills them. He buries the bodies and sits drinking. Sam finds him and spots the signs of demon killing. Colt splashes Sam with holy water. Sam shows Colt his smartphone to prove he is from the future. Colt denies he will still kill the demon and a frustrated Sam demands the gun to do it. Colt says not to believe everything he reads.

Bobby watches Castiel wake up and is shocked to hear about the betrayal by the angel on Castiel. But Castiel (Misha Collins) isn’t healed enough to work the spell to get the boys back from the past.A panicked Bobby volunteers to let Castiel use his soul to power his healing. Bobby undergoes a “souloscopy”. Castiel is healed slowly.

In the Western town, Dean dresses more appropriately and finds the walking dead demon still hunting the sherriff’s deputy. Dean traps him by using the deputy as bait and using iron nails and bars to trap him. The demon acknowledges what he is but says the deputy accosted his human wife and the sherriff and the judge were in on it.  Dean lets the phoenix shot the man. But Dean doesn’t have the Colt and runs when the phoenix demon starts running for him.

Sam and Dean meet hiding behind some buildings and Sam gives Dean the Colt gun. Dean walks out in the town to draw on the phoenix, who meets him. But he isn’t expecting the trick Colt gun and burns to ash. At this moment, Castiel powers them back into the modern-day house, but without the ashes.

Sam and Dean and Bobby are stunned until a delivery package arrives. The delivery man says it has been scheduled for delivery on exactly this day. A letter is enclosed from the past, Sam Colt has found Sam’s address on his phone and mailed them a bottle of phoenix ash.

They now have the ash to kill Eve.

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