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Written by : published Thursday 3rd February 2011

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Mo, the black man adopted by Hanna and arrested in an earlier episode, gets beaten inside a prison kitchen. Hanna is listed as the next of kin and gets a call. Hanna visits Mo at the prison. Mo says he had no choice and the asssault was a gang initiation. Abdul Habbassa is the Muslin chieftain running the prison show. Mo asks his "brother" to let him go back in, and Hanna is shocked to learn Mo is working for NCIS for a reduction of sentence.


Callen finds a weird totem on his sister's grave, a Prussian hussar. The camera tells him nothing. Callen says when he was small he got a doll like that from an unknown man on a beach and the hooded figure is the man he couldn't catch. Callen says he wants a meet. Hetty says she can't sanction it. But Callen wants answers. So he goes away. And then Hanna is shown that Nate is operating at Oakville federal prison watching over Mo.


A Yemen based terrorists Afghan cell is what's threatening Mo. The Warrior for Islam is the gang. Mo's offshore bank account just got funds. The shell company is worth $20 million and one of the companies are in West Hollywood. Hanna asks Hetty to go into the jail undercover. Hanna wants to make sure Mo doesn't get hurt. Hanna is then processed into Oakville as a jailbird. Nate puts him into the infirmary as an intern to watch over Mo.


Eric tracks the West Hollywood strip club working as a front for Warriors of Islam. The club is a money laundering entity. They find ammonium nitrate in the parking garage and a rental receipt from a missing panel van. They smell a truck bomb. Hanna gets put into a cell with a brother. Sam speaks Muslim to a cellmate. Hanna poses as Hakim, a Muslim. The NCIS teams sees the van ran a light in Silverlake. Kenzi eats in anger over a dating disaster. They realize the players in the prison are big money.


Sam Hanna intercepts the Muslin Warriors in the infirmary speaking fluent Muslin. He declines their offer of friendship. Meanwhile Kenzi and Beaks track a prison guard at Oakville with the van trail. The NCIS pair rolls into gunfire when they discover the panel truck inside the warehouse. Kenzi senses the man with the machine gun is inexperienced and guns him down. They see the van truck full of explosive is part of bigger plan.


Nate perceives that Sam is too emotionally close to Mo. Nate coaches Hanna to help Habdul break out to avoid using the bomb. Sam implies to the Muslim boss Habbassa that he is trying to escape. Hetty decides to aid the boss to get free to follow his group to Yemen. The cellmate Abdul is close to making (recognising) the agents.


Hanna starts a fight to get to him and Mo separated from general population. Nate tries to get an audio feed of the Muslims talking with the guard after Hanna gets booked for the fight. Nate basically is almost forced to break his cover. The prison guard system is corrupted, so they have no allies on the guard staff.


Habdul tries to recruit Hanna. He says no and they get Mo to follow him. With three men undercover, Hetty won't let the Afghan terrorist gang go. Abdul is suspicious. The boss comes down hard on Hanna to join their effort. Abdul Habbasa, the boss, is told by Nate in code that he is being transferred. Nate hints to the boss he is being "transferred". Brandon Bassner, Sam Hanna's cellmate, sees Sam's records on the warden's computer screens.


Hetty and the crew see the assistant warden access Hanna's account. The Nate burns the cellmate informant (Bassner) who was going to inform the Boss about Hanna. Meanwhile in the infirmary Hanna fakes a Mo stabbing and they escape. Nate, Beaks and Kenzi fake being stabbed and pose as dead bodies for Sam to convince Habbassa he's legit. Sam returns form dumping the ambulance to the motel where Habbasa meets him on the balcony.


Kenzi and Beaks watch through sniper sights. Habbassa says there is a snitch. He says it was Sayid.  Abdul suspected a spy and Mo named Sayid, the boss' trusted cohort. The Muslim trusts Hanna and gives him the email contact and a passport. Calling him "my brother", he leaves. Sam as Hakim discovers both Abdul and Mo dead tortured in the motel room. Sam is stunned, having failed his "brother" Mo twice.


The Overwatch technology aids Hetty and the group to keep NCIS track of Habbassa in Yemen. Now NCIS can track the movements of the cell. Hetty promises Sam an opportunity for vengeance will come and she will give it to him. Meanwhile she calls Callen, saying it's been 24 hours and he is missed, as hanna beats a boxing bag.


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