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Friday Night Lights - Gut Check - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 19th June 2011

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Jess picks up after the latest (unseen) game where the East Dillon Lion have lost. Coach Taylor interrupts the team arguing and kicks them out of the field house. The undefeated season is lost and the Dillon radio show blathers endlessly about Taylor’ lack of control over th team.

Epic shows up in Tami’s office saying she can’t master Texas history. Tami sorts through the lies and fears and says she will help Epic study.

Becky hangs around with Luke Cafferty and they talk about the last game. She can’t go out with him because his parents are going. Becky hangs out at the strip club. Mindy Riggins is ill and Becky says she can wait the tables. Mindy resists but the owner and manager are off that night. Becky does all the charge cards but secretly pockets cash in the dressing room. Becky tease tips out of customers who want to see her strip.

Julie Taylor hangs out with Matt Saracen but then overstays the weeknd. Matt is delighted for her to stay longer and they end up in bed. jUlie implies that Matt is the thing that makes her life work. The morning after Julie blurts out about the married guy. Matt plays it off but realizes Julie is hiding from her problems. Julie hangs around doing nothing and Saracen doesn’t like it. Julie says she doesn’t belong in college.

Taylor is fed up with Vince. The older coach spells it out in a football coaches meeting: Vince has lost the team. Taylor tells Vince to give the yellow QB jersey to Cafferty. Taylor tells Vince not to talk back to him on the field. Cafferty practices the wildcard option as a stunned Vince looks on.

Vince calls his father on the bad decision to go to OT. Vince’s father say Taylor is pulling a power move giving Luke the offense. Counting on Oklahoma Tech, Vince’s father says Taylor wants to win more than anything, like any coach, and will put him in the game.

Taylor asks Vince to sit up with Cafferty coaching him on the wildcard plays. Vince says he doesn’t want to in a roundabout way, and says OK.

Vince whines to Jess about coaching Luke. Jess says she is tired of hearing Vince complain. Vince says Jess is talking to coach behind his back. Jess reminds him of the TV interview where he only talked about himself. Jess points to Vince’s father’s influence. Vince and Jess break up. But then Vince does not show up and Jess shows up to coach him on the plays.

Tami has Epic over to dinner, and Epic takes to Grace and help her draw. Tami sees an entirely different side of Epic.

Becky gives Luke an expensive shirt to wear to dinner and Luke says he is too scared to all his mother on her objection to Becky and the abortion in the past. At the Riggins home, Mindy talks Becky out of working at the strip club. Mindy shows Becky the pregnancy test that is positive.

Taylor walks up to Vince at school and tells him he is benched for the game Friday because he didn’t show up for Cafferty. Vince says he hates a snitch and Taylor says there he goes opening up that mouth again. Vince keeps going until Coach Taylor threatens a two week bench(which would be for the playoffs).

Epic gets accused stealing $20 from the detention teacher she says hates her. The teacher comes to Tami and insist she search Epic’s purse. When Epic defends herself Tami jumps into the fray and Epic knocks her a sharp blow. Tami gets dizzy. Principal Burnwell gets involved. A dazed Tami can’t stop the other teacher from calling the police and Epic is taken away.

Vince talks to his mother about getting benched from the game. His mother instantly says that his father says everything would work out. She points out that he gets excited and “doesn’t know what to do with himself”. But she tells Vince to think about what the coach is saying and maybe not take his fathers advice all the time.

In the locker room Taylor finds Jess crying, thinking everybody is gone. She says that she and Vince broke up. Taylor says for her to take all the time she need, he has two daughters, and goes out to the practice. When Hastings questions why Vince still is benched form practice he says rules must e followed and the Cafferty QB-centered practice continues.

Saracen listens to Julie chat about hanging around Chicago. Saracen asks if her parents know where she is. He says he doesn’t want to be her safety net. He punctures her bubble about pretending her problems don’t exist. He packs her up to go back to her life in Burlson. As she drives off he call out to her and then kisses her and says everything will be all right and lets her go.

Billy Riggins is thrilled about baby number two. He says that the Rigglet Number Two is on the way.

Taylor meets again with the Shane State people and says it might be nice to work with adults again. He and Tami explore the option a bit. Budget cuts at the school mean more layoffs. Taylor says that he owes it to Jason Street to meet with the people as a favor. Tami finds out that pic will be sent to juvenile hall and then placed in another home.

As they relax, the doorbell rings and Taylor sees a terrified Luke Cafferty, who begs Coach Taylor to start Vince in the game. Taylor brings him in for a pep talk.

At the game, Cafferty is a shaky start. Vince’s father is in the crowd and is quick to shout criticism of Coach Taylor. Cafferty’s style is different from Vince Howard. Vince looks on from the sidelines wanting to come in and save the day. The crowd begins to shout for Vince. Into the fourth quarter, Taylor is still straightening Cafferty out on the plays. Another turnover has the crowd groaning. The radio announcer points out that Vince is not in the game or warmed up.

But Cafferty fakes one pass, moves the sticks, and throws a touchdown and then a conversion that wins the game.But Cafferty gets it going and finds his own stride. All the hard work of the team and coach and Jess pay off and Luke Cafferty leads the team to a victory, setting them up to go to the playoffs. The East Dillon fans go wild and Taylor congratulates Cafferty on the field. Cafferty then meets Becky and kisses her.

But alone in the crowd Mr. Howard is not happy, and starts screaming to talk to the coach.

A scared Vince comes from the sidelines, and shouts at him and blocks his way, physically preventing him from making a scene in front of everyone. Mr. Howard wants to talk to the coach. Taylor and Jess hear him from across the field and see him and look out for him warily. Vince finally talks his father down, finally realizing his future gets smaller every time his father opens his mouth.

The Cafferty parents wait after the game, for Luke, who walks up with Becky (they know about her abortion). Cafferty says to make the reservation for dinner for four, and hi father agrees. His mother nervously points out that Luke kissed her.


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