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EastEnders Monday 20th June 2011

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Written by : published Wednesday 22nd June 2011

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Its father’s day in Walford and the majority of the square are celebrating with their children. For a change we see Ian Beale playing tennis against the wall with son Bobby, with the help of Alfie Moon and baby Tommy umpiring.
Ian shows his competitive side by not letting Bobby win so easily. However Bobby has Alfie fighting his corner when he claims that one of the shots was in instead of out, causing Ian to spit his dummy out. 
Julie Perkins soon spoils the game by delivering a message from irritated Phil Mitchell complaining of the annoying noise. After which, Ian leaves the game making Bobby the winner, again with Alfie on his side, causing Ian to storm into Phil’s house to express his upset.

As much as I like Phil Mitchell he’s in a foul mood tonight, he seems to be biting everyone’s head off including Julie’s blaming her for Ian’s antics, with Billy Mitchell defending his girlfriend. I’m glad that Billy finally stands up to Phil, asking for respect. Phil tells Billy if he doesn’t like what he says then he should move out, resulting in Billy making the brass decision to move out. Mind you Billy and Julie seem to be struggling for money as Billy finds the last bit of change to pay for a room at Kim Fox’s Bed and Breakfast.

Elsewhere in the square, there is awkward tension between Tanya Jessop and Max Branning after they had a bit of a snog in the last episode. Tanya’s husband Greg organises a BBQ to celebrate Father’s day inviting Max, Lauren, Abbey and Oscar, fun times for Tanya indeed!
Things are made a little more awkward with Greg talking about the possibility of him and Tanya having a baby. Max is up to his little games making Greg talk more about his baby plans for him and Tanya, making Tanya feel understandably awkward.

It’s rather obvious that Max and Tanya just want to get back together again, more Max than Tanya. I think that Max needs to make his mind up about how he feels, one minute he loves Tanya, then he thinks he loves Stacey Branning, confessing to her when she left at Christmas, then there is Vanessa Gold but then back to Tanya... cannot keep up with the guy!

There are more problems for the Masoods when Afia asks Tamwar to ban his father from the wedding. She expresses her feelings after a conversation with her father Yusef, who persuades her to reveal her true feelings about Masood, the fact that she is scared of him. This leads to Tamwar to make a difficult decision.

Michael Moon is playing his games again, this time with his dad Eddie Moon. Now Michael is strange at the best of times but when he plays his games you never know if he is been serious. Eddie turns up at Roxy’s flat with some tickets for a boxing match, Michael and Roxy give the silent treatment and Eddie leaves. Michael later goes up to Greg and Tanya’s BBQ to lead him astray by telling a couple of jokes about him and Eddie from his childhood.
It all turns sour though later as Michael soon changes his tune about his dad and put the tickets in Eddie’s shirt pocket.

Sayed Masood and Christian have received a personal invitation to the wedding from Yusef. However, it is explained that the invitation is with conditions that the couple don’t flaunt their relationship, leading to Sayed refusing as it goes against whom he is.

Tamwar visits his dad to deliver his handmade card along with his bad news. Masood is excited to see his son on Father’s day; however Tamwar comes straight out with the news that Masood cannot attend the wedding. He pretends he didn’t hear his son’s news and carries on fussing over their tea, but Tamwar repeats his bad news. Masood blames all of this decision on Yusef, but Tamwar is adamant that it is his.
Tamwar gives the card to Masood and leaves. Yusef walks into the bed and breakfast, gives Masood one of those smug looks he likes to do and then walks up the stairs whilst Masood shouts at him.


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