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The Silly Season

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Written by : published Thursday 3rd February 2011

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Wendy Scott-Carr, Peter Florrick's opponent for District Attorney, brings a hate crime flyer to Childs. He denies having anything to do with it but he says she can do things he can't. Childs agrees that they both want a two man race, and she says Florrick is desperate for campaign money. Scott-Carr then goes to Alicia's office and offers another flyer, this of one of Zack having an abortion appointment with the redhead who schemes after him.


Wendy plays the race card heavily and Alicia tells her next time to make an appointment. Scott Carr says Obama called these kind of tacticw the silly season and comes down hard on Alicia's instinct as a mother. Alicia goes to campaign HQ and locks Eli out of the copy room to see if the paper matches. She then informs him what is going on. Eli finds out Peter's finance friends are stirring the race to hedge their bets.


Alicia is defending an inmate accused of stabbing a man to death with two weeks until his parole. The defendant is tied to Bishop, the powerful drug lord who might let Lockhart Gardner have his legal business. Kalinda and Blake continue not to get alone, while Will and Christine pretend to still be at each others' throats. Alicia gets blindsided by one of Cary's tactics because the flyer disturbs her.


Blake digs dirt on the defendant, which turns the tables on Cary in court. But Childs is pushing for results while cutting the budget. Cary catches Blake following him and stands up to him. Childs is told by Cary he sees two detectives from Lockhart Gardner on a pro bono case and wonders why. Cary admits Diane offered him a job and he has student loans. Childs says his team needs more background on Kalinda and he needs to see more juice on the Lockhart Gardner cases. Bond entertains Bishop in the partner suites while Will and Diane fake a fight.


Alicia and Peter talk to Zach but he denies the abortion. Peter also wants back in the bedroom with Alicia. Cary warns Kalinda she is being investigated, while Blake confronts her with her real name and fake death in Canada. Meanwhile the dirty pool between the partners makes it hard to see the good guys. Cary sees how the Childs office plans to use Bishop and turns him himself to win the case.His superior at the D.A.'s office is furious because they planned to get to Bishop using Childs.


At the end of the episode, Peter Florrick pours his wife a glass of wine as she goes into the bedroom, leaving the door open.

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