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Supernatural - The Man Who Would be King - Recap

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Written by : published Friday 24th June 2011

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Castiel lies to Dean about not being in league with Satan, Junior, and Crawley says the Winchesters are the hound that mangled the pheasant. They needed Eve to get to purgatory. Crawleys screams that he happens to have it on good authrity that Castiel's two little pets are hunting him down. Castiel remembers getting inspired by the Winchesters to vanquish Michael and being saved. They stopped Armageddon. Crawley says he is the only one who doesn't underestimate the Winchesters, whom Crawley calls those "denim wrapped nightmares".

Castiel, the angel in the trenchcoat,  begins the episode by looking back on the formation of man as a sludgy fish and the Tower of Babel, and the  day of David and Goliath, Sodom and Gomorroah. The end times Raphael is bringing are making him look back. It is only a short time since Sam was inhabited by the hellspawn and they felled the angels into Hell and averted the apocalypse.

The vamp-killing demon confesses after a twisted holy knife that the dispatcher (the counterpart to Bobby Singer) Crawley is still alive. Castiel invisibly sees all of this and groan because he has to go kill the dispatcher and clean up the scene so that Dean and Sam cant get close to Crawley. Cass pretends he burned the bones of Crawley and thus ended the son of Satan. Sam and Dean and Bobby discuss Castiel in terms of Superman and needing kryptonite to better him.

Castiel cleans up the dispatcher crime scene. Dean and Sam and the crew think that the crime scene is a little too clean. They call Cass for help. Dean still denies that Cass is involved with Crawley. Castiel is there overlooking them but can’t answer their questions and does not appear. Later Castiel betrays himself by mentioning Superman and the kryptonite, which Dean and Sam had talked about when probing Castiel’s guilt.

Lucifer and Michael have been ousted from Heaven by the Winchester who brought don the Apocalypse. Castiel brought down the Archangeles and he tells the other angles they can make their own choices and choose their own fates. They ask what God wants and Castiel says that God wants them to have freedom. But Castiel has made a deal with Crawley for the souls in Purgatory.

Castiel says freedom is a length of rope one will have to hang themselves with it. Castiel meets Raphael in Ken Lay’s heaven. Raphael demands Lucifer and Michael be freed from their cages. Raphael wants an apocalypse from the ensuing chaos. Raphael beats up Castiel and says whomever will not bow to him will be killed. This is the motivation for angel Castiel to work with Crawley to defeat Raphael.

Castiel chafes at Raphael closing God’s heaven to the humankind fated to live in Hell’s cage. But when Castiel recalls  how he almost co-opted Dean into joining his fight against Raphael. Then Crawley appeared and showed him  the newer improved Hell. Crawley says Hell was too enjoyable for the typical sadomachochistic criminal. Hades now has a numbered line in the millions where Crawley just chafes people by making them wait for millennia and then puts them back in line.

Crawley has found a way for Castiel to get the power he needs. They can jointly use monsters and divine gifts to locate the hidden trove of souls in Purgatory. Castiel sees how the power of the souls in Purgatory can strengthen him enough to defeat Raphael.

Castiel says he can’t beat Raphael and thus must submit or die. Crawley says “What are you French?” Lucifer was a petulant child with daddy issues. Crawleys (like Dean) that Castiel was brought back to be the new sherriff upstairs. Crawley suggest that Purgatory can power both Castiel’s fight for heavely power and Crawley gets half. But nobody ever has found Purgatory. Castiel insists Dean is retired. They walk through the dingy office corrridors of Hell.

Crawley says that Castiel is in a good position to swing heaven’s angels against Raphael. He just needs power.  The souls in Purgatory are the nuclear power they need. Crawley says he knows sources who can find Purgatory. Crawley says wouldn’t he rather have Crawley in charge “downstairs"? Crawley suggest that the Devil he knows is better and Crawley needs the deal to make his own future. Crawley says God chose to save Castiel. Why not build from there? Crawley says he will float Castiel 50,000 souls.

Castiel then uses the power of Crawley’s 50,000 souls to flash a warning on bow-down day in heaven to Raphael that the angels have to choose between Raphael and Castiel. But Dean is so shocked that Castiel is in league with Crawley he doesn’t realize Raphael wants to launch the Apocalypse all over again. Even Balthazar suggest the power of the souls is more substantive than Dean realizes.

But Castiel has to now deal with the fact he has betrayed Dean.

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