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In with the Flynns. Another vessel of boredom?

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Written by : published Thursday 9th June 2011

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Watch In with the Flynns here.


In with the Flynns. Hmm-tricky one. When I write these reviews I usually like to watch the programme in question a few times, to get a full grasp on what they’re about. Unfortunately I can’t force myself to watch this again. 30 minutes has never felt so long. I’m baffled as to what I should tell you. The only constructive thing I can come up with is just don’t bother watching it. It’s dire, recycled ideas and lazy Comedy writing and that’s being polite.


It ties in quite nicely with my last review about The Life Of Riley. It’s just another middle of the road “comedy” to fill a slot in the schedules. No imagination is needed with these vessels of boredom.


It follows the same basic premise as most of the other boring BBC comedies such as The Life Of Riley and After You’ve Gone. The large family with children and other problematic family members. Varying amounts of acting skills are on offer from these children. It annoys me because you can tell that all they have done is learnt the script, no thought has really been put in to how they should work with the comedy. This programme is deprived of witty, intelligent and groundbreaking comedic writing as it is and this depresses me. Why have we got so lazy and settled for these recycled, rebranded “situation comedies”? I despise the canned laughter, which is ridiculously over used. It's as if they know it’s shite and gone crazy with the effect in an attempt to rectify their failings.


I want a situation comedy with legs. I want a new only Fools And Horses. A comedy that’s an event whenever there’s an episode. Characters you can connect with and can truly believe in. I want storylines with meaning and thought. To put it bluntly I want a writer or some BBC heavy weights to grow some balls and push the boundaries. Why be safe and dull?


Will Mellor and Warren Clarke are the main talent in the show. Will Mellor has done incredibly well with his comedy performances what with Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps and his latest BBC Three creation White Van Man. However he just doesn’t suit this new kind of role. He just acts like he does in white van man. Although his acting doesn’t annoy me as much as the children’s; it’s almost as if the BBC have set sail on a tour of the yuppie drama schools where pushy parents lurk living out their own dreams in their offspring, and launched a net to pick out the most annoying.


I suppose I’m just incredibly bored of these dull and thoughtless programmes being classed as comedies. I have NEVER laughed at a child eating food from a bin or gathering free soup from a homeless shelter, mainly because its not funny but another reason being its not comedy. It’s boring. I hope the BBC wakes up soon and harks back to the days of true situation comedies such as Only Fools and Horses. These colossal comedies had millions of viewers who watched constantly and still do to this day on channels such as GOLD.


Would I buy a box set of Only Fools And Horses? Yes. Would I waste another 30 minutes of my life watching the 2nd episode of this garbage? No.


Watch In with the Flynns here.


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