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Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning

30 Rock poster

Written by : published Thursday 3rd February 2011

Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning main image

Cabletown puts its logo atop the 30 Rock building. (This mimics the real life takeover of NBC by a cable company). Liz can't get Tracy to work since his Academy Award nomination. Kenneth is wearing his dress blues as a page because Tracy's wife is shooting her reality show and following him around the set. Jack Donaghy takes a moment as the G.E. career he helmed goes down in flames.
Mrs. Jordan's reality show crew wants serious arguments but Tracy won't give her the juice for her show. Tracy refuses to leave his dressing room, prompting sparks from "Lemon". Lutz and the gang figure out a disaster scenario where they all flee to safety together, except only Lutz has a car. He must choose three staffers to survive with him.
Liz engineers her requests for Tracy's work while intercepting him on-camera. Not wanting to give his wife any good TV, he accedes to Liz's requests.  Then he learns that because the reality show can't afford the rights to use songs, anything he sings in a recognizeable melody can't be used by the show and says no to her work assignments, singing his responses. Liz vainly tries to sing along.
Lemon then tries an auto tune machine and Tracy defies her. Liz and Tracy exchange heated words under camera about where would they be now if Tracy hadn't come on board 5 years ago. Liz would be coaching seniors and hooked up with Dennis, and Tracy would be catcalling trade shows.  Lutz does not really have a car, and enjoys the attention he gets from the crew and staff. Privately he panics.
Jack tells Lemon that her show is financed by reality TV. He says the highest ratings come from disaster telethons with stars. He comes up with the idea to pre-record an all purpose disaster program and cover every eventuality. He gets Jenna to sing and gets Robert deNiro as "Bob" to pre-record countless disaster scenarios.  De Niro pretends to be an English man whose celebrity is tied to New York. Jack calls this show "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning".
An island in the South Pacific undergoes a serious typhoon, and Jack Donaghy launches Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning onto the air. But then annoucers say it's Mel Gibson's private island, and photos of Mel Gbson drunk and messed up play over Jenna's song and de Niro's heartfelt pleas for aid. Donaghy runs to the elevator and to the control room, vainly trying to pull the plug.  As the staffer line up on the sidewalk, Lutz drives up in an obviously new car. The staff walk off in disgust.

Liz watches Tv horrified as Tracy's wife's show shows her and Tracy in love and having it out. Then they have a making up montage that sends them back into each other's arms for real. Lemon then goes into Jack's office, decrying how effective final long looks can convince audiences something is going on between two people. Jack and Liz then break into 4 or 5 stares at each other as if to do the same thing.


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I like to watch TV shows from classic eras as well as contemporary drama and comedy. Science Fiction is fun, and shows like the Cape and Fringe keep hope alive that the medium that produced Space 1999 is alive. Comedy such as 30 Rock is usually, good, but not always. I like Survivor but it has so little to do with survivor skills I am disappointed. Appointment viewing is Grey's Anatomy, NCIS LA, The CSI series for New York and Las Vegas and Miami, with a special shout out for the new Hawaii Five O. Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are top of the line viewing for the drama comedy Gordon's character and the business lessons they teach.

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