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CHAOS-Raised By Wolves- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 7th June 2011

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The CHAOS teams goes to Russia, (in a nod to the best loved movie by one of the co-stars in Russia). Their washed-out underground informant hands them some intelligence that a top scientist is peddling nuclear material to the highest bidder. Michael goes to fay's office and drops off their mail. He lives in the house they owned and he sweet talks Fay into approving the mission, and clearly both Fay and Michael (on some level) hope to perhaps repair their marriage even though they are divorced.

Fay is dubious about the intel and says Higgins will never approve it. But Fay trusts Michael's instincts and get the Deputy Director to approve the mission on the grounds is is a fertilizer toxic waste threat the ODS is investigating. Higgins is busy lobbying with fat cats.

Before the trip, Billy cautions Martinez about the dangers working in Russia and show him the wall of stars where unnamed foreign agents have been captured behind enemy lines. Casey checks over Martinez knowing his cover story.

In Volgograd, Billy is the pride of Scotland attending the  convention publicizing Scottish wind farming and the best golf on the planet. Michael and Billy see everyone from the spy world in the lobby. They sense competition and corner Victor and get him to consider a $250,000 offer for the tangible asset (uranium) he is rumored to hold. Billy and Michael easily close negotiations at the bar with Victor.

Casey and Rick Martinez attend a conference shopping for Russian brides. Martinez' cover story as born and from Kansas City falls flat against the most basic questions. Martinez is a hit with a beautiful girl but is not comfortable acting like a wife shopper.  Martinez is even more uncomfortable when one of the women, Rena,  a knockout blonde, sets her sights on him as a husband.

Billy and Michael recognise a French agent who says he already has the materials purchased and they are being gift wrapped. They follow Jean -Pierre up to the sixth floor of the hotel where they see him going into Victor's room and nabbed by thugs. They estimate these are Russian intelligence. The news was leaked as  spytrap and they walked right into it. The GRU agents beat up Jean-Pierre.

Higgins, in Langley, bawls out the Deputy Director while arranging for an agent to get the ODS out of Volgograd. A long placed CIA agent planted in Russia must be sacrificed to get them out. Then the Deputy Director tells Fay that she needs to worry about Higgins. The possibility of the ODS not getting out of Russia is tangible.
In Russia, the car to pick up the ODS arrives but Martinez and Casey get into a scuffle when Rena's old boyfriend shows up in the hotel bar and picks a fight. Billy and Michael can't get in the spy car without them. Martinez stands up for Rena, and tries to fight  back but Casey interjects his own brand of hellfire and the hotel police take them both away.

In the jail, the Russian cop questions the cover story Martinez clumsily committed to memory. He is asked to call his place of work in Kansas City. The number that answers is Pizza Barn. The Russian says this is a pizza restaurant in Boise, Idaho. Casey is released but they detain Martinez. The police question him further, whereupon Martinez says he is on unemployment but lied to get on the tour so the women wouldn't think he was a loser.

Michael and Billy find about about Rick's problems from Casey and say that the CIA must consider a trade to get him out. They hear Casey say he has it covered.
Back in Langley, Higgins conducts a damage report. Fay says they have  the Chechnean field director for a trade. Higgins says they must walk away from the trade and let Rick be disavowed. He tells his subordinate to rain money on Russian Customs to get Michael, Billy, and Casey out but Martinez will be disavowed. Higgins points out that the mission was misrepresented.


Back in Russia , Casey goes back to the bride hotel and says to the Russian bride tour director his stomach hurts. He insists the tour man will get Martinez out of jail or he will  rip him in half. Casey also threatens to tell all the men that the women are hiding husbands and children (until they are in America) from the men on the tour. The tour director shrugs. Then says OK.


Casey then brings the tour manager and the girl Rena who says she is the bride. The tour manager says how can he run a business with clients in jail. Rena answers questions from the police saying she will be his chosen bride. Rick realizes as they walk out he now has a wife.

Michael has strong feelings about loose nuclear material and Billy points out that Fay's job is on the line. If they don't go back to Higgins with the uranium she might lose her job. Casey and Rick board the bus headed for the airport with Michael and Billy's passports in the stack to be rubber stamped by the customs officials. But they aren't on the bus.

Michael and Billy go to the hotel room of Victor, to the uranium sting to get the nukes from hitting the market. While they view the material and arrange the payoff, Billy tells Michael he has something stuck in his teeth.

Michael goes to the mirror and checks his teeth and sticks a tiny mine explosive on the two way mirror. It blows and Michael and Billy take apart the Russian GRU operatives on the other side of the crashed mirror. When they turn around the Russian physicist and the nuclear material is gone.

Martinez debates on wthetehr or not to leave the bus. Casey stays behind to make sure it doesn't leave without them.

Rick comes up into the building bck stairs to make sure Billy and Michael are all right and intercepts the fleeing scientist. Rick  knocks Victor over the stairwell and obtains the uranium.

Michael and Billy come down the stairs to discover his work. When Michael and Billy get to the bus the tour director twists their arms to accept two brides and hand them visa packages for them both. Michael and Billy are surly about this and then get on board with the women, tucking the uranium under the seat.
Back in Langley, CIA Director Higgins calls Fay into his office. He says firing her would be like cutting off his right arm so he says he'll make her cut off her right arm. He says she has a blind spot although she does good work, and she must get rid of the blind spot.

When Michael comes home from the trip he sees a "For Sale" sign on the lawn of their house. At the office he comes to see her and ask why and she tells him the house is for sale. She tells his about how she almost lost her job and that her judgement is damaged where he is concerned. Michael realizes she is serious and agrees. (he doesn't mention he risked his life to save her job).

Later, the ODS find Martinez looking at the wall of stars. He could have been one of them.



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