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Army Wives - A Farewell to Arms - Series Finale - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 15th June 2011

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A Farewell to Arms -Series Finale-


The online video of General Holden getting stopped for drunk driving hits online and he is embarrassed at a community meeting by a reporter’s question. The evidence manager has a grief with the Army because his son was discharged about drug abuse. The video does not show that the cars don’t carry Breathalyzers or the “walk the line” test General Holden passed.

The post is buzzing about Holden’s not being arrested. 


Internal Affairs performs an investigation. Moran and her partner are suspended pending investigation. They turn over their badges and service weapons. Claudia Joy confronts Pam outside the police station. But the same reporter challenges Claudia Joy and Pam Moran on camera. Holden tells Claudia Joy to leave it alone.

Denise and Tania speak about Jeremy’s memorial. They agree to be more in touch in future.

Roxy deals with Whit and the Hump problems. He is not sure he can get the work done even with his old crew and overtime. But then he decides he can. Whit fixes the work and Trevor blurts out in front of Finn that Whit is Finn’s father. Roxy has to explain to Finn about how Whit and Roxy did not love each other the “right way”. Roxy says that Trevor is really his father and Whit is just a friend.

Roxy’s other child TJ asks question about when he will meet his father. 


Roxy says she would never let anyone hurt him. Roxy has to explain why she married the father. Roxy offers to share a box full of photos and things with TJ but he doesn’t want to know any more. Trevor tells the boy that his own father is in jail because he was a similar problem. TJ is embarrassed and hurt. Trevor says that you have two families,

Holden and Frank talk about blowback about the video. Claudia Joy hears organizer colleagues discussing the “fact” that General Holden was obviously drunk on the video and that she should step down. Holden’s traffic stop scandal and the allegations of favoritism allow her friends to pick her apart and reduce the importance of her contributions. Claudia Joy plays it off.
Boone and Moran are exonerated by the Police Department. The media broadcast an apology. The Holdens get phone calls from their daughter, whose friends have seen the video.

David continues to avoid Colonel Burton. David tells the other kids his mother died saving him in a fire. Joan Burton keeps trying to be a mother but David gravitates to the Dr. Burton. David gets confronted by Dr. Burton about how he will go forward in life regarding his mother.

General Holden gets a phone call. Fort Marshall is being disbanded. The entire division is closing. The division is being disbanded. Denise and Frank are likewise not happy about it.
The PCS is greeted by various degrees of bitterness by the group. Moran announces they are moving to California. Chase is taking the San Jose job. Roxy is astounded by the changes imminent.

The 173rd is looking for new Brigade Commander and Michael threw Francis’ name in the ring. Claudia Joy and Denise say they will keep in touch. Roxy is paralyzed with fear that the post closing will throw them into debt again. Trevor is supportive and says they will start again.

Joan Burton finds David packing because he heard the post was closing. He says people always give him back to the home. Burton says she loves him, he is part of the family, and that he goes where they go. later she wakes him up while he is having a bad dream. David calls Burton “Mom” for the first time and she stays with him until he falls asleep.

Denise stops by Tania’s to suggest going to the Army Ball. Tania turns her down. Denise says to Tania that she needs to stop feeling guilty and resume some normal life. Denise suggest that Jeremy wants to be remembered but wants them to go on living. Denise shows Tania the letter she got from Jeremy he wrote from Afghanistan about them being happy without him.

The truck stop opens and Trevor and Roxy watch as Whit speaks to TJ after him knowing Whit is his father. TJ suggest they buy a hot dog. Tania changes her mind about going to the Army ball after a friend stops by. Holden speaks about how after 68 years Fort Marshall and 23rd Airborne Division will be disbanded. Toasts are made and inspirational words pour forth. Francis tells LeBlanc he is going to officer school. Roxy suggest California as his commission station after training.

Colonel Joan Burton tells General Michael Holden that it has been an honor. Claudia Joy and Francis and Denise and Roxy agree to meet together once a year after splitting up. Denise expresses her thanks for comfort after Jeremy died. Dr. Burton says they have made it a home. Roxy says anything they ever wanted to do and never done they can do now.

Tania leaves her ring at Jeremy’s grave and goes to the Ball. Denise and all the couples have a last dance watching each other, seeing each other dance, and wear their uniforms in front of the flag.


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