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CHAOS-Remote Control -Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 14th June 2011

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Martinez catches the Deputy Director changing her clothes in the parking garage, but gets turned down asking for a date.


Then Rick is sucked into a meeting deciphering a French telephone call. Billy poisoned the burrito of the Higgins appointed translator. Casey wants Paris, good food and deep bathtubs. They smell a French mission.

Higgins decides on the ODS. Hassan Ohanoh is the Hezbollah mass murderer he wants. 


Michael books the hotel at his honeymoon with Fay but he can’t remember what her favorite perfume is. The ODS head to Paris after Michael sets Blank on a mission while they are gone. He wants to get Fay her scent in Paris. He says he can use their bullpen if Blank can cruise Fay and detect it.

Michael Billy and Casey go to a gourmet dinner in Paris while Martinez scans radio waves. The suite gets busted while Casey and Billy are irritated that Michael keeps referring to his now-idealized honeymoon. At the hotel Martinez forwards a signal to Langley using Paris based CIA cell towers. The French intelligence captain Luc cuts them off from spying and confiscates their equipment.

Michael learns from Fay that the signal was a hit on Hassan. Langley says the French have filed a formal complaint with Higgins. 


Then Higgins sends Fay to Paris to mollify the French and switch Rick’s phone. Higgins indicates all her skills should be employed in this mission.

The ODS find cocktail Barry and reveal he is as blown in his cover as they are. 


After seeing the bug they get Barry to crash his car directly into Luc’s and they bust the apartment in model of a Franco-American cooperation. The ODS kill a Muslim man, dead with his own bullet ricochet, leaving them without a brief and abroad with a body. Luc is furious they smashed his wife’s car and his underpaid lifestyle won’t spring for a new one. Michael commiserates with his own carpool woes.

The chief and French authorities think is the man Hassan, but the team work out that he is the advance man and Hassan is eluding them. Rick identifies the bleach in the apartment but then the French shut the op down. The ODS convince Luc the man shot to hide something.

Meanwhile Rick has dinner with the Deputy Director, who cuts to the chase and flirts a proposition out of Rick. She demands his cellphone and then clumsily exchanges that with the Higgins version.

Later the team and Luc converge at the apartment.


The ODS find a boatload of fake passports in an out-of-tune guitar, which the dead man was guarding. This opens the floodgate on tracking Hassan for real. The Hezbollah reveals Hassan’s portrait.

Higgins rubs his hands with glee at nabbing the terrorists but is floored when the French Minister suggests they use the CIA cell towers in France, since the French ones are down.

Higgins is thus embarrassed and forced to disclose. His tactical and political victories are gone.


The ODS trace the Hezbollah team to their industrial hideout. But the EMT is a archetype of French technology. 


The French retreat because panicked civilians crowd the op. Rick chases Hassan up and out a window, plummeting three stories into a dirt pit with iron plumbing exposed.

Billy, Michael and Casey spot Hassan from the work visa pictures and Billy tackles him, nabbing him for the French. Luc becomes friendly, redeeming the mission.


Back in Langley, Higgins confirms the Martinez phone tap. 


The ODS strip off all re-imported personal items. They suspect Luc bugged them. They find Rick’s phone is bugged and splosh it in some coffee. Michael presents Fay with her favorite perfume. He had a lab analyze her honeymoon dress from storage to identify the brand.

In the coffee room, Deputy Director blows off an amorous Rick. Then she learns he drowned his phone, endangering her job with Higgins. Blank later sees them getting busy in the car in the garage, setting off all the buzzers.

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