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Army Wives- Episode 11-Firefight- Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 7th June 2011

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Denise meets with Colonel Burton about coming back to work at the hospital. Denise sees Tanya at the hospital and is stunned to see that she has quit school and is an Army nurse. She is still wearing Jeremy's ring. Denise was going to be her mother in law. Denise tells Claudia Joy she has sent emails but not shared these details since Jeremy died.

The Burtons get David ready for school. David is bullied by older boys at school on his first day but defended by TJ. David threw another student's book down the toilet. David has Detention and has to pay for the book. David is questioned by Dr. Burton. 


He is grounded from video games and television for two days.
Roxy comes over to the Burton's. She says a creep named Greg was teasing David at school over Colonel Burton's rank. TJ found out from other kids. David says that his mother was boss of the whole base. Dr. Burton decides to let the punishment stand to be consistent.

TJ talks to Chase about enrolling in officer training camp. The enlisted viewpoint is that with each rung up the ladder the soldier gets further away from the field. Chase is a grunt and has the NCO perspective.

Michale Holden comes home and tries to hide doing work. Claudia Joy confronts him about Officer Moran's drunk driving. How could a 2-star general drive with an open bottle in the car? Claudia Joy says he accused Emlyn of lying. Claudia Joy says that he has been self-absorbed since returning from the command and she won't see him jeopardize relationships through his self-involvement.

Holden later talks to his daughter about her college failings. Claudia Joy hears Holden say he has never seen so many requests for reassignment come across his desk. Nobody wants to be around an unlucky general. Claudia Joy reminds him she fell in love with Michael Holden, not the general.

Boone asks for an opinion on Lisa after babbling about her all day. Moran says she treats him like an ATM and has two kids she doesn't have custody of. Pam says Boone can do better that he deserves better. While she talks Boone spots a stolen car. Moran and Boone chase the drug dealer to a safe house where the SWAT team comes in after gunfire erupts. The TV news shows Moran behind a car with blood dripping down her head.

Chase sees on the local news that Pam is hurt and runs to the crime scene. He gets through after Boone insists Moran gets treated for the cut. She introduces him to Clay Boone. Then Boone orders her to go home.

At school TJ finds David reading in the cinder block pipe and invites him to play football. At the Burtons' David lies to them about playing  football and being the best speller in the school. Can he have his video game back? Dr. Burton says they can't change the punishment even when he was good. He says to Colonel Burton she is mean and runs off and the father says to let him go. At dinnertime he is missing.

TJ hears Roxy get a call from Burton and says he might know where David is. At the cinder block pipe TJ points out that parents make the punishments to help them not hurt them and then they return to the Burtons.

Denise makes a point of inviting Tanya to dinner or a night out with her and Frank, and Tanya tensely declines. She says that Denise isn't her family.

The Holdens pack Emlyn off to college again after she makes some phone calls straightening things out with the team and organizing a summer school set of courses to take.

Later at the hospital Tanya gets a package. It's a new stethoscope in blue, from Denise, and a note saying she is always welcome and the normal stethoscope is clunky and ugly. At home that night Tanya looks at picture of her and Jeremy and looks at the ring she still wears.

Boone stops by Pam's place with his evaluation and the news that he broke up with Lisa and she threw a cellphone at him. When he hears Chase calling her, he says he has to go and change the locks before she sets his place on fire.

Then in the apartment, Chase says that not getting to her when she was in danger showed him what she went through when he was on missions. Chase says he got offered a management job from an old Army buddy in San Jose, California. He has a few weeks to wear her down and wants the kids to play outside all year round. The money is more than both their jobs make. It is for a private security firm. Pam is amazed and not quite happy about it.

Denise is having a quiet time remembering Jeremy when Tanya knocks on the door . She climbs into an embrace with Denise, saying "I'm so alone.".


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