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Army Wives- Episode 11-Drop Zone- Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 7th June 2011

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Claudia Joy passes the bar but is hesitant to let her star shine because Michael's third star disappeared after the press interview. One of Michael's plebes at West Point, who used to do his laundry, is named to his top ambition post as Superintendant at West Point. The Plebe was not on the list for the appointment Holden was supposed to get. The next day Holden gets told by someone else about Claudia Joy passing the bar. She says the Army made a mistake about the West Point thing.

Doctor and Colonel Burton decide on the adoption. The Burtons talk about that brother and sister relationship for the adoption of the HIV positive child is fine. The couple are happy but tell the others that the child has the HIV status but not the AIDS virus. They point out only blood to blood contact
The transmission incidence can be treated with injections. The child will be going to school on base. They say they weighed the pros and cons. The group show that they will accept David as the Burton's son.

First Brigade has a landing zone paratroop military jump and Holden insists on jumping as well even though he jumped the next day.
Roxy is touched by the issues the troubles the Burton are facing. Chase goes over paratroopers military procedures with TJ and Finn. When Roxy brings over some hand-me-down clothing for David they discuss what the adopted son will call them.

Molly is at the center of a loving family scene. Denise and Frank are still getting over losing their son. Her husband suggests that Denise be going back to work. Frank says the drop zone that night is calling him.
Colonel Burton is discussing when to have David call them Mom and Dad when she gets a call. There is a huge injury disaster from a crash of the paratrooper on th drop zone. Holden is one of the ones in the Drop Zone. Holden refuses to get his cut looked at but tells his wife he is determined to find out what happened.
At the hospital Denise sees Frank is fine. one of the planes came in to low too fast. The fighters were not prepared for impact. Denise catches a soldier wandering around with an undiagnosed stroke. The doctors check him and acknowledge that her call was correct.  Claudia Joy is standing by when this happens.
Officer Moran finds out her sixth month evaluation will be conducted by her Training Officer Boone, whom  proposed to her before she got back together with Chase. Pam Moran tells Roxy she doesn't buy his "just like old times" routine. She thinks Boone is trying to set ehr up to trash her for her review and get her out of the department.

David says goodbye to all the kids at the orphan home and leaves behind all but one toy. At the Burton home they take David to his own room. He sits and plays with the computer game, hardly able to believe he has his own room.


Denise misses nursing but doesn't want to work paramedic hours. She also doesn't want to leave the baby so soon after losing her son in battle.  Later Claudia Joy and Denise visit the soldier and he is getting better.

Colonel Burton starts to bond with David at home. He is very picky about his food. He spits up the brownies with nuts and doesn't like the chocolate chip cookies she gives him, saying the one his grandmother made were better. At night, David only wants Dr. Burton to read him a story. David does not seem to warm to Colonel Burton as a mother figure.


On the examination, Moran is nervous around Boone. She leaves the parking brake on. He rattles her chain and then announces he has a new girlfriend. After breaking the ice with this news she relaxes.
Emlyn comes home for finals study. Claudia Joy and Holden are thrilled to see her. General Whitaker is in town for drinks and Holden has to meet him to update him with the drop zone jump. Whitaker is known as a heavy drinker.


The picnic starts and everybody meets David. Colonel Burton still has a block from David. The boys bond and play over video games football and bugs.
Claudia Joy speaks to Colonel Burton about Denise going back to work at Mercer. They talk about getting Denise  a second chance. Emlyn meets Denise's baby Molly but avoids discussing college at all. Claudia Joy runs after Emlyn to find out school is awful.


Frank tells Roxy about Chase' heroism during the accident at the drop zone. Frank says he should apply to the OCS. Officer candidate school transforms an enlisted man into a second lieutenant officer. Roxy likes the sound of Lieutenant LeBlanc.


General Whitaker says Holden is not on a good roll. They pulled him out of battle. The night jump accident is a stain on the record. But after commanding  a division in combat, Holden can't stomach a real-world brown nose job. General suggest that Holden improve his golf swing to work on his career. General Whitaker says that he hopes he never has to hear a protoge tell him about having a past-tense great career.


Boone introduces Pamela to Lisa his new girlfriend. Lisa asks Boone for money and the keys to his car. She is interviewing for a cashier position at the pancake house. Boone reveals that Lisa is moving in. Moran hears that Pamela is kind of  a shakedown artist. Moran evades an awkward discussion by spotting a broken tail light on a car and rushing off to cite the driver.

Moran slowly comes up on the driver's side to find Michael Holden driving the car. There is an empty beer bottle on the floor. Boone points out that although Michael is General Holden  she has to give him a drunk driving test.

Michael comes home unable to deal with Claudia Joy or Emlyn's problems. She is on academic probation from the hockey team. Then when Pam Moran tells Claudia Joy about having to pull Michael over, she calls him a hypocrite.

Burton is hurt that David won't let him read to her. Dr. Burton points out that the women in his life let him down and reads some more of Treasure Island. Joan Burton is not happy. She is the one that wanted another child. She says that of all the problems she anticipated, the child not liking her was the one she didn't worry about.


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