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Law & Order Los Angeles- Carthay Circle- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 9th June 2011

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A neighbor cautions an Asian woman about the trash bins. Then later he sees them knocked over and then finds Kim, a young Asian woman dead in her boyfriend’s home. She is wearing a cross around her neck. The man Derek, is missing and Winters and TJ investigate. (Morales is still a Prosecutor in this one). It looks like Kim was killed upon arriving home. The African American man is not there but the woman’s (Asian) father calls while TJ is phoning out the bolo for the boyfriend.

The Lee family are very traditional Asian people who don't like Derek because he was black. Kim was a graphic designer. The sister of the dead woman says he was nice to her. Winters asks for the car license number because the car is missing.  The sister says Derek’s car was in the shop. The sister also says if she was coming home from the Korean spa she would not have been wearing the cross.

Winters and TJ find Kim’s car in the downtown Los Angeles Union Station Amtrak lot, and a ticket purchased in his name for the Pacific Surfliner train. Supposedly he is now in San Diego. The conductor says he took the ticket and the man had to show ID. The LAPD is looking for an African American man on the run.

His employer, Corrigan Strategies, helps lobby for passing legislation and ballot initiatives. They are working on the California Marriage Protection Act, Proposition 128. Derek coordinated signatures for petitions. The boss, Corrigan, says Derek was a ladies’ man. Proposition 128 is against gay marriage.

Winters and TJ identify the missing man’s wallet when found by a thug in Garden Grove who tries to use the Joiner credit cards. He says the entire wallet was thrown randomly in an alley not far from the home. The youth is astonished to learn that Derek Joiner’s credit card belongs to a dead man. Cash was in the wallet as well. The fugitive story doesn’t track.

They check the debris on the floor of the woman's car. The dust is a mixture of stuff Winters recognizes as being from under the house. The team search under Kim and Derek’s house and find a body. He was beaten and strangled. The taxi driver says that a black guy followed Joiner into the house after he dropped him off. The taxi man says the sprinkers came on and he left. Winters suspects that someone knew he left work early and was waiting.

The Joiner workplace has canceled appointments on his last day, one of which canceled on him first. The lobby company knew he left. Corrigan Strategy handles Prop 128 promotion. The Co-Sponsor was Roland Davidson (Isaiah Washington) , who canceled the meeting. Roland’s father, Pastor Davidson, is a famous los Angeles African American pastor. Roland has a thin alibi of a family emrgency and being on the road for a shelter fundraiser. He says Derek’s secular business methods were not right for the church. Davidson says he gave counseling to Joiner because of his roving eye and problem being monogamous to Kim.

The shelter where Davidson was supposed to be is sponsored by the pastor’s church. At the shelter the poster is drawn by Kim Lee. The operator mentions the shelter is completely dependent on the church for support. Winters thinks Davidson can’t really account for the time of the murder. Derek owned an Audi but was general manager of the Corrigan Strategy Group.

The police check out the dead man’s Audi car in the shop. They find petitions for voting signatures with certain names highlighted in yellow. They question Rolland and as they are leaving see that Rolland car’s shows sprinkler patterns the same as Joiner’s. That means he was the man at the Joiner house. The sister says Kim Lee would have put her cross in a prized wooden jewelry box at her home.

They find out Davidson’s fingerprints are on the jewelry box at the Kim Lee murder scene. He denies he was ever in the house. Winters and TJ arrest Rolland Davidson in front of the church choir. He gets a flashy lawyer and implicates Corrigan. Kim Lee’s phone calls reach to Rolland Davidson multiple times in the past few days.

Morales is shut down down Pastor Davidson, who says his son is not guilty of murder. The pastor says to Jerry not to mess with him in an election year. Morales gets in the Pastor’s face, quoting Dr. King, but the attorneys say that gay marriage is a huge issue in black churches. The Reverend Davidson obliquely threatens political pressure for prosecution of Rolland. Reverend Bill Davidson says Rolland is the pillar of his life and he controls black votes.

TJ and Winters discover the names of the petitioned signatures in yellow in the dead man’s car are phony. They audit many more. Morales tells Jerry that tens of thousands of signatures on the Prop 128 and other laws are under scrutiny. Morales says the antigay movement opens checkbooks. In court Davidson stipulates he was having an affair with Kim Lee thus explaining the fingerprints. Morales suspects the real reason for the stipulation was a cover-up of something else.

Over $80 million is being spent on Prop 128. A lot is being funneled through church groups. Jerry is under pressure to shield California lawmakers from Constitutional crisis over laws enacted under phony petitions. TJ and Winters check the court clerk as verifiable voter registrations. Corrigan Strategy charges $5 per additional petition signature.

Before going to the Prop 128 offices to conduct a search, Morales has to notify his boss. But as Morales arrives Reverend Davidson and Corrigan make a public announcement to a cheering crowd the signatures were fake and they are starting over. The auditors find 30% are fake, about 150,000. Two laws Jerry campaigned for got passed this way. Pursuit of Corrigan weighs against Davidson. But when they plea bargain Rolland Davidson, Reverend Davidson steps up.

Davidson confesses that he was told by Corrigan about Joiner having moral quandary with the petition scam. Told by Corrigan this would ruin the Reverend, Rolland claims he killed Joiner in anger. Corrigan arrived and killed Kim Lee. But Morales is told the evidence is buried by the Attorney General. Under oath, Davidson confesses to killing Joiner to protect his father. Rolland hid the body under the house and too the train as Derek Joiner and met his father for a charity dinner. First he put the cross on Kim’s neck.

Reverend Davidson is coached by Miss Price, the African American woman on the D. A.’s staff. She tells him that Rolland would get the death penalty if it was shown he was lying. The next day, in court Reverend Davidson tells the judge he lied about not knowing the signatures were fake. Rolland is aghast. Morales questions if Davidson knows by changing his story he got his son the electric chair. Morales asks Rolland if Reverend Davidson knew about the scam. Then in court Morales questions the churchman. Morales challenges the integrity of Reverend Davidson. Morales shows that the donations of $1 million from phony names came from Corrigan. Morales points out that the Civil Rights causes Davidson worked for are being trashed by his support of Prop 128.

Under pressure from Morales, the Reverend recants his lies. The implication that he knew about the scam and blackmailed Corrigan money from the church is not denied.  A stunned courtroom watches the Reverend leave. Ben Corrigan is found guilty of murder.

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